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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I feel like April is totally the "alien month" or "Luxen month", it's the 4th week of April and all reviews this month have been about the most amazing series Jennifer L. Armentrout has ever written, at least that's my opinion. And before you ask, yes I am reviewing yet another book in this series! Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout

NOTE: This is a 4th in a season and therefore a lot of things have happened. If you have not read this series at all, I highly recommend not reading any further. The book already has made developments and further changes because of the books before Origin. If you're interested in reading the series or interested what this is about, I wrote reviews on every single book before Origin:

Review on Obsidian: HERE
Review on Onyx: HERE
Review on Opal: HERE

Katy is captured by the DOD and that doesn't make anything easier than it already was. Forced to show them what she's capable off, Katy will turn dark and against all she ever thought was important. Daemon's need of finding Katy and freeing her from this horrible new life she's having is his only concern. He'll go through great lengths to save everyone that he loves, and especially his most beloved: Katy. Together they'll face the impossible while holding on to hope. But the DOD also has a few tricks on their sleeves...

This book will blow minds when it comes to the new characters coming and secrets being revealed, honestly though! I never thought it could get any freakier but I guess all is possible in this series!

First of, the bonding between Katy and Daemon. I think we've established in the previous reviews that I absolutely love these two. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses that will complete each other and makes them the perfect combination of deadly and lovable. 

In Origin, their bond will be on a new level. Katy is captured, which I was in shock about and really, really felt bad about when I ended Opal! With this comes a whole bunch of crappy moments. The DOD obviously wants to know what she's capable off and this will make sure that our bright Katy is going to become glowing less and less. The things they make her do will end her stubbornness and her determination of doing what she wants to do. There's no room for her being herself and object to things because that will only harm her. The reader will really come to a level of Katy we haven't really witnessed before: her being powerlessness! This will go to very deep lengths of her personality and it's hard not to feel bad for her. 

As for Daemon, he's ready to burn an entire state down, what am I saying? I meant the whole planet. From previous books we already knew that he's very protective over everyone he loves, Katy is no exception to that. Daemon's character will therefore be tested a lot which was also a nice change to see since this book has two POV's. Readers will finally know what's on his mind, especially now things went totally wrong. 

I really appreciated seeing the change within the characters now everything has been going south. It's mostly Katy and Daemon we'll see because that's who the DOD wants. Nevertheless did I really enjoy these two and see their personalities develop and capture the reader with how they feel about doing the things they don't want to do and how to live with it. 

As for the characters in general this book is all about finding out what family really means. Take my word for it! Also new characters will be introduced and of some I'm a real fan. I wouldn't mind a sequel on them but I doubt it'll ever come... sad face. And yes, it's also time to say goodbye to a few characters that each, after and during all these books, have left marks on your heart. The good kind and the bad kind. I feel so sad and dull about it, but it also is important to the statement I said earlier in this paragraph. Seeing them go, and see others come really makes it feel like the end of the series is coming which is a good thing because I feel excited for the next part! But it's sad that the next is the last. This is a series I wish that kept going forever. But to all great comes and end... sad face once again.

As for the plot: HI, I really want to be living there okay? Well, I don't want to be really living their because this book is really going to show how bad everything can get when you're a hybrid or an alien. Nevertheless was this a very well written plot that's been thought out really well!

Readers will once again be captured by all the feelings the author throws by us but the plot will also be revealing a few secrets! Believe me when that happens... it's like we're really being thrown out of the atmosphere. There is more than just Humans, Hybrids and Luxen and that "more" is being captured in Building B. Doesn't that sound mysterious? 

Well, imagine this over a whole book. The characters don't know what's in Building B, the readers don't know what's in Building B and every once in a while, something goes down in that building and we will all want to know what on earth it is. And you will know and you will be shocked as well as maybe a bit freaked out when you get the description and know what that "more" is capable of! 

And when that secret is being revealed, a whole other secret will be revealed and it will explain so much about something in Opal, that I was shocked once again!

Anyway, before we all know this secret we'll take a whole detour through the DOD's underground building. It really feels as if we're infiltrating and opening our eyes. Katy will go through whatever Dawson and Bethany have gone through and it's really nice to see and know what that exactly was. Knowing what Dawson and Bethany went through but seeing it through another character feels like an asset to me because we're really living it 'over again' and this fuels all your emotions and heightens your senses. 

Lastly, please watch out with who you trust. And I don't know if I should add more to that or not but I feel like it's a good warning to give. I know, I know, I feel evil for telling A and not B but it'll add more while you read it! Also, these friends or foes thing is played out really well in this book and it's even important after everything the DOD told us! Keep in mind that some friends are foes and some foes are friends because hello... that ENDING THOUGH! 

The ending will really punch you into tomorrow! The book, characters like the DOD and others have told us so much. Some might be lies, some might be truths but you'll never know the real truth until you get to that ending. And when you do... things are going to look like you want to throw out the book, scream and take it back and finish it so you can start in Opposition. Honest to the Book Gods, this ending was the best one yet because there are still so many questions and many arise while you're reading the final part in Origin. You will not believe this...

Holly hell, this book. Once again Jennifer L. Armentrout knows how to capture us by the heart and pull us in! This book really concentrates on the enemy and makes you infiltrate in their base. Trust will be hard to find in this book because readers will be in constant fear of who is a friend and who is  foe which can create a very suspicious feeling within the reader. New characters will make their appearance and old ones will be vanishing, leaving a mark on your heart where they once were. And be ready for a book full of action, fighting, surviving by yourself and getting out to finally breath... or not? Because the plot has a few surprises up its sleeve and the reader will be shocked when all of that starts having consequences. I absolutely recommend Origin, just as all the other books this one is just fantastic! You'll fall in love once again with the characters, the surprises will leave you breathless and that ending... Jennifer L. Armentrout knows how to do it! An absolute recommendation!

