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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Winter Bookangels Challenge

Hello there! 

This post is going to be a little different from the other posts. Normally I write about books and then I review them, this is also going to be about books but different. As you might have already known I have an Instagram specially for photos about books, and that way I can stay into contact or find other people that are in love with books. 

Every month there are challenges that go around. You don't have to join if you don't want to but you always can. People just make their own challenge and other people can take it and do the same challenge. It sort of connects us with others! I sometimes do a challenge but I didn't this November. 

It's almost December now, only 4 days away and I decided I wanted to do a challenge for the last month of the year but also because it's such a cozy one with Christmas and New Years Eve a blink away. I didn't really find one that I was fully happy about so decided I was going to make my own challenge. I searched ideas on the internet, in my brains and I pieced together a little challenge for the month! I just wanted to post it here too since not everybody has Instagram. I think you could also post pictures on blogs if you're really interested in joining but don't have Instagram. Everybody can join if they want to! 

In the picture down below you can see the challenge that I made up and let me know in the comments (either here or on my Instagram: if you joined up. That way I can come visit your profile to see what you made of it for that particular day. :-) 

With love,

"Something about the winter just makes you want to fall in love"

Red Queen

A while ago, my mother went to England for her work with a company. I asked her to bring souvenirs because we've never been to England before and she came home and brought me... a book! Who would have thought? She brought me Red Queen from Victoria Aveyard! Which is absolutely funny because it had been on my wishlist for some months. I don't understand how it's possible that I didn't bought this book earlier though!

Basically it's about a world that's divided into two separate races: the red and the silvers. The red ones live in bad conditions, have to work all day long so they have money to support their families. Some live on the streets while others may have a house but no food on the table. Above that when a kid turns 18, they can be send as a soldier into war.
Whereas Silvers have the best life of them all. They have powers, they have money, they have a palace, they have families. For short: They're royals and are in possession of god-like superpowers while ruling over the Reds.

For Mare Barrow, a red girl that lives in poverty, it seems like nothing will ever change. Her brothers are send off to the war and she can be next. Above that there's also her best friend that can be risked going to war and she doesn't want that for him. 

All of a sudden, things start changing. She finds herself working in the Palace. Surrounded by, in her point of view, the enemies she feels something is changing. She is the change, because she possesses a deadly power of her own. It can destroy the balance of power that's on earth now. 

The Silvers find this out and hide her, saying she's a long-lost Silver princess and will now marry one of the royal princes. Mare hates that they're doing this to her and engaging with one of them is a nightmare coming true. One misstep and it would mean her ultimate death. 

She finds out more about the Silvers and that while working together with a militant resistance group: the Red Guard. They all want the same thing: bring down the Silver regime. Bring down the people that call themselves Gods. Without fully realizing it, Mare has entered a dangerous game in a world full of lies and betrayal. Reds against Silvers, prince against prince, and Mare against her own heart... Who will win this game?

Let's start with the book itself. The cover is simple but very beautiful, as my teacher would say less is more. The upside down crown with red blood flowing over it... I'd say it was a reference to Mare trying to take down the Silvers with her as a Red blood. And it has feeling! As well the crown and the blood are lifted out of the cover. (Is that how I have to say such things? Sorry for my bad explanation!) The letters of the title are also red and shine when you hold it in the right angle, even the spine has this and I love books like that. Those are simple details that can bring a smile of excitement on my face!

The inside of the book has also detail in it. They're both red with white sweeps along it and in the middle there's a drawing. I don't really know what they mean or what they stand for but again it's something unique and different because I don't know any other books that have this! And a few pages in the book there's a map of the new world. I really think it's useful because the main character does talk about certain area's and then I can check it out and see where she is and where others are. It comes in very handy, if you ask me!

Now the characters! Starting with Mare, she's unbelievably strong and independent.  She'd do anything to protect her sister and her parents while her brothers are at war. It's very intriguing how she's handling the situation fearing that she might have to go to war too and leave behind her family. On the other side she's also longing for her brothers and fear that they have died. Something that I loved most about their family bonding is something I can't say because it'll ruin the moment. But there is something that will make you hate the Silvers for sending off people to war. 
The Silvers were the absolute villains when I first started reading it, but during the changes as explained in the description of the book, I started having mixed feelings for certain Silvers. I do think others are still the devil and I'd kill them with my own hands if I could but I can't! I also won't go into the characters any further because I don't want to spoil any more.

The plot was very interesting, I didn't see it coming. Some parts during the books I was like 'aha! I knew it!' because it was a little obvious or because I was paying very closely attention to certain details in previous chapters. You get the 'aha!'-feeling more in the beginning of the book than at the end really because the end... The end was breathtaking? Mysterious? Betraying? Lies? I've had many feelings during the endgame nearing. The 'aha'-feeling was totally gone and I did not, absolutely not see it coming. It didn't left me unmoved or emotionless, I had all sort of emotions and I was really longing for the next part in this series. 

