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Sunday, January 31, 2016


I'm going to talk about a book that was very surprising and left me with so many feels! Switched by Amanda Hocking. I've never read a book written by this author, so I was really curious to how I was going to feel about it... 

Wendy Everly was only six-years-old when her mother tried to kill her. She was so convinced that Wendy wasn't hers, that she was a monster and that she'll only mean trouble. Ever since that day her older brother Matt and her aunt Maggie have been taking care of her. Making sure their mother can't lay one finger on Wendy ever again. 
It isn't until years later that Wendy finds out that her mother might've been right all along. Together with Finn Holmes, Wendy tries to find out exactly who she is in a world she never knew existed. But she's not sure she wants to be a part of it...

First of all, I want to say that Amanda Hocking really left an impression. She really surprised me with this book in a way I never thought it would! I've had other books on my reading list by her, but never dared to take one with me in the bookstore. It wasn't until some weeks ago that I decided it was time to discover a new world that a new writer created... And God, I was left in awe! 

The first character I want to discuss is Wendy. I have to say that in the beginning I thought it really was a very weird name. I'm the kind of reader that always looks at the names of the main characters and their age, etc. But when they tell you the meaning, it isn't that weird at all. The meaning of it makes this so special! But that's not the only special thing to Wendy...

Wendy herself is special and who she really is made me speechless. I never saw this coming and I just closed the book, and thought about it. I've never read any book where the main character is that. And first I had the same reaction as Wendy, I was shocked! But then so many pieces fell into place and I started to understand that it isn't as I had thought. As for her characteristics, she's really stubborn and does get irritated very fast by strangers but on the other hand she's also very insecure. Insecure in a way that she feels like she doesn't belong. And those are all a consequence of her mother! Her mom told her she was a monster and she shouldn't be here and that's why she got so insecure in the first place. I really liked Wendy a lot, I had the same reactions as her, I'd do the same actions as her, so I really felt connected with this character! 

As for her brother, he's so cute! He's quiet some older but since the day where her mother tried to kill her, he's been really caring. You could really see that they have a special bond and that they'd never leave each other's sides. What I liked most about Matt is that he really is the protective guy. When Wendy says the name 'Finn Holmes', Matt really starts to doubt about what this boy's intentions are. You really see that he is the older one of the two and I really adored him from the start! Especially because he tries to protect her from their mom and tries to make Wendy feel like she belongs. 

Finn is like Matt, in my opinion. He'll take care of Wendy and stand by her in this new world but that's because of other reasons. I did like his presence a lot, he tries to understand Wendy and also tries to make her belong. So I do see the resemblances with her older brother. Still I felt like he was different in other aspects! 

He isn't like Wendy, he's something else and it's really well explained in the book. That really made me think about where he might be in the hierarchy of it all and what his relationship was with other characters in this new world. If I have to choose to which character surprised me the most, it'll be Finn. You'd never expect anything with him because he tries to hide what he thinks or feels. But he is really protective and will go to the end of the world to save the people that he cares for. 

Now the plot... The awesome plot! This book developed itself surprisingly different than I had in mind. I never thought it would be like this, my thoughts didn't even come close to what this all meant. So it sure did have the surprise factor! 

I did think that the mystery to who Wendy is was discovered really soon. And as in previous books, it just happened without any lead to it. Finn is there, Wendy is there and boom we know who she is! It all happened so fast and at a very fast pace that in the beginning I was doubting if I'd ever finish it or even would buy the second book in this series. But no panic! It was only to this certain part that everything went at a high pace, which I think is a little sad but then again the rest of the book made up for it! 

I can't really tell all that much other than you keep getting surprised. When I thought I new everything there has to be known, there was another bewilderment to for example one of the characters I didn't talk about. But the biggest surprise next to who Wendy is, gave me the most feels... in a negative way.

There comes a character which was really important because it also supports the story line and I hated this character. I'm sure that was how it was supposed to go, I'm  a 100% certain of it! I just hated it and felt irritated by it because this character had so much influence on the other characters their behavior and characters! But I was really keen on the presence of this character because it made the story even better! It created the feels in this book. 

Just one thing that I didn't like is that Matt and Maggie, her aunt, are forgotten really soon in the book. Wendy discovers a new world and leaves everything else behind so also her family. I was heartbroken by it, I didn't want Matt to leave... I just loved Matt so much! And then there doesn't come any more attention to them which I think is really, really sad! 

The end battle was epic, the characters were absolutely the bomb and I want the second book in this series right now! If I wasn't convinced of Amanda Hocking, I am now. Her style is fluent and isn't difficult to read. The story really captures you and makes you want to read on. It also wasn't a really thick book so you can easily read it in one day. I really recommend this book to all of you if you want a big surprise! And when I mean big, I mean really big and something very special!

“Maybe that last part was the proof that my mother was right. They only gave, and I only took.”