I'll burn the world down to save her.” 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Jesus Christ, I absolutely can't! Everything was going fine and then the writer comes with an ending like this? I just died, only seconds ago I was all good and then I literally died! Jennifer L. Armentrout, why? Even re-reading this book doesn't make the heartache I had last time with this end go away! Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout, stabs your heart until you can't look at the book no longer! And that's in a good way.

NOTE: This is a 3th in a series of 5! If you haven't read the first book or the second, I recommend not reading any further in this review. The review will spoil developments and changes that have happened in the first two books to be able to build and explain further on Opal. If you're interested in the series I do have a review on Obsidian: HERE and on Onyx: HERE! 

After suffering for so long, the wait is over and the lost brother has returned. Yet not everything is solved by this, people who should be gone are returning with threats. Katy and Daemon will have no other choice but work together with the traitor and help him out. Also Dawson is restless and asks them for help which our fellow characters can't ignore. Everyone is holding their breaths because this rescue is going to get them either all out, or all killed. They are still watching...

I actually want to go to the plot so badly... seriously what is going on with Jennifer L. Armentrout? She writes all these things SO damn well that I never can take a break. I need to read on and on until I finished it. And I did and how beautiful it was... 

Daemon and Katy will be tested even more in Opal. Last time around, we saw Katy really on herself doing what she thought was best but mistakes were made. Now, back into action and fully recovered she and Daemon will turn over a new leaf. Yet that new leaf doesn't come with only romance and days off. Everyone is on edge, which also means these two. Daemon as well as Katy will not really have time to take a break and breath as a new threat towards them arrives. People that should've been gone have returned and want them to help out. If not, they'll be handed over to a third party that'd like nothing more than get their hands on these two.

Therefore their new relationship will be set aside every now and then because they have no other choice but get with this person and do what needs to be done. It does strengthen their bond and how they act to one another which is something readers will really be anticipating for! Also their moments of anger and frustration won't be gone at all which gives us again those feels but also a smile onto our faces: nothing much has changed between those two! 

A new character arrived in the previous book: HELLO DAWSON, BROTHER OF DAEMON I LIKE YOU. Yes, I like him! He's been through a lot and has suffered very much. Although I wish I knew what had been going on in every detail there was, Dawson isn't the big mouth like his brother is. This already shows a big contrast! Yet the two have things in common: their love for a human! Also Dawson has lost something when he returned and he's up for getting it back and that drives the characters insane.

Everyone is going to have to check on him, keep an eye on him but Dawson will get more open while the book is evolving. Readers will really appreciate the stark contrast between the two bothers and see how they each react on situations. Often they also react the same when both know how hard it is to lose something they love. It's these moments that really give the reader in-tell on how Dawson acts and how his personality is!

I've been waiting to talk about the plot for a few paragraphs now, waw that was long! What the characters are about to do actually blows my mind. At first, the plot will be holding its breath now Dawson is home. Nobody really knows what's going to happen, are they coming after him? Are they not? Is Arum coming after him? No? Everyone is going to be busy with this and only this but not all danger has been resolved yet.

Characters that shouldn't be here any longer are coming back and that brings bad luck for everyone. Katy and Daemon are being threatened and got no other way than go with it and help out. Dawson does have a benefit with this threat and it is that he'll get a step closer to getting back what he desires so much! I really love how every book has been coming up with the good things that are connected with the bad. It really shows us that to all there is something to appreciate and it's a great mentality the book gives to the reader.

Anyway, it's time for a rescue mission! And holy alien babies, this rescue is the best of the best! Readers don't know what's going to happen, hell the characters don't even know what's going to happen! Are they going to succeed? Are they not? 

The first thing that's important is how they'll get in and out, this without being captured. Also how they'll be able to defend themselves against the things they don't know of is a important aspect before they go in. Nobody knows what's behind all those doors and that's pretty terrifying. That fear is also reflected inside the characters and that causes the reader to really be into it all and biting off the nails! They get in contact with a new character, who was very surprising to my opinion, that's going to help them out and then all that's left is to storm the building...

Again for action, you'll be good in this book. I mean it really won't get any better than a rescuing mission this time around but the buildup towards it, the practice, the uncertainty? It's all that's needed for the readers to be all hence on deck and hope that everything is going to turn out alright.

But the romance part will be alternated with the action, and waw are we in for a swoon-worthy plot! Although the action will be the main thing in all of our heads, Daemon can get really cute and romantic for Katy and it'll blow us away. I'm really happy that the author made time to alternate between suspense and the love-life because it's just phenomenally and swoon-worthy and I just need a Daemon in my life now! 

This book series honestly is only getting better and better! The new threats will get into action, people who should be gone are returning and bringing more danger to our characters. Together with that, we'll discover more people alike and find out new vital elements that we didn't even knew before all this. New questions will arise and there's only one advice: "You really shouldn't trust a soul in this game. Not when everyone has something to gain or to lose." If you want action, thrill then be prepared. If you want a sweet and cute romance? Then you're good in Opal. If you want to be tortured until the end and really feel every feeling racing through you? YOU ARE GOOD WITH THIS BOOK. Holy alien babies, this book scores like every other book in this series. And that ending, I want to give a standing ovation and stab her for doing this to us. Honestly, Jennifer L. Armentrout you got nerve! I absolutely devoured this book like it was one of those cookies Daemon wanted Katy to come and get. Yes. If you enjoyed the first two book in this series, you'll love this one as well!

“If wishes were fishes, we'd all throw nets.” 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Last week I posted a review about me re-reading a book. Well, when I finished that book I wanted to re-read the next book. And now I've re-read that book, I'm really up for the next book in this 5-parted series. This might mean that next week there will be another review about this book. But who will know? For now I'd like to explain how I feel towards the second book in this series: Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout!