You're so into the world of Silver and Reds that you feel like you're Mare. You hate them but then things change and people start changing because you know them more. Other people are like you expected them to be. The world is totally different there and it kept you reading the book. As a reader you felt what Mare felt, you'd say 'go girl!' and the next moment you're like 'Oh no you didn't!' towards an enemy.
It's as much as an exciting  read as a thrilling one, especially when the end is just pages away. You've get your own suspects, you create your 'own lies' with the main character and that's the most thrilling about it. We're in a world of betrayal and lies and it's shown throughout the book. She's playing a very dangerous game.

However I did have one little complaint and that may be because of me. My mother tongue is Dutch and for me it was really hard to get into the first few pages because I found it really difficult. I had to keep my head in the game when I read because otherwise I wouldn't get it. But as I said, it can just be me because English isn't my main language and then something switched during the following chapters which made me understand what was happening. It may either be the language or be the fact that I wasn't paying attention enough. 

Other than that I really enjoyed this read, especially the end that left me wanting more. The second book in the series is coming though! It's called Glass Sword and seems even more thrilling than the first one. Normally it'll be released on the 9th of February 2016 which is still 3 months away but it's closer than ever since I've read this book in the summer. And more exciting news is that these series is going to get another 2 books! I'm so happy about that! I need to know more especially because I had all sorts of boys in the first book that I wanted to ship with Mare. I want to know how and where they end up and if I ever see my ultimate ship leaving to the Bahamas. Doesn't that sound romantic in a world of war and two races that hate each others guts? 

"Power is a dangerous game"

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Isla and the Happily Ever After

Some weeks ago I posted my reviews on the first two books in a series by Stephanie Perkins. Those books were Anna and The French Kiss (Review) and Lola and the Boy Next Door (Review) but there's a third and last part and it's the book I read first in the series: Isla and The Happily Ever After. As I said in the review of Lola's story, yes you can read them as a standalone but both Lola and Isla contain spoilers that refer to or the story of Anna or Lola or Isla so I recommend reading them in the publishing order. That aside, let's just talk about this book because out of all three Isla and Anna share a spot on 'my fav in a series'

Remember the school Anna went on? School of America in Paris? We're back there but this time with Isla who has a crush on the young artist Josh. She had her eyes on him since day one but they never really talked for hours. Maybe a quick hello but even that was sometimes hard for the shy but hopeless romantic Isla. But things change over the summer when Isla sees Josh in a coffee shop in Manhattan and they have there first long interaction. They grow closer with every page you turn but what they didn't know about their relationship was that it is forced to face uncertainty about their futures, and the very real possibility of being apart. Next to that they get into fights over their past and that doesn't make anything easy for them. But every relationship has their ups and downs and many ups might follow outweighing the downs. It's a story set against the stunning backdrops of New York, Paris and even Barcelona. Don't forget it's the conclusion to Stephanie Perkins's beloved series.

I can't really place my finger on what exactly it was that I enjoyed the most in this book... But the romance was definitely there. Actually all the feels where there! Because as I said every relationship has it ups and it downs and I, as a reader, felt all those feelings when everything was up and when everything was down. 

I could identify with Isla because she is shy and a hopeless romantic but also with the actions she does. As for Josh I just loved him. I guess it was because he's an artist and we get to see more about what he does because it's something special he's doing, believe me! And we also get to see the environment of an artist in the book. Whereas, if I have to compare Josh to Cricket, we can see all the things that make Josh Josh. In Lola's review I said that I wished we saw more of Cricket's inventions and the author made sure we now saw more of Josh's art, which is a bonus point . It's not only his art that we get to 'see' but also museums, this because he's really interested in the whole art thing. I can't spill too much, I don't want to ruin the fun so I can't say how or why we see museums but it's pretty much worth the read!  

What I loved most were all the different places we saw. Well only three and through the story of Anna we also saw a lot of Paris so nothing's really 'new' there but we also saw Manhattan. I've been dreaming to go to Manhattan for a really long time so it's cool to see some of it, even though it's through the eyes of someone else. It does give the same effect as in the story of Anna, where you just want to go visit that city because it's explained so well in the book that you can visualize it. It really wants to make you go there and I had that feeling even more when the story went to Barcelona. Just the way they go there, how they do it all and what they do, it's absolutely adorable! Again, I can't spill anything but let's keep it at: I enjoyed this book so so much! Another reason that I loved this book is that it's more realistic than the others, I guess. The feelings in the book seemed more real to me, probably because I could relate a lot during the book. Might also be because it gave a realistic picture of what a relationship is.