Friday, January 29, 2016

The Destiny of Violet and Luke

This one is a book that is in a series I've already talked about! The coincidence series by Jessica Sorensen! I talked about the first book in this series some weeks ago which was The coincidence of Callie and Kayden. One book later in this series (#3), we get this pretty one: The Destiny of Violet and Luke by Jessica Sorensen!

Luke Price is known as a real womanizer, from one women he goes to another. He might be tough on the outside but there's so much more to him. He wants control, he needs order and what he wishes the most are distractions. Those are the only things that can mute the memories of his childhood. He no longer has the need to remember that period of his life, but the past always haunts you down...

Violet Hayes life is a mess. Entangled in drugs affairs and neglect, she only has nightmares. Violet grew up in many foster homes while being haunted by her parents' unsolved murders. She needs closure but there is none and the wound just keeps getting ripped open. To survive in this awful world, she doesn't allow herself to feel anything and has to keep distance from everyone... 

Both teenagers find each other and instantly hate each other, yet they can't seem to stay away from one another. There is no way of fighting destiny, and both start to open up and feel things they've never felt before. Never wanted to feel before or even allowed. Together they try to find a way and discover how similar they really are. But what one must never forget is that the past always haunts you down... 

I enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed The Coincidence by Callie and Kayden, but these two aren't really comparable to each other... yet Jessica Sorensen did it again! This book was so stunning and so deep that I just kept reading! 

The first things I heard about this trilogy about Violet and Luke was that I'd hate reading it because of Luke. It was just the same criticism as I said in the other review, but from what I also read on the back of the book I first wasn't convinced I'd want to read this. Yet as every other book I check out and aren't that convinced about... it comes back. It haunts me and then I decide to give it a chance anyway. And I'm glad I gave this a chance because it was so worth it! 

As I said this was really different to The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden and we already get to see that in the way the characters behave. The main female character, Violet, isn't anything like Callie. Callie was the silent one, introverted but Violet is... hateful. She hates everything, she is irritated very easily. What I liked most about Violet was the fact that because of all that, she stood up for herself. She bites (back). 

We know she has had a very bad childhood, both her parents were murdered and we really see how she acts because of that, what insecurities she hides behind her irritation. But from the start, I was convinced that she wasn't all about that tough love. Throughout the story we get to know the real Violet and I was happy that we could see that transformation and how she has changed.

As for Luke, he's the arrogant one. The bastard, I'd say in comparison with Kyle. Kyle is the team player, Luke needs his control. I was really curious to what has happened in his childhood that made him the man he is now. There was just something about Luke that I couldn't shake. I just had the need to find out how he really acts and if he's really been behaving like this for his whole life. But also Luke has his secrets, which got me more curious.

The good thing was that we already have seen sides from Luke in the Coincidence of Callie and Kayden, so that added more to my curiosity! I can say that I did like him from the start, whereas with Violet I wasn't all too sure but she grew on me eventually.  

When both collided with each other, I was so amused. The way they act with each other, how they react and such is just too amusing! I did got that both of them were really irritated by each other and were hateful. That part really shows that both need control and order but also distance from other people. They don't want to get burned a second time. You really see their characteristics in action and that's what I loved most in this book. 

Then the plot, it was not how I thought it would be. Many warn you because Luke is a womanizer and that this will have bad influences on the language and how this book would develop but again, I didn't find anything of that leading to a bad book. 

On the contrary, this book really kept your attention. And I think this statement was perfect with this book: 'Opposites attract each other'. There's a constant pushing and pulling, distance and longing and that kept this plot really exciting. Who is going to give in first? How is the other one going to react on this? Many questions arise but all do get answered. 

I just enjoyed this book so much because both characters are so different from what I expected them to be but also from the books I've read so far. I've never had a book where two could dislike and like each other so much that it might end well or end badly. That was another thing that I was really astonished about, would there be a good ending? A happy ending? Sometimes it leads to that, but others times you aren't that convinced anymore. It's another factor that really kept me reading along! 

And for the ending... It was VERY surprising but you'll have to read for yourself. But the whole plot isn't as realistic to me as the story of Callie and Kayden was. It's still something you can connect with, and still very rational but I found Callie and Kayden just a bit more 'normal'. That doesn't make this book bad of course, it's just a little thing I thought!

As I already said before: Jessica Sorensen did it again! I'm glad I gave this book a shot and didn't let it go because I got scared off by the bad comments on this book. If you read The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden and want to read more by Jessica Sorensen but still something totally opposite? This is your book! 

A little remark, if you don't want to read the Coincidence of Callie and Kayden, you can start this book and only read the story of Violet and Luke. If you do want to read Callie and Kayden's story, I recommend you reading it in the order that Goodreads gives you which you can find HERE. I only say this because if you don't read them all in the order like I did, you get spoiled! I just read the trilogy of Callie and Kayden first and then the trilogy of Violet and Luke, and I got spoiled big time! This is because the stories are woven together and the characters are seen in the other stories during this series of 7 books! So watch out for the spoilers!