NOTE: This is a second in a series. If you have not read the first book, I highly recommend NOT reading any further. The second book, Onyx has build further onto the story and things have happened that will influence your knowledge for this book. If you read on you'll spoil yourself! Interested in the series? I wrote a review on the first book in the series, Obsidian, HERE!


Now Katy knows that her neighbors aren't anything human, she's been put under a whole new threat. The DOD doesn't want humans to know and the Luxen aren't really pleased with her knowing things either. If that isn't enough, Katy isn't feeling herself lately and it's really pushing her to her limits, endangering herself and her friends even more. How is she going to solve this? Who can she possibly trust with all that's happening? Relationships will be tested and they are coming for her...

HOLY ALIEN BABIES. I can't. I honestly CAN'T. Yes, I'm back again with the caps lock words because Onyx was even BETTER than Obsidian was. And don't get me wrong, Obsidian was amazing which puts Onyx way above just amazing, even above fantastic! I really can't tell you how pleased I was to continue in this phenomenal series. And I also don't think phenomenal is the best word for it...

Katy is going places, people! She's going to move mountains. If I didn't look up to her before, I sure a hell would this time. The strength and toughness we've seen in Obsidian will be fueled even more as Katy will be behaving and feeling differently. The reader will be taken on her journey with finding out what is wrong with her, especially after all that has happened in Obsidian. Is she just changing personalities, is she getting stronger? Or is it something entirely different? Together with the character we'll discover it, which is the first phenomenal thing there is with this character.

Her change will also put herself at risk and also all the ones she loves. This causes her to really turn to herself and not to the others she first trusted so much. Katy is going to play a vital role in this book and she'll mostly play it alone. First reason for that is because Daemon is acting all lovey-love and she thinks it can't mean anything, second reason is because she wants to protect all the ones that love her deeply and she loves deeply. I absolutely admired that in this character and it also reflected a lot of Daemon. He's also a character that will go to great lengths to protect his loved ones. 

Her one man show will put herself at risk but also give us a better insight in this character, relating to her will not be hard! Above that she'll have a lot to deal with on her own because she doesn't know how to trust. Basically, she's also trying to figure herself out and what's she's feeling. The pressure will give this character a very realistic side, even more than she had in Obsidian. She will make mistakes, she will conquer, she will break and this gives the reader a lot of feelings and a lot of things to relate to. 

As for Daemon, readers will be astonished to who we'll meet. Daemon is no longer Daemon after Obsidian. It feels as if he's come to peace with Katy being in their lives and is ready to give away all his feelings. The lovable Daemon therefore will be around a lot. He'll try to convince Katy and the reader he isn't the asshole with the attitude but also has a heart. He'll act a lot more different but the protective and angry Daemon will not be subsided at all! Readers will enjoy both of his sides and really feel with this character, especially because Katy will be pushing away from him as well, in her battle of finding herself and finding it hard to trust anyone. I really appreciated finding out more about Daemon and his motives, as well as see him jumbling around his feelings and his feelings towards Katy.

In my last review, I spoke about Dee being one of my favorite characters. Onyx doesn't make a lot of space for her which was very sad in my opinion. The beginning of the book will cover a few chapters with her in it but after that the one man show of Katy takes place and Dee will also feel the consequences of this. I hope the next book will get her more in the picture again! 

Now the plot and can I just say that it was so much better than Obsidian? First of all I feel like that's because we know now what lives next to Katy. I mean, there isn't anything human about it and it feels good to know that. I feel relieved and it makes me so excited, I almost wish I had aliens live next to me instead of my grumpy old neighbor (it's the truth!) And now we know, it makes everything easier and more open for new threats.

Those threats start with Katy. She's a threat to the Luxen, and they're a threat to her. This will make sure both will have a hard time trusting one another. Especially when all sort of things start to happen to Katy and everyone, except one alien, is left out of what's happening. While Katy and Daemon know what's going on, the others are running in blind and don't even know what'll happen and how it will affect them.

If the mystery of Katy is not the most important at the moment, the mystery of the new guy in town is taking over and it seems even harder to trust him. Trust issues will be such a main thing in this book and the reader will feel the effects. Once again the plot is fueled with all that makes us feel excited, giddy, witty, angry, frustrated... yes THE FEELS! I love feels in books and Jennifer L. Armentrouts knows how to write them down in a book and make you experience this. The feels fuel the trust issues and it's just going to be great. If you think you trust the right people, guess again! 

And what is a book without action? In comparison to what happened in Obsidian, Onyx will take a whole new turn. A new threat is developing and they are coming. Who are they? I guess you'll have to find out but I can already tell you it's HUGE. With the threat comes more important information and  people who should be dead are suddenly alive.

What I did notice is that the focus of the danger will move away from Arum. Arum are the other alien species that are the natural enemy of the Luxen. The first book really fixed its gaze on that but in Onyx we'll find a new enemy that might be even more dangerous than Arum. I was a fan of this moving on from the Arum, only because this threat will give a lot more mystery to the plot, more betrayal, lies and trust issues that just burn the reader with questions and further developments that makes you guess more, guess wrong and put you really into the story. 

Lastly, the plot will also give a close-up on the situation between Katy and Daemon. Obsidian we've seen the attitude to Katy, and how Daemon changed with the wind. During Onyx we'll get more information on how this will all turn out and if feelings will grow into something romantic or stay superficial! All I want to say about it is that I felt really a lot of feels, just as in Obsidian and of course that's phenomenal!  

This book... waw! It captured me even more than Obsidian did. The feels are all over the place and readers will have no other choice but go with the story and experience everything to the bone. The characters, once again, were fantastically written and will face new problems. These new problems will drive the plot to a point where you feel all giddy inside and can't make you stop reading. It's a book that I (re-)read in one-sitting once again! Everything is more advanced and more explanations towards the secrets will be given during the read. I was an absolute fan of Onyx! Jennifer L. Armentrout, once again you deserve a standing ovation! 