So conclusion: if you haven't read the book, go read it! But beware as I said in the beginning of this review this book will contain spoilers about the other previous books. So if you plan on reading them all, please read them in order. I'm begging you, I just want you to have the full experience without being spoiled.

"Love ignites in the City That Never Sleeps, but can it last?"

Monday, November 16, 2015


Last week I did a bookswap for the third time in my life! I never had people around me that liked books until this year, weird right?! So it's only been this school year that I swapped books with Fien, my niece and last week with Nina. She's a good friend of mine and somehow we started talking about books. In the last holiday we went to Ghent and bought books let's just say it like that... So we started talking about the books we bought and I talked about Red Queen and then we decided to swap books. It's as easy as that really! So that's the story behind reading the book: Unforgiving by Lauren Kate.

Someone made a bet with the devil. Cam has 15 days to make sure a girl, he has lost sight of for decades, falls in love with him again. I say decades ago but it's actually 3 millennia, then he broke her heart and ever since that she's being punished because of the crimes he committed. She hates him but who wouldn't hate the person that you loved most when he or she made sure you'd be punished? 
With the deadline and the devil looming around and his love's high school prom is just around the corner, Cam has everything to play for. If he succeeds and makes her fall in love with him again, she'll be set free from this pain she's been living in. They'll be reunited in their love for one another. But if he fails, there's a special place in Hell waiting for him and it won't be the throne. 
Heaven is being with the one you love, Hell is being kept apart. Where will Cam fall?

First things first: it's about Angels and Demons. More importantly the Devil. I can't say how good that already was for me and then we had the cover... God help us! First time you'd look at it, it just seems some pretty boy but then if the lighting is right... Man! He has wings! I hope you guys can see it on the pictures, I wanted both wings to come out but one of them is always half there, half gone.
So for me, I was already excited and I didn't even start yet.

It only became better actually. I was at chapter 3 and I had officially fallen for Cam, he's adorable when he wants to achieve something and he's driven. I guess everything we seek in boys, pity that I only met guys like that in books. So I liked Cam, not only because he's special but also because he wants to achieve and make her fall in love with him again.
As for the Devil, I hated him in this book. I guess it's only because of which part he was fulfilling because a Devil is a Devil and they're bad. I just didn't like the way he made events go, he's a bastard which is what a Devil should be so he's doing his job.
The girl was very intriguing, she loved music. Some way I also could connect with her for some parts which I don't want to get into too much before I spill things. I liked her but I also could tear someone apart because of how she acted toward Cam. That's all because of the Devil so I can't blame her directly but still. 

The story was also amazing, Cam has a deadline and the book makes use of that. Also, it has flashbacks to millennia ago to show what exactly happened between the lovers. Above that there are scenes that were absolutely stunning and cute and I just loved those! What I liked most about the book though was that it had parts where the girl's point of view was explained and then parts where Cam was the voice behind the story. I've always been a fan of books like that because it also gives you the thoughts about the other protagonist.

So the verdict is that I liked the book, the story was good, the characters even better. I've never read a book by Lauren Kate but now I'm eager to find more stories written by her. She has an easy writing style that's still intriguing. I'm curious to what other stories she has to tell but I'm pretty happy with how she wrote this one. She showed that 'every love story has a dark side' which I'd connect with the words 'up and downs' because that's how love stories go. 


Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I started reading in this book on 7th of November and yesterday evening I finished it. That does say something about the book. It says that it's actually really, really fantastic! I'm talking about Angelfall by Susan EE. This book has been recommended by my friend, Fien. I'm sure you already 'know' her because I mentioned her in other reviews. She also has a blog where she writes review so go check it out: 

They have arrived. And with 'they' we mean: the Angels. They terrorize the cities, attack human beings, shortly: they're destroying the earth. Penryn wants to bring her family into safety therefore she needs to flee from her hometown and go somewhere else. Together with her mother and sister, Paige who's in a wheelchair, they decide to go into the night because nobody dares coming outside and no gangs from the street will attack them. All goes well until there a fight on the street: an Angel fight. Some terrorize one of their own. Penryn decides to distract the Angels while her mother and sister flee with bad consequences. Her sister is taken by one of the bad guys, leaving behind Penryn to watch and the Angel they fought. Penryn decides to take the Angel and make him lead her to the Devils hole so she can save her baby sister. 