“Even though the odds are in my favor, doesn’t mean they’ll end up that way. First rule of cards. And of life.” 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Finding Sky

As you might have seen in my blog post about the Book Feast 2015, I had bought 4 books: The Hunger Games trilogy and the Dutch version of Finding Sky. This post will be all about my feelings towards the book Finding Sky by Joss Stirling!

8314214When English Sky moves to America with her artistic parents, things change when she gets a glimpse of Bad Boy Zed. She can't seem to get him out of her head... Literally. He talks to her with his thoughts. He knows what she's thinking. Sky doesn't believe he can do such things, she think she's going crazy! Especially when he tells her they need to be together, that it's their destiny. He is the boy she will love forever. Dark shadows from the past arise but a new devil threatens her future. Sky must face everything she never wanted to face.

First and foremost our main character Sky. Sky did have a really hard past that she also tries to forget. And because of that past she's very insecure and think she's stupid and bad for everyone. Her new arrival in America doesn't really help with it, her new school students start laughing with her. I really felt with her when she was feeling this insecure and this broken but luckily there comes a friend along the way! She's also very artistic but in a different way than her parents. Sky tries to give away her emotions through music, that's something I was a great fan of. Books that use music are one of my favorites because I'm also a great music junk! 

Of course there's more to Sky than only that... Her past is really tragic and it will be shown and explained throughout the story which I was thankful for. I kept on waiting for more to her past because I had my own suspicions after she gave some clues. She also seems to struggle with seeing things she thinks aren't there. That's what I loved most about this story, her imagination that might be real, might not be real. Also we are left in the dark for a while about what is real to her imagination.

As for the Bad Boy Zed, he was some arrogant bastard when I met him in the story! I felt like I could really hate him but I did LOVE his brothers! I don't want to get into detail too much because I think it would be more fun if you discovered it for yourselves. But they're really different from Zed and are protective over their family. It's by the way, a really big family! But I loved each and everyone of his brothers, even if some were more static and others more funny or mysterious. That's what I adored most that, they were all so different but still some are more alike than others. 

Then he changes my mind because suddenly he tries to scare people and then he's being a creep by telling all sorts of things to Sky like 'We're meant to be together',... That's some serious weirdness! Especially when there wasn't even a hint that this was going to happen. It just... happened? And that's what I thought was sad because I think it would've had more effect on me when there was some kind of hint he was for example following her and then blocking her and THEN tell her all this random things. Unfortunately there wasn't anything dramatic or thrilling to the part where he says they belong together. 

But when Sky and Zed cross each others pads before this weird event, I did think that Seth was apart from arrogant, really scary and maybe even dangerous! He just does things that make you think he might be the evil one. And so the mystery begins... Is he the evil one? What does he really want with Sky? But most importantly can we trust him with his intentions?

I only fell connected with some characters at some points of the story. I think Sky was the best of them all because she had the most development in her character, to my opinion. The others were nice but there wasn't really something that left me speechless. 

Now, the plot was okay. I can't say that it wasn't predictable because it was. There was romance, there was mystery and thrill so that kind of made up for the predictable part in this book. Although I think the romance at some points was a little bit overdone and not realistic anymore. That because there's a sudden change and that character isn't acting as it was before. It really took away the romance in my opinion, but it did get better further in the story. 

What I was very fond of in the story was that when you had longer parts where nothing happened, you really got surprised with something mysterious or thrilling. I never saw it coming that it was going to happen 'now' or 'what' was going to happen. The mystery around the evil past and the evil threatening our main character Sky, wasn't predictable which I was happy about. It also stayed a mystery for a longer period. That while the mystery around Zed his crazy talk and aspects about Sky were told sooner in this story. I don't know if I'm really bothered about that because there was a greater mystery roaming around. 

One thing I really hated at one point in this story where her parents. In the beginning I thought they were really nice and all but at a certain point while you're reading it's as if they don't know Sky is alive. They just start planning things, even if she doesn't want it, and go with the flow. I didn't like it because in the beginning they talk a lot with Sky, they consider things as a family. Then they just acted instead of think. It really bothered me that they had this sudden change because later on they're back to normal. I don't know if it was Joss Stirling's intention or not but it just bothered me, especially after they were so nice and protective.

Overall this book was an okay read. I did like reading the book but I had more expectations. My niece thought it was a great book so I was already assuming some things. I'm glad I read the book because it was a nice change and I also fell in love with some parts but for me, I'm sure there are better books. It's not necessarily a bad book, it was good but I wasn't left speechless at the end. 

"You have half our gifts, I have the other..."

Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Thousand Pieces of You

My friend, Fien recommended the book A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Grey. I must say I was really impressed with the cover but did have some difficulties within the story. I still enjoyed the book but let's say that for me, it wasn't an easy read!