“That's the funny thing about trying to escape. You never really can. Maybe temporarily, but not completely.” 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


One of my New Year Book Resolutions was to re-read more books. Especially books that I don't have a review on and really loved at the time. Re-reading the book would have two assets: 1) I would be able to re-live that world and those feels and 2) All details would be fresh to mind to make a review about it! I'm not much of a re-reader and I think that's a sad thing so I'm making true on my Resolutions and re-read one of my first English books ever: Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

12578077Katy moves with her mother to a small town after what happened to her dad. Desperate to make her mother happy she goes next door to make contact with the neighbors. What she didn't expect was a boy, half-naked, and immediately hating her without knowing who the hell she was. His sister is at least very nice to her but that doesn't stop the guy to get under her skin and make comments. Yet the more Katy spends time with Dee and Daemon, the more weird things she starts to notice. What on earth is going on? Who are they, really?

Gah! Obivously this is one of my most cherished books! Reason number one: Jennifer L. Armentrout is just like my best friend as an author. She writes STUNNING books! Reason number two: HELLO, there's a cute neighbor that hates Katy and makes witty comments that make you feel frustrated but you still WANT him. There are so many reason to love this book and I am SO happy that I re-read it. 

And another reason is that it was VERY easy to relate with Katy. Why? Because she's a fellow book nerd and she even has her own blog where she will post things about books and ramble about books. How hard is it for us fellow readers to relate to this character?! Of course there's more to Katy to love than only her love for books. Katy is just fantastic. If I could make any character real, she'd probably be that character. Not only because she's very sweet but also because of her determination and toughness. 

This we'll see when Katy is being tortured by the oh-so handsome bad boy from next door, Daemon. For some reason he already hates her and she will NOT put up with his crap. I look up to her for only that, she'll not let people run over her and decide things for her. That's a great aspect in this character because it makes her a strong female in the book and she'll need that strength for all that's coming her way in this book... Anyway that annoying, but handsome, guy also wants her to stay away from his sister and that's where we see another great side of this character: her compassion with Dee for having such a brother! But also determination will be present here, because she stays friends with Dee, no mater how much he doesn't want that.

Lastly about Katy, I'd like to point out she's also very strong on the emotional side. Lots of things will happen with her, she'll start noticing weird things and she stays strong. Friends of Daemon and Daemon himself will also embarrass her during this read and that's when the real Katy Swartz comes: she's sarcastic, she's witty, and you better not get in her way! I loved this character so much because she had such a great personality, was so sarcastic and stood her grounds no matter how hard it was! 

As for Dee, she's all bright and shining! Readers will really appreciate her kindness and her brightness during the story. She doesn't have an easy life, especially with a brother who prevents her from having normal friends, yet Dee is that character that stays calm about it. She'll find a way and it will work out in her favor. Of course, we see an emotional side to her as well which made this character more diverse and more lovable! Other than that I'd like to point out that Dee is also one of my favorites, not because she's so talkative, bright and positive but also because she is really funny!

Lastly a character I really want to give some attention is a character that also needs a lot of attention in the book: Daemon Black. May I introduce you to the guy that will rip at your heart, make you feel embarrassed to like him, make you feel amazing because you like him, make you feel FRUSTRATED because he's always hot and cold and who will just... make you go crazy! It's hard not to love him, all handsome boys but horrible attitude will grab your attention in a book and he will not change that! 

I really loved Daemon there's no other way to put it! Even after re-reading this book my mind has NOT changed a bit. He's so frustrating but that makes his character so much richer! You'll be at his lips with everything he does and says. He's sarcastic, strong, witty. He has an attitude and readers WILL LOVE IT! Little side note: I'm sorry for all these dramatic caps lock words, this book just does that to you. But he's not only talk, Daemon will surprise readers with his normal side, his lovable side. During the read we'll discover what's all about this character and why he acts the way he does. I can tell you the first time I read it, I was moved. Second time I read it, not much changed I was still moved! 

He will get under your skin and he's not even real, but believe me it's worth it. This character is in charge of all the things you'll feel during the read! It makes it even better and easier to relate to Katy and that's a great asset to Obsidian!

As for the plot, it's a first in a series so everything is building up. We'll first be very new to the town Katy now lives in, which is an asset because we see and learn to see the things she's now seeing and experiencing. Which actually leads to our biggest discovery: Daemon!

We meet with his attitude pretty early and later we'll be introduced to Dee. That's the start to the story and it'll lead to nothing too serious! We'll just meet the people, the town, Daemon will be not behaving himself and Dee will try to let him knock off while she hangs out with Katy. It all seems very normal, very like a normal life but don't let yourself be fooled!

Pretty soon, Katy starts noticing very weird things and she'll think she's imagining it which I think was rather funny. When she talks about it with Daemon he'll also encourage the fact that she's hallucinating and this of course gives us a few funny encounters! 

Talking about funny encounters: Katy and Daemon will really give a lot of those to the reader. It all really starts when Dee does something to make him behave and Katy will have no other choice but go with Daemon to score bonus points with his sister! Believe me, you will not know how funny it all is until you read it! And many more of those funny things will happen.

Yet to all funny comes an end when Katy is going to be attacked! That's really the moment that will make her see that there are weird things happening and she needs to find out what the hell is going on! It's also the moment everything comes in motion in the book. Excitement and a lot of thrill will be introduced when she's attacked and from that moment on, excitement and thrill will follow this character deeper into the story.

Action will happen, suspense will happen, the biggest and weirdest discoveries! The plot WILL blow your mind and it will make sure you can't stop reading. Believe me on my word, Jennifer L. Armentrout does that to you! Above that the plot will be fueled by all the feels Daemon is spreading around but also the feels that hang between Katy and him.