This book is honestly better than I expected. Now, I know I've always been fascinated with books that contain Angels. I might even be obsessed with books about Angels... I remember it was the only thing I wanted to read after the Hush Hush-series: books with Angels. Now I also remember why I was so obsessed with those kind of books. They're absolutely amazing! I'm glad Fien has recommended the book to me, I'll be thanking you my whole life, Fien! So I already want to mention I do recommend the book to any of you who like Angels but also to those who don't. This book will leave you torn apart in a corner of your room, who doesn't like books like that? 

Penryn is the main character of the book and I was very impressed about her. She knew how to handle herself, a knife, she could fight, she can survive. That my ladies and gentleman already makes this a good book. The girl isn't full of self-pity, she's not helpless and she is in control. Hands down for that, I'll even bow for that. I just love it that the author created a different kind of girl. In all the books I've read, none of the girls are so trained as she is and that has one explanation: her mother.

Something is up with her mother and that's why her mom has made Penryn go to the self-defense classes, survival classes and many, many more. Somehow I had a lot of appreciation for her mother. She's different in all kind of ways but I did like it that she was wondering around in the story. 

Paige is in wheelchair, this from since she was a little kid and also that will be explained in the book. I did like Paige because she was the little girl like all little girls in books. Sweet, understanding, she shares things and cares about every human being. Not like evil kids that sometimes run around in my streets, let's say it like that. She's gone, taken by an Angel and there will be a lot about her in the story itself.

Then of course, there is the Angel. The one that was tortured and terrorized by his own kind and left there on the streets. He's picked up and taken care of by Penryn herself which makes me look up to her because I wouldn't dare go to the enemy and just decide to take him with me. Somehow I already knew he was different than the others, I don't know why I just got that feeling from the start, maybe because he decides to help her? I don't know, I just know that I like him! And it doesn't take all too long before both start making jokes which made me laugh. Keeping in mind they're still enemies but do laugh with each other? Wow! The Angel, whom's name I'm not going to say so there are things you can discover yourself, is amazing. I'm just so happy! This book is amazing. This character is amazing! And in the story you also see they're kind of glad they have each others backs, which made it even more better for me. 

I also devoured it that the story started with action. Most books end with the final pages full of action but here the beginning had it too. The whole scene until her sister was captured made me feel thrilled and full of adrenaline because I wanted them to escape but then they didn't so Penryn decides to take an Angel. It's actually full of action but the biggest part that was surprising to me was the beginning. I never had a first book in a series start with action. Never. And I quite like it!

So the characters are good, the story line is amazing. What can be wrong with it right? I do have a little remark but it also can be that it's just me. I didn't get the ending. Not that I didn't understand it, I did but there happens something that I didn't totally get until my friend Fien explained it to me. As I said it might be just me! And about the ending itself, God I feel so devastated. I didn't want it to end like that. Whether that's positive or negative, is something you can find out yourself! But let's just say I can't wait to buy the second and third book! So if you'd ask me if I recommend this book? I'd say yes. Absolutely yes! It's totally worth the buy.

"Who says I belong to heaven?"

Saturday, November 7, 2015


A while ago I wrote a review on the first book in the Covenant series: Half-blood (Review) and then I waited around for some weeks before I got the second book in the series: Pure by of course, Jennifer L Armentrout. It'll be very hard for me to write a review that doesn't have little silent hints to things that happened in the book. I'll try but that's also why I'll just use the story line explained on the back of the book to picture what'll happen or can be expected in the book. Can't go wrong there!

There is need. And there is Fate. Being destined to become some kind of supernatural electrical outlet isn't exactly awesome --especially when Alexandria's other half is everywhere she goes. Seth's in her training room, outside her classes, and keeps showing up in her bedroom--so not cool. Their connection does have some benefits, like staving off her nightmares of the tragic showdown with her mother, but it has no effect on what Alex feels for the forbidden, pure-blooded Aiden. Or what he will do--and sacrifice-- for her. When daimons infiltrate the Covenants and attack students, the gods send furies--lesser gods determined to eradicate any threat to the Covenants and to the gods, and that includes the Apollyon--and Alex. And if that and hordes of aether-sucking monsters didn't blow bad enough, a mysterious threat seems willing to do anything to neutralize Alex, even if that means forcing Alex into servitude--or killing her. 

I've got one question first for the author: Why did you do this to me? You can't do this to me! Or to all the other readers! This means that I've had a very intense read and yes, that's positive! This. Book. And. Those. Feels! Argh! It was so so good, better than the first one in my opinion. I had so many hair-pulling moments but also very sad and very swoon-worthy and happy ones due to circumstances in the book. Can't spill too much...