Marguerite Caine has very impressive parents. Both are the inventors of the device called the Firebird. It allows people to jump into other universes, other dimensions... Everything was going well until her father is murdered and Marguerite decides to go after the killer: Paul, one handsome, enigmatic assistant. He escaped by jumping into another dimension which also makes sure he can't be touched by the law. 
She refuses to let him walk out of this after breaking her whole family. Racing after Paul, she leaps into another version of herself. Seeing differences but also many similarities in her new self and new environment. But she also meets the other versions of the people she knows, including Paul. Seeing all his versions in all these universes, Marguerite starts to question if he's the killer. Soon she finds out the truth to what happened and who's responsible for her broken family... And it's nothing like she expected. 

First thing I want to say is that I was so happy that I finally found a book where it's possible to travel through dimensions. I remember that there was a film where people could jump from one place to another and I loved that movie! This was, in my eyes, something similar! Only they didn't jump from one city to another but from one universe to another one. 

What did I think about Marguerite... I think she's quiet the courageous girl now, isn't she? Her dad is killed and instead of staying with her family to support each other, she goes after the killer Paul! Kill Paul Markov! I really had respect for that, but throughout the story we do see she's really heartbroken. In the beginning of the book she's really driven by rage and anger which I can't blame her for. The anger she felt did reach me as a reader, I hated Paul from the start! 

Soon there's another boy and I'm really feeling him and think he's amazing. He cares for Meg, he wants to protect her. But he also felt a strong bond with her father since he was also one of his assistants. He's arrogant and flirty, he makes mistakes but you really see other sides to this character and I fell instantly in love with him. For me there was a ship... I wanted him and Meg to be together because it seemed to work. He took care of her no matter what. He'd never endanger her and I really appreciated that in him.

It doesn't take long before I see my ship sinking though, like the Titanic: tragically and painful. I really hoped these two characters were going to get together but because of some events, he became one of my suspects in the family tragedy. And when something like that happens, I can't ship Meg with a maybe-evil-one, right?

Marguerite starts to doubt to everything she finds out in these different universes. To be honest I also became very confused to what I needed to believe and what might be lies. I liked it that this story also gave you doubts and made you read along to find out if you're right or wrong. 

Throughout the story I had to change my opinion on multiple characters and it doesn't take long before we reach a plot twist! One I honestly didn't see coming, I was so surprised and it only awakened more questions to what's really going on! But then there comes another plot twist and that one surprised me but also broke my tiny heart! And all that because of the evil one, there goes the last of one of my ship... forever... I had many ships in this book but it sucks to see them sinking.

As for the different universes they jump into... It's normal that there are universes you don't like as much as others. One of the universes was boring in my opinion because it felt like her read world, her universe. But there was 1 dimension I was absolutely happy with and also very interested! And that whole dimension even picked up names from there and made references to a movie I watched as a kid and absolutely LOVED! 

So that dimension was the best of them all in my opinion, not only because it was very accurate and right but also because it's where they stay the longest. And because you stay that long in one universe, it's not possible for nothing to happen. So many things enroll and I loved every bit of it! So way to go, Claudia Grey!

But now I also need to say there are quiet some things I didn't comprehend. For me it was very difficult to get into the story and it took me a while to get through the first 100 pages. This due to many things I didn't understand. Scientific aspects or like how the Firebird really works...

The Firebird is one of the key things in this story, they're important yet sometimes I wished there was more explanation to it. When events happen it didn't always seem as logic with the little information we got in the beginning of the book. So I did wish more details to how this all really worked! 

And because of the lack of info, I had one transition I didn't think was possible and really left me more confused on what was real and what wasn't possible. I think that's really a pity because it made it a little less pleasant to me and more confusing. 

Even though I had some difficulties with this book I still want to give it a 4 out of 5 stars because there were many pleasant parts, especially the one dimension I was a great fan of. It also might be something very personal, for me it just was hard to understand all this scientific aspects and the technical parts but besides that this book was good. It is mixed with romance, betrayal, mystery and adventure and for that it left a great impression on me.

It is not the best book I've read, that I think, but I still read the second book to this series because I am curious to what might happen now. This book left an impression! 

"A thousand lives. A thousand possibilities. One Fate."

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Brightest Kind of Darkness

Another first one in a series that I'm absolutely in love with is by PT Michelle: Brightest Kind of Darkness! The cover is so gorgeous in my opinion, the brightness of the dress in contrast with the darkness of the forest. But of course the story was fantastic too...

As normal teenagers Nara Collins goes to school and makes homework. You'd think she's an average teenager but she isn't. Nara is unique in a way other teenagers can only dream of! She dreams the events of the following day. But not all is rosy... 
She tries to avoid the special gift until she dreams a future she absolutely can't ignore. By preventing that future to happen, she's losing her ability while people at school are suddenly being injured at an unusually high rate. Nara tries to stop interfering with the future but also has the need to stop what's happening. Then she meets Ethan Harris, a mysterious loner who seems to understand her. Both teenagers forge an irresistible connection, but as their relationship heats up, so do her questions about his influence in this all...

This book was nothing what I expected, this was so much better! The special gift, the mystery and the feels were all brought to one cohesive package of wow. It weren't only the main characters but also the side characters that made it this good to me. 