This goes from frustration to a normal attitude, to embarrassment to all other feels! The feels really are the asset to the book if you ask me. There will be no other way than feel with them, get into them and really feel it burn to the deepest part of your body. 

Next to suspense there's also the part where Katy is finding out weird things, she's attacked, something is up with Dee, there is someone missing and nobody told her about it. The reader, as well as Katy, will be confronted with weird activities going on and it's for us to find out if there's a connection. This is a very thrilling part to the book that also is appreciated!

Lastly I also want to point out that even though the book starts basic and normal to suspenseful and action, the ending will also present an issue that will be dealt with in the following book. This is a very nice add to the ending because it gives something away so your curiosity is prickled but not enough to know what exactly is going on! 

Already known in Jennifer L. Armentrout's style is the fluency in the book that will make it an easy to comprehend, just easygoing and enjoyable to read. But as I said this is something she's known for. 

To complete this review I'd like to point out that the characters are fantastically written, you can't do anything but love them. Katy is the easiest to relate to if you're a fellow book lover, but she's also the tough and strong female in this book that makes you really look up to her or see her as an equal. Dee will make sure everything is bright and positive and Daemon will fuel the plot by throwing with his attitude and feels. The plot is very strong and makes you ask yourself what on earth is going on. From a very basic, normal life we'll go into a swift motion to action and suspense, all the while we're trying to comprehend what's with the weirdness and secrets around Daemon and Dee. This read is very interesting for you if you love paranormal stuff, suspense, and a boy with an attitude that's hard not to love.

“Will you show me what you really look like?"

Saturday, April 1, 2017


It's the 1st of April which basically means a trip through a very beloved series of mine! In my wrap-up of January, I already spoke of the series and told you that I flew through them. That said, it means a bunch of reviews on them are coming your way. Although I re-read the whole series, the book I'm reviewing today was something new to me. Shadows by Jennifer L. Armentrout is a prequel novel that was included in the Collector's Edition of Opposition and I hadn't read it until now. 

13183957When Bethany and Dawson see each other for the first time, it was love at first sight. Both constantly think of each other, both constantly look at each other. There's no stopping these two of falling in love and they'll fall hard. What none of them expected was that this would also come with many consequences. Not everyone is who he seems and some will do anything to get disposed of a human...

This is a short prequel novella that I enjoyed but not as much as the entire Lux-series. However I'm really glad that we got to know Bethany and Dawson who will have certain influence on the rest of the series! 

Bethany is a very timid girl that rather paints than talking to humans. I really enjoyed the fact that she was so timid and down to earth because it just shows a contrast with the characters that we'll come across in the Lux-series. It just gives the reader a new personality that's totally new and won't be close to what we'll see in the other characters.

As for Dawson, I really really am keen on the fact that we saw him in this novella. His personality is also very close to Beth's, very calm and kind but down to earth. Also his brother and sister are involved in this novella and seeing the contrast between them all is something readers will enjoy. While Daemon is very hard, angry and mean, we see that Dawson is the kind, relaxed and smiley kind of person which I really enjoyed seeing! 

When the two see each other they immediately hit off and that is also a thing that readers will really appreciate. It's different from the Lux-series and that's a good thing! Readers are in for a very swoon-worthy, lovable and kind read where the two main characters just fall of each other hard. It makes us believe in love at first sight and it's very special to see take place in this short amount of pages.

As for the plot, I'd first like to say that it's a very short novella (179 pages) and therefore also very fast paced. At some point during the book, I really thought it was going a bit too fast. Although I also understand that in that short amount of pages the whole story needs to have taken place. You're in for a very swoon-worthy but very fast read!

What I did really love with this novella was the whole taking place of their relationship. You really saw how it grew from nothing and just staring to a relationship build on trust, kindness, cuteness and love. The most important key word here: trust. Because not everything seems to be like we thought it would be! 

I do think reading this book before the series will clear a lot of things, it's also a very nice book to start the series with since the characters will have influence on the rest of the series. However, I rather read the book after the series than before. Just because of the fact that the mystery we'll have to find out in Obsidian, the first book in the series, is already unraveled even before you start. Shadows just has all the information that you need to find out what's going on in Obsidian and I think readers will enjoy it much more when the first book still has its secrets and mystery! But that's just how I really see it. 

If you read the book before the Lux-series, you'll also notice the whole contrast in it and why it's caused, which I think is a great asset to the prequel. I was also very happy with this contrast because it made the contrast with the characters more visible and it's also nice to see this diversity in the books!

Because of it's high pace, I do think the plot wasn't in for much of action. It was more about how the environment was acting on Beth and Dawson's relationship, which was also something great to explore because of certain reasons. Yet I did miss a bit of action, next to the whole romance part. 
The end of this series does hold action in store of us but it's nothing compared to what we'll see in the other books like in Obsidian!

That said I'd like to conclude this review with saying that this book was a very swoon-worthy and cute read about the beginning of everything. I really was keen on the fact of getting to know Dawson and Bethany better and see how everyone will react on their relationship. Although the book doesn't hold a lot of action and is very high paced, I still really enjoyed the book and fell for their relationship as it was pure and made me believe in love at first sight. Also the fact that love conquers all is something that's very important in this book and will make readers fall in love. You could read this book before the entire Lux-series, although I, personally, have enjoyed it better after reading the Lux-series so there's more mystery in them. This book will clear up a lot of things about the upcoming books and therefore steals a lot of action, thrill and mystery for Obsidian, but it's also a nice book to start a series with if you rather have it that way! Either way, this book is a very romantic prequel that has readers into its grip and will show a big contrast with all other books in the Lux-series!

"I don't think love recognizes differences."

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Children of Eden

Today I bring a book that has the most stunning cover of all times! And I know I say that a lot but honestly, I fell in love with the book because of the cover. I saw it on a friends bookstagram and I was sold. I wanted that book so badly and I didn't even know what it was about yet! I'm talking about Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa and Laura L. Sullivan! Also, Joey is a Youtuber, something I didn't know! 