The characters are as in the first book amazing! As the back of the book is saying there's an Apollyon and Alex, who will become some kind of supernatural electrical outlet. This book concentrates more on Seth and Alex since they're each others other half (that sounds confusing). You see their bond, connection, how ever you want to call it, grow. And I don't mean like a little, I mean huge growth. I don't know if I'm really bothered about it. I like Seth (this because I read The Return by Jennifer L Armentrout, a sequel that concentrates on Seth) but in this series he scores one moment but the other he loses again with me. He can be understanding because of the circumstances and really be there for Alex but other moments I'm ready to slap him in the face and say "this is enough, Seth!" which kind of is weird...maybe? I think all of us readers have had moments like this. He just irritated me by how he acted or what he said or by his actions but he could never really lose my support. (Sounds even weirder). In my November TBR, I said that I really wanted to know how this story would go and that I was really curious about the characters and their bonds. I really was looking forward in seeing Aiden. But as I said the book concentrated more on the bond between Alex and Seth which meant less Aiden but still, when he was there he caused many feels to hit me. Positive or negative? I don't want to tell because it might reveal too much so sorry, guys! As for Alex, you see her struggle with becoming something she is destined to be. She never knew she'd be this and after being away from the Covenant for 3 years (this is explained in Half-blood) she has a lot of training to catch on with. And more training follows because she's this special supernatural person (I'm not willing to say what she is because it could be a spoiler. That's why I use the terms used on the back of the book!) 

But there comes more pressure on her shoulders when daimons start to infiltrate in the Covenant and start asking a lot of attention and yes, they cause a lot of mayhem in all Covenants over their areas. If that isn't bad enough more bad things start happening and you can see that Alex struggles with some things and also has relapses with aspects that happened in the first book. You can feel the real and sometimes raw emotions in this character, they're not random or anything. They feel real and realistic which I appreciate in books.

Above that, as the back of the book says, there is a treat willing to do anything to get Alex out of the way. Gone. Dead if it has to. The treat comes in slowly and for me it was a real investigation. When things started to happen, I payed attention and made my own suspicions in who it could be. In some moments I even thought it was a whole secret group that was trying to eliminate her because I had so many suspects. It was really nice to after having for example, hair pulling moments with Seth, to be able to fully be in the book and try to solve this mystery which for me felt like something extra. I never thought the things that happened, would happen in this book. I thought we'd mostly concentrate on Alex in training and catching up but not on aether-sucking monsters infiltrating or this mystery the author has created. So Jennifer L Armentrout has really surprised me in this book and I can't wait to get the third book Deity! I also feel like it wasn't the end, it couldn't end like that. Those were the very first thoughts I had when I read the last sentences. I can't say it's really like an open ending but I wanted more, let's just stick to that. 

If you ask me if it's worth the read, I'd say a ten thousand times yes. I'd probably even bring you to a local bookstore so you could get it and then jump in enthusiasm. Yes, it really came that far after reading this book. I enjoyed it so much! And it's only the second book in the series. If it wasn't really clear yet because you got totally lost in my weirdness, I recommend the book! I totally do!

"When the gods are involved, some decisions can never, ever be undone."

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dance on My Grave

So every year we get a list of books out of which we may choose to read for school. This year for my Dutch class, we're assigned to read 4 books of the list. The first one was from the author Floortje Zwigtman and I enjoyed it. My second book was Dance on My Grave by Aidan Chambers

It's about two boys, Henry Robinson and Barry Gorman. They meet at some rather weird circumstances. Let's just say Barry comes to the rescue. They immediately get along and grow a strong friendship. But Barry wants more and Hal (Henry's nickname) already knew it from the start. And they fall in love. It's simple but! Yes there comes a "but".  
One of the two dies and the book concentrates on the thoughts about the one that's left behind. These observations, thoughts and sometimes heartbreaking feelings are revealed in the book by little sketches, his own writings, press clippings and scattered noted of the social worker that has come to observe him. Why? Because he danced on the grave of his beloved one and is now being sued.  These various perspectives contribute to an extraordinarily sensitive portrait of the intensity of first love.

The book is divided in 4 parts, to be honest I really started to enjoy the book from part 3. It's not that I didn't enjoy the first two parts but it just went slow. Too slow in my opinion. He wasn't to the point but talked a lot around what he wanted to say. That changed in part 3 which I'm glad it did.

As for both of the boys, I loved them. You had Henry, who doesn't like his name so he wants everyone to call him Hal. He's insecure about himself, doesn't know what to do with his life and isn't that adventures. Whereas Barry is totally different, Barry's dad died some years ago and ever since then he's working in his father's shop with his mom. Barry is confident, knows how to sail and ride a motorcycle. He loves to go fast and go on adventures. But you know what they say, opposites attract each other and that's shown in this book. 