The first character I'll have a little talk about is Nara Collins, better known as Inara Collins. Her gift was really weird the first time I read about it. I was still a little confused on how it actually worked and if she really saw the whole day. Luckily for the readers, the author carefully explains how this whole magical talent works which I was very happy about. For me she also wasn't really the normal school girl, she was really special. She has a bad past where she doesn't want to talk about with strangers or her mother for that matter. But she also did things differently, she wasn't really interested in boys and didn't speculate with her best friend. 

The thing I did predict a bit was that she keeps her ability a secret, even for her best friend. I wasn't really bothered because I already knew it was going to take such a turn and because the mystery around the ability is far more important to me. I could identify myself with the character because she isn't one to speak up. Due to her ability she's a little bit more calm and at times paranoid or shy. 

When her ability starts to fade after that one night, you do see she's a little bit freaked out. She could always depend on knowing the future for a very long time so it really changes her life. She also explain what consequences it has on the life she's living and how she has to deal with it for the time being. It was a huge shocker to me that her ability COULD fade which only gave me more questions on what was happening. 

As for Ethan Harris... He's the biggest mystery of them all! We get to see him pretty soon in the story which I wasn't really expecting. We also see him in very weird circumstances which only draws more mystery to this boy. Some of the mystery does get answered but for me there were still a lot of question marks around this character which is why I desperately wanted the second book! The thing about Ethan is that we don't know much about him. He's weird, he's a loner and very quiet and because there are so many questions toward this character, he gets the mysterious factor! You don't know if he's someone good or if he's the bad guy and I really liked it that there was this constant doubt about him. 

A side character I really want to discuss is Nara's aunt. I really like it that her aunt plays some role in this story because she gives the reader a time-out of all the mystery. Her aunt is actually really funny but can also be very serious when it comes to Nara being sad or irritated. They're really close and I was a big fan of that in this book! 

As for the plot, I think it's kind of obvious that it's really mysterious but it keeps you on the tip of your toes! I had a certain point in the book where I thought Ethan was the bad guy, a point where I thought her aunt was the bad guy or even her best friend. I always had my suspicions, especially when there are weird things that start to happen. 

I do think that some parts were a little bit predictable but I'm not really bothered about it because there was so much mystery around who Ethan was and what his role was in all of this. But also about the ability of Inara and the connection with many people getting hurt. So I wouldn't say it is a bad book because certain parts were obviously going to happen.
Another little negative remark is that I sometimes felt like like there was a bit too much mystery and not something else, I did still enjoy the book but I think if there was more to it than only that it really would have been even better!

It might also be a little weird to say this but I also liked the fond in this book. It made it for me easier to read smoothly but it might also be that smooth because of the author! It was my first book to read by PT Michelle but after the ending, I was sure I needed to read the second book by her in this seriesAnd maybe even other books by her. My first experience with her is that she's really good in writing with mystery and keeping the readers on an edge because it really worked with me!

I recommend this book to everybody who wants a thrilling yet special read! Sink in the story of Inara and her special gift. I can tell you, you'll have your own questions according to some events that happen and because of that you'll only want to read on in this book. This series has already 4 books in it and the fifth one is on it's way, called Awaken. The transition from book 1 to book 2 was a bit disturbing to me and the second book wasn't as good as the first one in my opinion! But if you liked the first one, keep going because the 3th and 4th are much, much better! 

"Nothing makes you appreciate life more then when you wake up form a nightmare and realize it was just that. It's a good reality check."

Monday, January 18, 2016

End of days

On my TBR list was also the end of this Angelfall-series: End of days by Susan EE. Can we all take a minute to listen to what I have to say? I declare this book, the best of all 3 books in this trilogy! I am so happy that my friend Fien recommended this amazing Trilogy!

Penryn is worried to what has happened to her sister. As she sets off in search of answers, a startling revelation about the past unleashes dark forces that threaten them all. Both humans and angels are in danger and both are trying to run from what might happen. As unlikely alliances form and strategies shift, who will emerge victorious? The human race might even become nothing more than history while the Angels are debating what to do next. Also Penryn feels that the end of days is nearing but she also must choose: Run or run toward her own kind and fight with them one last time? 

This review won't be very long only because I feel like I can only spoil things. It's the conclusion to this trilogy and I don't think I wanted that! It's the end people, it's done now I've read this but I can tell you that this is the best Angel-alike series that I have read in a very, very long time. And the book went out with a bang! 

The characters are still the same. We still have the very strong Penryn and her fighting skills, which I still adore! Her fighting skills and instinct to stay alive and find her sister really made this an unique read. I like it when authors use strong women that don't always need help from others. Penryn is therefore the best idol for many teenagers, well at least she is for me! 
I did miss her mom a bit in the beginning! When she finally came during some parts I was totally freaked out because her mom was acting crazy. In the other books she either was absent or more lovable but here she was a mix of all kind of things. I still love her mother though! She might have been crazy at times (in either a positive or negative way, I let you fill in the dots) but I did like it that she was part of this book. In many other books the parents are always absent going on 'trips'. Her mother really contributed to the story, although that's how I see it. 
As for her sister Paige, she really surprised me in this book. When I thought she was going to go as crazy as her mother because there are crazy times, she did it differently. I can't go into detail too much but let's just say I did like her. 