 The world is dead. Humankind has destroyed it, even after all the warnings by Aaron Al-Baz. Luckily for the remaining population, Aaron also made a world after: Eden. A world where people are divided by circles and the elite is in the center of it all. A world where second children are not allowed. Rowan is one of those second children and has been hiding inside for 16 years. Sick of her captivity she decides that she should be allowed to going out. Desperately leaving her house, she also leaves with consequences for those actions. And finding a friend leads to a great tragedy with loss and new threats...

Honestly, I don't know how to feel about this book. I went in with high expectations, the subject about a world after, the world being death but there's still something there that awaits the newborn word. It all sounds so good for a book but I've been left with a mixed feeling!

First of all, I found it really hard to connect with the main character, Rowan. She's a second child and her desperation to breath air from outside her house is totally understandable. At times she just seemed really too desperate and that made me back off a bit. What I did love about her is her determination, during the story she'll receive new information about her being the second child from her mother and this will set everything into motion. Although she loves her mother and her twin brother, Ash, she can't be bothered with staying inside anymore. Another thing that shows her determination is that she'll fight for her loved ones, even if it brings herself in danger.

I loved it that the character started deciding things for herself and that she took her life into her own hands, although I would've done it a bit more prepared! Rowan is more the thinking and directly doing which is a nice trait for a character but not something I can really relate with. Rowan hasn't got a clue to how people act, what to do herself and so on, yet she finds a friend of her bother who'll help her out. 

Which brings me to the next character: Lark. Lark is a friend of Ash and I did NOT like this character at all. She's too possessive, she feels like a know-it-all and as if she knows what's best. I just couldn't love this character at all, sure she has a big influence on the story but I just felt like she was a bit insane. Lark also comes into the story at times that I didn't think were very logical with the rest of the story and I just really couldn't appreciate this character. If all, she made things harder. 

There will be a few more characters coming and going and there's one very important one coming but I don't want to go too much into detail because that character was a surprise that I did see coming but still made this book better! 

As for the plot, now here were things that went completely wrong for me personally! The story builds up so rapidly, there was no time for making the events evolve and to make you feel it. I'm not a real fan of stories that go really fast but if you are, then this one is one you'll enjoy. I was just really bothered by how fast everything goes, there was no time to stop and think or feel what might happen next, because the following event was already happening. 

Secondly I like to say that I am left with too many questions to feel satisfied. During the plot we'll meet new characters that each have their own mission, we'll find out secrets about the founder of Eden, we get new details and nobody does anything with it. The ending did not give me answers on how they'll get around to that mission or what they'll do with that new information they have gathered. I know nothing and that really bothered me a lot. Also the end... oh god the ending! We know new information again yet again we will never know an answer! This is what they call an "open end" and I know that, but I hate open endings. And I hate this one most because on top of the open ending, I know nearly nothing about my other questions I thought I'd receive answers for. 

Of course I want to also add the things I did really enjoy and first of all that must be the theme. It's a dystopian about the world in the future, we destroyed and someone saved the last bit of humanity. For me that's a very interesting thing. Especially because also the people are being ranked! The poor live in the outer circles, the rich in the inner circles. I love it when books do that because it immediately sets off a vibe about that world. Also, just the thought of our world destroyed and a new place to wait for the world to be reborn is something I absolutely enjoyed. The nature being affected by us and the results of it will get a personal spot and we'll see consequences and everything put into perspective. How they have resolved everything will also be explained well and I was keen on that part. I know this book is fictitious but I also like to say that what happens to nature and humankind in the book is not something that I don't see in the near future. All is possible. 

Also another great thing is: everybody lies to everybody and nobody is trustworthy! When a book gives off that vibe, I can't do anything but feel happy. Rowan is a second child, she should not trust anybody and she should be aware of being lied to. Yet Rowan also has never been outside her house, she doesn't know the outer world and how people work. This sets off a nice contrast between knowing how everything goes and not knowing. She's a bit on an exploring adventure and makes mistakes everyone in her position would make: trust people. Especially in a world where second children aren't allowed or will be murdered, where the poor don't get anything and the inner circle everything, trust is not a word you should use. Lies will be everywhere in this book and trustworthy people will be so hard find and I really wish the book would have gone further on it and provide more buildup around this but it all stayed fairly superficial. 

What are we missing in this world? Action, but no worries there is going to be so much! First of all, Rowan will have to escape that's the first action we see. Then she comes across greenshirts, these are authority figures, police really and they know she's a second child so she needs to escape once again! Now she's known, her family will be in danger and this makes sure there's going to be a rescue party. That rescue party, ladies and gentlemen, was the best part filled with action because it was so good. There was so much surprise in this part and I was so excited when they went to rescue the family. It was great! For action you'll be good in this book, but as I said before it comes together way too fast in my opinion.

Lastly, what  is a book without a bit of romance. Now this romance was... I don't know. I was ready to pull out all of my hair! I was so frustrated! Probably because I shipped Rowan with one of them and not the other one, but she just kept giving signs to that other person I don't like! Still with me? No? There's a love triangle people and it's amazing that it makes you so frustrated! Especially if you have a ship and disgust the other character! Yet I wonder if it's really about romance. 

Rowan gives us signs throughout the book that she doesn't know how this works. She doesn't know anything about people and she thinks it's normal yet she doesn't know what these feelings she feels mean. It might be pure platonic then, or it might be love. This is something a bit confusing and also nothing we'll get any answers on.

I don't really know what to think about this book. I loved it but at the same time I didn't. It might be the fact that I didn't find it easy to connect with the main character, at the same time I was left with an ending that I didn't really love at all. Many things remain unresolved and that makes me not like the book. I did really enjoy the dystopian world that's created in this book and lies to its population that's been ranked. Everyone lies to everyone and trusting someone can be a mistake and I love it when a book give you that vibe. 