Another character in the book is the social working. We see her notes in the book too and I liked that they were there. If they weren't there it wouldn't have mattered but the book from is told from past events and then evolves to the present. And her notes make sure you know how she and the judge, teachers, parents think about the situation in the present. How he's doing, how he's coping with it and everything. It gave me as a reader some room for thought. Is it normal how he behaves? Isn't he overreacting when he did that? Is she doing the right thing? Or should she try to talk with him on a different manner? And as I already said there are also sketches in the book, room for detail? Excellent. The sketches are often used to show what he means with what he says and sometimes I found that come in handy because he uses terms I didn't understand. The author also makes use of explanations from dictionaries and gives more information about for example: the Thames. No it's not there likes a lesson, it's presented elegant and plain.
And something I loved the most in the book were the press clippings. There were two press clippings, one where was being told why the character was being sued and at the end, where was explained what was said at the jurisdiction. So you know how it ends, will he go to prison? Will he go to a psychologist? Will he go into an institute? Does he just get help and get supervision? You'll know at the end of the book and I like that. You'll know if all of his hard work (saying what happened and why he did what he did while it was hard for him to talk about it), will have payed off. 

But I do have something negative about the book. The first thing that it went slow but the second thing is that I found it rather weird how the next chapter was indicated. If you entered a new chapter, there was the number of the chapter just at the begin of the first sentence. And it was in the same character size and that did cause irritation within me because I'm the kind of reader that can't stop in the middle of a page. I need to finish a chapter and start with a new page. Here the new 'page' started in the middle of the page and I often didn't know if I was already in a new chapter because I basically read over the number. 

Though if you have this book on your reading list for school or reading list in general: the story is beautiful. I did have an emotional moment because you know he has to dance on the grave but he just has a mental break down while he does it. But I do like the story because it shows you how people react after someone dies, especially when it's your beloved one. A nice book with room for thought and details but with some remarks, not that bad! 
The cover that you see now on the picture isn't the most beautiful one I know, but it's from the library and it seems like it's been tortured by a lot of readers. There are other covers that I liked more but it is what it is. Take what you can get, right? So don't judge the book by it's cover. It's better than that. 

"No matter which one of us both dies first, the other one promises that he will dance on his grave. No but. Just promise it."

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November TBR

A new month, a new stack of books! I'm the kind of girl that just buys a 'big' amount every now and then so I can read for a while (well, most times). I'll now present the books I've recently bought, although I said on Instagram  I was going to wait until I received my other books. Later I realized that I could already do it since I recently bought some books and I really wanted to update my blog. 
I'm planning on reading as much books as possible this month since I couldn't read a lot in October because of school. Let's just get started ha!

Pure by Jennifer L Armentrout

The first book I want to talk about is Pure by Jennifer L. Armentrout. It's the second book in the Covenant series, the first one was Half-blood which I wrote a review on (Half-Blood Review). It's a series of 5 books and has two novella's. I started reading the series because of a good friend, Fien. She's also into the Jennifer L. Armentrout books and she said they were really good and that I should read them. And she's right! If you read Jennifer's books, read these! If not, read these! My friend also wrote a review on Half-blood but also on Pure and the review about the third book is on it's way. (Yeah, she's ahead of me. She contains so much information haha) So I recommend to go check out her blog: My Bookish Rambles by Fien
I'm already head into the book but school made sure I had to stop at page 37, thanks school I love you so (not). I can't tell too much about it because then I'll just spoil the fun! But I'm really excited to read on and to know what'll happen next with Alex and the others like Aiden. Mainly Aiden. But no spoilers. What does really attract me to the book is a sentence that's on the back of the book: 
"When the gods are involved, some decisions can never ever be undone."
Doesn't that sound promising? Then again Jennifer never disappoints. I like her books, easy reads, funny, some romance. What else must there be? 

Angelfall by Susan EE

Angels. It's my weakness. I... I can't explain it differently. The first book that got me into reading was about Angels. Ever since then books with Angels are my favorite ones! This series is also about Angels, logical because of the title right! It's also been recommended by Fien and I've read a lot of reviews that said it was absolutely amazing. I just went with it and bought the book and Oh Holy Alien Babies (saw what I did there? :D) the cover is absolutely stunning. I'm a person that likes to feel things, it's maybe weird. But it has these wings and they've got a feeling, like a texture or something and then I'm just totally happy. It feels good, it looks good and yes, they say it is good. It's again a series and it's the first book in a series of three. 
"It has been six weeks since the Angels returned to earth and destroyed the world as we know it. When they fly away with a helpless little girl, her sister Penryn will do anything to get her back." It sounds like it's going to be a whole adventure which I'm totally for. I've also read some bits and pieces in it because I couldn't contain myself (as usual) and from what I've read, it sounds very thrilling. I think the adventure will be underlined in this book and also finding her sister. I'm not sure if it'll be like that and I'll keep you guys posted! If anyone has some thoughts that they want to share about this book, please do!