The angels... they were as perfect as always! This might be by angel-obsessed side talking now... But next to my crazy side, I've felt many emotions. The plot was amazing and the end battle as they call it was... Stunning. Amazing. Beautiful. I can't use one word to describe it and yes, the end really left me speechless! 

I think it's clear that I really, really recommend this book to everyone who wants strong characters and an emotional, thrilling loaded plot! I can't believe this is the end though... It's over you know, I need to find another book series with Angels because it's over. I wish there were more books in this series but then again at some point it must get to an end! This series gave it all to me, I'm glad I read it! Thanks Fien for recommending! 

“Power is best held by the ones who don’t want it.” 

Thursday, January 14, 2016


I'm really happy to review this book because it really gave me what it promised! I'm talking about the book: Lobsters by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison. I have seen this book in the bookstore in many, many occasions but only decided to buy it two weeks ago. The book really attracted me each and every time in the bookstore because (the Dutch edition) is very bright, intense and flashy as you can see on the photos BUT I wasn't all too sure about the content...

Hannah and Sam don't want to be virgins any longer when they go to university. That means they've got only one summer left to find the one and to reach that mile-stone. It all doesn't go as easy as both had planned, especially when you feel like your friends are better at everything. Hannah feels less beautiful and not worthy of a boy while Sam struggles to be, according to his friends, "a real man". Both must navigate social misunderstandings, the plotting of well-meaning friends, and their own fears of being virgins for ever to find happiness. And in the end, it all boils down to love.

Both the Dutch and English editions promise to give you a "social awkward love story". When I saw that for the first time, I was very curious in what way this could be awkward. As I said before, I wasn't all to sure if I wanted to read this book because of the content. It seemed (on the Dutch edition) as if it was going to focus a hell of a lot on the 'virgins' part which I really wasn't that interested in.

So how did I end up with this book? I can't say that I wasn't attracted to the book. It's flashy cover and part of the content really made me want to read it. The cool thing on the Dutch version is that they try to make you 'buy' it. On the back of the book it says "Not convinced yet? Read pages 42-43." And of course, I did! That really took me over the edge and made me take the book with me. Did I regret buying it? Was it really concentrated on the "virgins" part? Not. At. All.

I haven't laughed this hard with a book since a while! So I'm already warning you, if you read this book in public environments people will stare at you because you laugh. Hard. It was just how the writers wrote particular sentences. Sometimes you'd get the feeling that it maybe wasn't meant like that but you laughed with it anyway. Sometimes the drama and jealousy would've been told with very funny aspects and on a very, very funny way!

Speaking of drama, as in every lover story there's the drama with the drama queens, drama kings! The first character I'd like to discuss therefore is Stella. I'm going to be very blunt now but I didn't like her at all. She really acted like she was the center of it all, she also was a drama queen I can't put it into words! I just didn't like her because sometimes, even if she meant well, she just seemed so mean. If you have read the story you might understand!

Hannah is one of the main characters with whom I really could connect. The exams just passed and at times she was really stressed to find out the outcome of it all. She's also very shy and introvert. Stella is one of her best friends but because Stella is such a drama queen, Hannah feels like she's less than her. And not only on one particular aspect but on many, that we see throughout the story. I really liked Hannah a lot! It's not that I had 'awkward' moments with her but...

I did have awkward moments with the other main character: Sam. He's just so funny! But because of that he sometimes makes many situations awkward. Other than that, Sam's really sweet, calm and very self conscious. He also feels that his other friends are more like a man than he is because he's still a virgin. 

As for another friend that feels like he's the man: Robin. What did I think about him? He was Stella but than less dramatic and mean. He really did want all the best for his friends even though he sometimes forgot that he's not the most important all the time. He's also really funny but also stubborn and vain but those are the things I appreciated the most with Robin. These aspects about him really gave more fun to the story and more awkward to the situations. 

As for the plot it was as I already have said a thousand times in this review, very funny! Also they give you a reason why the book is called "Lobsters", I thought it was weird... They used it as a design above each chapter and it was the title... but they explain which I found very good and useful because later on something happens to that meaning. I laughed with it... a lot because not only were they lied to, but also I was told lies! 

And yes there are certain parts are about the whole 'Hannah and Sam are a virgin and don't want to be' and also the language changed then but it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. From the Dutch description we get, it feels like it's all going to be about virgins and sex which I didn't want because that'd be awkward, right? Luckily for me it was different in a good way! Next to the funny parts there were also very romantic scenes, very friendly scenes but also dramatic scenes because what would a book be without drama? 