Also the whole concept about the world being destroyed by us is a very interesting subject and also gets a nice light onto it! However the book builds up fairly rapid and leaves me disappointed because I didn't receive the answers I was looking for. To conclude this I just like to say that I don't think it's bad but also don't think it's the best and I am left undecided. I do recommend reading the book because it's possible you'll love it, especially if you're into books that create a dystopian about the future and if you don't mind a rapid buildup.

“But alone is good. Alone is safe.” 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

All the Bright Places

Today's review is a book that's been on my "want to read list" for a very, very long time now. I've heard a lot about it, I've heard bad things about it and good ones but I can only say that this is the best book I've read so far in 2017. And I will try to convince each and every one of you to pick up this book because it is... stunning, and that doesn't even do justice! All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I don't even know if I'll be able to write this review the way I want to, it's just so good and so emotional that I'm at loss for the perfect words. 

Violet and Finch meet on the ledge of the bell tower. Both desperately trying to find a way to live and to feel awake after all that has happened to them. When Finch, the school freak, eventually tries to make Violet feel better, Violet starts to open her eyes to all that's around her and who she really is. She's finally beginning to see what life is about and how to start living again, after that one tragic night, together with the help of Finch. All the while, Finch is slipping further and further away but will anyone notice before it's too late? 

First of all, I want to make this clear: this is so not close to The Fault in Our Stars?! I see everyone rating this book bad because it's like that book but if I can say one thing: it's not. I feel like both this stories cover maybe one thing together: how to live. Other than that I feel like these two don't even come close to each other. I'm not trying to say that TFIOS is a bad book or movie, in fact I really enjoyed the story! However I need to be honest and All the Bright Places really tore at me 5 times more and 5 times better than The Fault in Our Stars ever will, and that's okay. I just wish people could also try not to see this book as a copycat because it really is not. It's different and original, it's breathtaking and heartbreaking and I loved every word, every letter in this book. This is me trying to convince you to not write this book off just by hearing it's all the way TFIOS because it's not

Let's start with Theodore Finch, the first thing I noticed is that everyone uses Finch. Finch, I was really satisfied with that because for once they didn't make use of his first name but his last. That is when people call him by his name at all because he's seen as the school freak. It's very clear from the first page he comes in that something is wrong with him, mentally. Even though something is up, he's still there for others as well, mostly for Violet who is on top of the bell tower with him. What surprised me most was the fact that Finch had been written like this. At some points in the books, he felt very closed off from everyone, and he makes it very clear by his thoughts that he feels surrounded but alone. Yet the author still really used this character as a very supporting, nice boy that sometimes loses it but also seems happy and not alone.

I fell in love with this character for his thoughts and his remarks on certain ways to die and on people who have died, but also on the living. If we know one thing for sure it's that Finch has a hard time believing he can live. We don't know what made him think like that, we only see fragments during the book but the readers will never be able to pinpoint the exact thing that made him feel like this. And that's something I absolutely worship in this book: the unknown by Theodore Finch. What surprised me even more was the fact that even though he has a hard time staying awake, that's how he refers to stay by the living, he doesn't have a hard time showing others how to live. That's yet another thing that really surprised me by this character: he pushes people to live and to find something worth in life but he can't do that for himself and he can't find a way for himself. It's as if he doesn't know he has a choice too and that's something I know a lot of readers will be able to relate to.

Finch really opened my eyes during this read about how wrong we can be. He looks fine and happy, he knows how to live or he wouldn't share that knowledge with the other characters... yet he isn't real. He feels so much things that don't even come close to happy and he's suffocated in his own mind and consumed by it. He just doesn't show and that's why people don't know. And even if they did know, people wouldn't help him because he's the freak. The more they see him that way, the more I also felt like the author tried to reflect he starts believing it's his fault and that he shouldn't tell anyone something because it's his own problems. Finch is the character I know a lot of readers will be able to relate to, be it to a little extent or to his whole personality. And knowing that, it's very hard because that means a lot of people are in need of help, just like Theodore Finch is.

I'm also really happy that the author chose to pick a boy for this role, because I feel like some people only see girls capable of these deep emotions and also capable of thinking about suicide in these hard times. The author really showed how boys can feel this too and that they're capable of suicide as well, we don't need to underestimate the fact that they're in need of help too. Finch absolutely showed that very well during the story, he was absolutely well written! 

Next to Finch on the ledge of the bell tower, we find Violet. Violet has put a stop on her life because she doesn't know how to go on after that one tragic night. Whatever that tragic night is, is something for you to find out! It's been a few months now but Violet has been having a very hard time with finding how to live and how to be happy again. It's because of Finch that she starts to explore and starts to find out what that night meant for others and what it meant to her. Violet goes through a very eyeopening phase during this book, where she doesn't only find out how to live again but also finds out who she is and how she's going to be in the future. Seeing what help does to a person has been really well shown on character Violet who finally finds the light in the dark tunnel and that all because of Finch. Violet is a very smart person and she's a very tender one which I absolutely found lovely in this character. But beware because she's not like most people, she can see through the masks people put on sooner or later...

Both of them have issues that really affect their mental state but the author also showed a really big contrast in their problems, in the way it affects them, how much it affects them and what it means to get help or find help. Both will go through such a hard time and some know they have support while others doubt they can stay very long on this earth and I absolutely appreciated that the author used these contrasts because it shows there are various things to take into account and various things, be it little or big things, that can affect someone's happiness and affect the way they look at their lives.

However, this is not a book that only talks about depressing stuff, of course it's important as this will have major effects on the plot and the characters, but there's always a bright side in this story. Here the two characters might have big contrasts, but it's true what they say: opposites attract each other. During the book we will see major differences in their family and private life which will also bring these characters together. Not only that brings them together but also the project they get from US Geography. 