"They have arrived..."

Because you'll never meet me by Leah Thomas

I got this book just today and it's kind of a funny story. I met up with two of my friends to go to the city so one of my friends could find a gift for his girlfriend. We went in two bookstores because my other friend likes to read too and we wanted to go inside. Nothing. Literally nothing in my hands when I came out because I said in myself: no. You just bought 3 books that are on the way. We went into another store, a media store. I'm so sorry wallet, I just couldn't contain myself. It's been on my list for some months now and I saw it, I grabbed it and I kind of screamed my friend's name. I was like: "Look! Look!" and yes, that's how I got this book. I think we've all had this before! Anyways what it's about: It's basically about two boys. One of the boys has a weak heart and now has a electronic pacemaker but the other boy is allergic to electricity. So they don't chat through WiFi or mail but just write letters to each other all the time, knowing they'll never meet because one of them would die if they did. Can you imagine? You have a friend but you can't meet because you can die or you lose your friend. But on the other hand you really want to see him! But that's not all there is to the story, their bond becomes stronger because both of them struggle with life. Losing a friend, being bullied in school. Those are things that'll come presented when you read the book. So I'm really excited because I got so many questions like "how did they meet?" "will they ever meet in real life?" "will both of them die because they think that's fair and then they did see each other before they died?" The latter doesn't sound all that logical but I'm bracing myself for a very emotional (positive or negative? I'll keep you posted!) book. But I'm so excited!

"There are truths you can only tell a stranger"

Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter 

The last book I want to announce in my November TBR is Alice in Zombieland. I've never heard of the writer before, I didn't find the book on Goodreads  but also this time the book has been recommended by someone I know. My niece, Marika, is also into books and this summer she was really hyped about this book series. The third book was coming out last September so she was talking about it and read the books again. She said "hey, you should definitely read these. They're good!" so yesterday, I went to their home to pick up my brother and sister and asked if I could lend the first book. I could see she was happy that I asked! And I'm happy that I asked because I read the first chapter and it is indeed good. She says it'll only get better. I'm curious if there are similarities with the Alice in Wonderland tale like you have Cinder and Scarlet that sometimes refer to Cinderella and Red Riding Hood. 
The back of the books says: "If anyone had told Alice Bell that her entire life would change course between one heartbeat and the next, she would have laughed. From blissful to tragic, innocent to ruined? Please. But that's all it took. One heartbeat. A blink, a breath, a second, and everything she knew and loved was gone. Her father was right. The monsters are real. To avenge her family, Ali must learn to fight the undead. To survive, she must learn to trust the baddest of the bad boys, Cole Holland. But Cole has secrets of his own, and if Ali isn't careful, those secrets might just prove to be more dangerous than the zombies." So it's about Zombies and I'm curious if I'll like that because I'm not
into Vampires either so I wonder if it'll go to the "appreciated in books"-side or the "rather not in books"-side. But like I said the first chapter is really good so it might say something about the rest of the book. And also... Can I just ask you to pay attention to that cover! Darkness and then you have Alice in a blue dress! And see those details around her! The back, which you can't see on here has a white rabbit (aha, first reference to Alice in Wonderland). And if you ditch the jacket, it's so nice. I like the simplicity of the hardcover without the jacket and the insides of the book have room for details. Another thing I like is the name of the series: "The White Rabbit Chronicles". I like the sound of that! As soon as the book is done, I'll write a review about it. So stay tuned!

"Off with their head"
"Hun koppen eraf"

So those were the four books I recently bought or am lending and which I'll hopefully finish this month! But there are 3 more books coming this way and I'm very excited about those too so if they're here I will talk about those. But for now I have enough books to entertain me for this November. If you have any recommendations or you just have something to say, don't hesitate to leave it in the comments. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Lola and the Boy Next Door