I absolutely enjoyed this book SO SO much! I could connect with the characters, I laughed my butt off, I felt happy because of the romance. Altogether it was a very good read to me and absolutely deserves its 5 stars I'm giving it! They give you what it says on the cover: a very awkward but romantic story and it all completed each other, together with comedy. I do think that it's one of those books you either love or hate. If you hate the beginning and think "oh boy, if this is going to be like this all 272 pages long, I'm quitting NOW." hold on! Maybe you'll change your mind after reading pages 42-43 and following!

"But fate is at work to bring them together."

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Shout out!

So this is going to be an all new kind of blog post! And it has to do with my book challenge for today, which is "Bookmarks". You might have seen that I don't have the normal printed bookmarks as I used to... That all has to do with my mother!

My mom is an artist and makes many projects on a very creative manner. She uses all kinds of markers, paper, stamps and is even a member of various designteams. Maybe one you might now is Kuretake! Since my challenge told me to make a picture with a bookmark, I challenged her to make me another one due to today! 

I told her that I'd love one with black and that black and gold are in a marriage. As she and you guys already know, I'm a huge fan of books with angels and demons in it. Mainly the 'wing' part to the characters and she has a lot of stamps with beautiful angel wings! 

That said and done she made me this beautiful bookmark with black feathers and gold specks: 

She outdone herself again! If you want to know how she has made this beautiful bookmark go to her blog: or directly to the blog post that handles this subject: Shout out to...  

She also has other tutorials on how to make very creative and beautiful things such as cards for birthdays or other occasions. So make sure to go check on her blog: HERE and show your creative side! She also joined Instagram a while ago so make sure to go and follow her there to see the beautiful pictures she makes with her projects: INSTAGRAM 

Voor de Belgen en Nederlanders onder ons, mijn mama geeft ook verschillende workshops met de verschillende producten die ze gebruikt. Als je zin hebt om je creatieve kantje te tonen, binnenkort is er een workshop in Wommelgem! Voor meer informatie KLIK HIER, maar ook voor You Do (Schleiper) doet ze workshops, ga dus zeker eens een kijkje nemen op haar blog! Je kan haar ook vragen om een workshop te geven door haar te contacteren. 

Monday, January 11, 2016


So I finally got to the third book in the covenant series: Deity by Jennifer L. Armentrout! It has been laying on my shelf for a month and I honestly can shoot myself in the head. This book has so much and did so many things to me on a whole new level! 

If you haven't read any books in this series I recommend you do because Holly Daimon Babies, it's so addicting! I hated the fact that I couldn't get any further into it... School has me wrapped around the neck like a snake, but luckily the weekend arrived and I had more time to read in this amazing, thrilling book! There is so much more to discover in this book but I don't want to get to detailed because then spoilers would slip out. So I'm staying very superficial but if you'd like to read the review to the first book: Half-blood or the second book: Pure

Ever since the second book a hell of a lot went down. Back to the Covenant secrets begin to develop and mysterious acts start to enroll. Alexandria has many doubts to what to do and who to trust, especially after everything that happened. 
After all the loss she has felt through the past months and past events she's struggling more and more with who she is and what will become of her in the future. She gets support of a lot of people but can't deny that many are avoiding her. While she struggles with the new behavior, more mystery seeps in and starts to shake up the covenant. Alexandria is caught between love and fate, truth and lies. One will do anything to protect her. One has been lying to her since the beginning. Once secrets are being revealed, unleashing their wrath, lives will be irrevocably changes... and destroyed.

Can we all just take a moment and appreciate Jennifer L. Armentrouts' writing skills? She keeps me on the tips of my toes with joy but at the same time with despair. I had so many emotions during this book that went from loving to irritation and back. 

After the second book being full with action, romance, suspicion, thrill and so much more I thought this couldn't get any better... But it did! I haven't felt more irritation toward one of the characters in a lifetime but I really enjoyed the characters presence because of another book. Let's just say that this character was pushing my buttons to the limit but I'm still irrevocably happy with him. Which is so bad of me because this character was not how this character should've be! 

The characters in general were still very alike but I did see many developments. Especially towards Alex because I think she's under a lot of pressure and it makes her do stupid things which we already know about her but the way she handles it is different. It did give her another spotlight on her, she's a lot more different that I originally thought. What was supposed to be the all tough girl seemed now the all though girl into another perspective. Which is something positive!

I also was very happy that we got to see more of a particular side character for reasons I can not tell... I just loved it that he/she was more involved and that we saw the side character grow and develop him/herself to a whole new level. To me, I saw a big change in his/her behavior and I was so happy that it happened because I was doubting the character and its intentions in the first two books. 

We also discovered some things that were left unanswered at the end of the second book which I was a great fan of. But if I want to explain that, I'd spoil. There are so much more things I want to tell but can't because of the spoiler alert so I won't tell. Only that this book was a lot more different than I had imagined and that in a good way. It still surprised me and got me in all sorts of moods! I'm eager to read the fourth book in this series but I'm thinking it's time for a novella of this series first. 

"Those left standing will discover if love is truly greater than fate..."