This event was something I really found myself enjoying because I wish I did what the characters did. Their project means they need to wander around Indiana and found beautiful things in it and document it. Finch wants to do the project with Violet to make her see that life is beautiful and that she needs to find a way to live in it and to be happy again. This really brought the characters together in a very stunning friendship about hope, rediscovering, support and love. I absolutely rooted for these two as they were so realistically written but also so relatable and stunning! 

Now the plot, as I mentioned before with the characters everything is very realistic. This book felt so real for me, as if I was a part from it or as if it was really happening. The characters are copy pasted on a school scenery where it is as we all might know it: hard. School, especially high school brings a lot of problems for a lot of teenagers in the real world and Jennifer Niven tried to picture that and give us that on a golden plate. Boy, do I have to say she did a remarkable job? As already mentioned, Finch is called the freak which really shows us once again how much we label during our high school time. Violet is seen as the popular girl that dates with Ryan Cross... the Ryan Cross and so it goes on for every and each character that we come across. It's the labeling that makes it also very hard on one of the characters in All the Bright Places and something some readers will find very relatable once again.

The reaction of the other teenagers when Finch the school freak wants to do the project with Violet will also really be taken under a loop. They'll start teasing Violet about "the freak", they'll be fighting and trying to make Finch go away from Violet by hurting him in any way possible. I don't need to tell you guys that this is reality for some teenagers out there: the labeling, the bullying and the author did a great job on showing us that in the book and also showing how that can affect ones mind and attitude. The school situation will really be taken seriously and will contribute to the story and how it develops.

Another side in the book will be about the home situation in both families, Finch's and Violet's. Also this will really contribute to the development of the events. It also really shows once again how different both characters are and how their families are affected by what's happening or by the signs their kids are giving them. This is yet another thing I really found interesting to see because also here the writer has picked out two contrasts out of the variety of parents that exist. I'm also really pleased to see how big the difference is as we have two complete opposites in it. Both families will also be seen during the read and that only helps the reader more to understand why Finch feels the way he feels.

Next to these two factors we'll be falling into a story about finding love and life and be happy again by wandering around with someone who cares. The characters really make it something beautiful to witness as they go everywhere and anywhere to find something worth breathing for. They'll have so much fun and when they're finally getting used to each other, we'll fall into a routine of happiness and constant laughter which I found amazing to witness and to be a part of. Of course that will be broken by school events and private things that can get in the way but that's also something that makes it realistic. It's what life is about: the constant processing of going to school, going home, doing something with a friend and through it all find out who you are and what you want. Above that it also made sure that the readers stayed interested and focused on what was right in front of their eyes all the time... 

The author doesn't only do smooth sailing, she decided to really give all readers a chill, by changing everything and making it harder and harder to see something good. It's not something I had seen coming and it really took my be surprise. Thinking about it now it was very refreshing to read, something none of my books did before and it also really took me. I felt so much with the characters, with the plot, it was all so raw and unbelievable that it made the story so stunning.

What happened is something for you to find out and all I can say is that it really opened my eyes toward people who felt like our characters did and how hurting fits into our society in the real world. Reactions that will follow by characters were really mind blowing and some even felt wrong and I really loved it that the book made me feel like this and made me think about this. It has a very great moral and really makes you feel what others might be feeling now in this instant, you're only touching the tip of the iceberg but at least we got a better view on it and we know how far it can go. It also showed that you should help when you can and not label or ignore it because that doesn't make it any easier for anyone. This was also shown in the book, through the plot and I really appreciated the thought the author put into this book.

What I also am at loss for words for is the fact that we don't know why Finch is feeling the way he is, I already said it before but I really want to point it out once again. We know why Violet is feeling the way she feels and that's great but I think it's also very relatable for readers not to know what's going on with someone. This someone being Finch in All the Bright Places. I feel like I like that fact, that we don't know everything about why it made him feel this way because either way he didn't know himself or he didn't know how to explain and I don't know but that just makes me love this character so much more. The unknown and the uncertainty made this character so interesting and lovable in the plot.

All books that contain hard things like mental illnesses, sicknesses and suicide are eyeopening and believe me, this book was one of those books as well. The characters are so beautifully written and when they finally find each other you thought things would only go well and get better but that's not how it goes for people who aren't feeling well, same with our characters. The author still made it really interesting by giving plot twists, harder moments and happy moments to recover from all that has happened before. To finish it off, she packed the book up with the greatest moral of all and sprinkled emotions (believe me, be ready for a lot of emotions in here) on top of it. This book, and I really kid you not, is emotional so start buying tissues and stock them up because you'll need them. I swear it to you.

Lastly I want to point out that this book is becoming a movie! Yes it's becoming a movie and just thinking about that would make me cry all over again. I'm not lying. Also to everyone who feels that they can relate so much to these characters please, if you're in need of help, you need to go on and tell people you need help. It's not a shame to feel this way, and it's not a shame to ask for help because we want to help you. You can be our Violet and we can be your Finch, let's show you that life can be beautiful. We all need some help from time to time! That's another thing this book really pointed out for everyone to read: help one another.
This book contains so much reality, so many emotions that I absolutely felt real while reading it. The author build the story up so well and the characters were absolutely stunningly written and brought to a scenery of high school and it's problems. The relationship that's being build between our two main characters was really beautiful to witness and I was -am- so at loss for words for it, and for all that has happened in the book. The plot is so well thought of and the reactions that'll follow in the book seem so realistic to me that I cried the last 120 pages as if my life depended on it. This book is emotional and heartbreaking but it's so, so beautiful with such a beautiful message. I really recommend this book and I absolutely hope you can see why I can't explain myself any better... I'm at loss for words, this was by far the best read of 2017.

“You are all the colors in one, at full brightness.”