I think every girl dreams about a boy next door. A best friend, maybe even more than just a friend and that’s why I was so curious about: Lola and the boy next door by Stephanie Perkins. I wanted to know if it was just as pleasant as in my dreams. And I also read the book because it was the second book in the series of Stephanie Perkins. The first one is Anna and the French Kiss which I also wrote a review on. You kind find that one here: Anna and the French Kiss Review
So what it is about: Lola and a boy next door. It’s kind of obvious right? But there’s more to the story. Lola Nolan is the daughter of a gay couple and her life is pretty perfect. She loves designing but not in just a normal shirt or a normal dress. Lola likes it a little more... different. The more expressive the outfit, which basically means more sparkles, more wild, the better the outfit will be. This causes a lot of attention and comments from bystanders and not always the positive kind of comments. But Lola doesn’t care, her parents love her, she loves herself and her rocker boyfriend loves her just the way she is. Right? 
But the perfect life starts to shake when the Bell twins come back. There was a time that Cricket and Calliope lived in the neighborhood but they moved some years ago. It left Lola a broken heart and she thought she was over it until Cricket comes back into her life. Lola must finally face up to a lifetime of feelings for the boy next door. 
I liked the book. I didn’t love it like I loved Anna and the French Kiss but it was okay for me. I enjoyed that there was a gay couple. I haven’t read a book where the parents are two dads or two moms and I found it very refreshing. Also it’s not that the two dads their personality was the same. They each had their own strengths and weaknesses. 
Lola, I couldn’t really identify with her. I’ve had moments in the book where I was like wow! And where I was surprised and glad I was reading the book anyway but some parts with Lola were not necessarily boring but maybe a little bit dreadful. I did like that she has this expressive personality and that she doesn’t care about what others think. Stephanie does underline this multiple times which made it seem for me that there was a life lesson in it. And also that I find very refreshing!
As for Cricket, he wasn’t the Étienne from Anna and he wouldn’t be my best book boyfriend either but he wasn’t wrong. He is smart, thoughtful and funny but I think it could’ve been a much more interesting character if there was more about his inventions. 
The story line was interesting. It’s not pure romance and I did have some frustration with some parts but overall: it wasn’t that bad. I’m not saying I didn’t like it because I did. I enjoyed it but I just didn’t love it as much as I did Anna and the French Kiss. Personal tastes is what you can call it. It was harder for me to identify with this character than with Anna. Also I started to enjoy it even more when the end was near, there are also very thoughtful and nice passages! So I do recommend the book but if I had to choose between Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door: I’d choose Anna's story. I enjoyed that one just better. Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read it! Or that I think that you’re wrong when you like Lola better than Anna! It’s just personal thoughts. 
If you haven’t read these books and you want to read them but you can identify more with Lola or you just like the story better: You can read Lola first or only Lola. But mind that as well in this book as in the third (because yes there is a third book), there will be references to Anna and the French kiss. These references DO CONTAIN SPOILERS! So if you’re planning on reading all 3 books, I highly recommend reading them in the order they’ve been published. Unless you’re like ‘Hey, I don’t mind that. I just want to read this one first and then that one, as I please.’ I didn’t read them in the order they’ve been published. Simply because I wanted to read Anna in Paris so I started with the latter in the series because the story sounded more exciting than Lola's. So I’ve been spoiled for Anna. That kind of sucked but also didn’t because I love it that the writer makes the other characters reappear but if you didn’t read it in the ‘right’ order: you’ve been spoiled for the other books. So beware!

"Could the boy from Lola’s past be the love of her future?" 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Anna and the French Kiss

My eye was on this book for a long while and last year I was going to Paris. It would’ve been the perfect situation: I'm in Paris with a book about Paris. It was also reality, I opened my suitcase and there it was: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. My parents bought it for my birthday and it was with me in Paris.

Anna’s moving to Paris! Her dad decides to send her 4383 miles away and left her there alone. Starting on the School of America in Paris, Anna finds herself making new friends despite of her not speaking a word of French. One of those friends is Étienne but everyone calls him St. Clair. He’s the boy from the floor above and sadly has a girlfriend. Soon Anna finds herself swooning for his charm in the city of romance. The only remaining question is will she end with a French kiss? 
This book was not what I expected! It was better than I expected. I thought that it was going to be a total romance, swooning over the main characters and wishing you’d find a guy like Étienne. Well the latter is correct but it wasn’t just romance. It were frustrations and funny moments all combined with the romance part. Which I love!
The characters were so good! Anna can’t speak any French which sometimes make it so awkward for her but so funny for us to see how she struggles to get what she wants. Speaking of her funny side, she’s also very funny when she’s frustrated or angry. That makes it more interesting for the reader, because we can laugh a lot during the book. 
Étienne? For Christ’s sake he’s just adorable! Smart and maybe a little mysterious which AGAIN make it such a good book. You can see how he likes being friends with Anna and enjoys helping her out with her lack of French. You see them bonding and I really liked that in the story.
Also since it’s about Paris, we get to see a lot of the city of lights itself. Anna goes exploring and tells about how it all looks like, what it makes her feel like. Those details make you feel like you’re really there with her. I was in Paris and I could see so many similarities which made me want to read more because it made me think about the book. Anna and the French kiss just makes you want to go to Paris. 
If you’re looking for a read during a holiday in France? I recommend this book but also if you’re seeking for an escape of your own boring city. This book will take you away on a voyage full of beautiful culture, romance, funny moments and an unexpected ending.

“I wish for the thing that is best for me.”