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden

Finally, I'm going to review my all time favorite not-paranormal, not-angel-like, not-goddess-like book! This is one of my favorite authors, well I only have like 2 big favorite authors and she's one of them. I wanted to talk about this book forever but it's been a while, around February 2015 since I read it. It's still my all time favorite in this category though! And it's a series which made it even better, I could keep reading about them and love them more... I'm talking about this book: The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen.

For us, our home means safety, Kayden doesn't feel safe in his own house. He's suffering in silence and hoping that's the only way to survive. One misstep will mean the worst, one misstep could be his end. One day that end came very close but his savior was even closer... 

On her twelfth birthday her luck ended, everything was taken from her. Hoping it would never happen again, Callie turns her whole life upside down. She no longer wants to feel, she wants the pain to stop. Now, six years later, she continues to struggle with the painful secret that threatens to consume her.

When fate brings them at the same college, Kayden wants to get to know his savior who changed his destiny. Callie still fears that everyone will take advantage, even Kayden. Despite her ignorance, Kayden tries to be a part in her life and then realizes that this time, Callie needs to be saved... 

The first time I saw this cover I was hypnotized, I found it so stunning! I had heard so many things about this book, positive parts but also negative parts. The negative mainly said that there was a lot of sexual tension in this book and that it wasn't appropriate for Young Adult. So I began my own investigation to find out how people felt about it and the ones that I asked told me that it isn't like that. 

Of course other people I asked said that there was a part where the characters are that intimate but that it didn't really bothered them and really enjoyed the story. That really got me over the line to get the book and I'm so glad that I did. I was very happy about the outcome for all different reasons but let's just start with the characters!

The first, and for me, most important character is Callie. Something horrible happened at her 12th birthday, something she can't recover from. Ever since that day she has closed off her world for others to see. She wears the ugliest clothes that make her look big and neglected, she even had cut off her hair. Nobody really knows what made her change, and eventually everybody decided to stay away and defriend her. 

Callie is one of those girls that doesn't find a way out and feels really insecure about herself but also about the world around her. She feels as if everybody is going to be horrible because of that one person. Basically one ruined it for all of them out there! I really felt with her because of how she's feeling. We get to see a lot of her emotions throughout the book and also her doubts towards many characters. She doesn't trust like she used to, she is very introverted and shy. With those things I could really connect with this character!

The one that really helps her with her insecurities and tries to get her out of her shell is a side character. I wouldn't see this one as a side character because I feel like he has a big impact on her and does come into view various times. Seth is the one that changes her and makes her try a lot of different things once they met each other at college. It's not that Callie just has a change of heart and trusted him, he has his own dark secrets and inner demons that's why they have bonded over the summer. 

I really liked Seth because he mainly lightened the mood and really fulfilled his duty as a best friend. He was always there for her and made sure she started to trust again and to be her beautifully self. He also does that in a very special way, they make a list that they need to do and that also has some impact on the plot. So that's why I see him more as a main character than a side character! I really loved him and was fond that he was around.

The other important character was our dear Kayden. Kayden seems as if he's got it all figured out as if he's the man. He seems popular, he could get girls if he wanted to, for short he seems rather happy and okay. Though also he has his own secrets and wants to escape all the danger. 

As I already said he tries to find a place where he doesn't need to do what he's told and doesn't need to be scared. One night Callie also saves him for what seems his end. The night is also retold through their eyes which I was happy about because it's a big thing to know. It's how they met and how Kayden got so determined to get to know Callie. Now he's in college the danger doesn't seem very close and that's why he seems more free. 

What I liked about Kayden was that he was the most realistic. Nowadays many teenagers pretend as if they're all fine but deep inside they're breaking down and that's how Kayden is represented. He's very realistic and also someone I could really connect with! Now he has his duty to fulfill which is getting to know Callie and that makes him think about more positive things. It makes him happy because he finds a distraction. 

Though nothing is really alright, which brings me to the plot of the story, this time Kayden feels like our Callie needs saving. The further you read into the book the more you'll understand about what's going down and what might happen (again). Let's say that all danger isn't averted and both will need each other really badly. 

Of course their relationship will grow, I think that's kind of clear because of Kaydens stubbornness to find out more about Callie. The characters will have major changes but so will the plot! It's nothing fast paced but you'll feel like something is going to happen while hoping it isn't going to be something bad. 

If you think this is a very sad and emo-book, it isn't. Of course it's about sad teenagers with their secrets and problems, their inner demons but it's so much more! This book and all the books I've read by Jessica Sorensen are about teens with problems but also about how to get stronger. This is the main subject and moral about these books, it's how they find a way to live with it or to make it bearable. How they find others that are alike and how together they find a way out. I wouldn't say it's an emotional book on level of sadness at all, it's more about the many friendships that come and the brighter future that's near.

I don't want to go too detailed in it because then I'll spoil so much fun but I do want to tell you guys that it's really good! The plot never felt boring to me, I kept excited about it and there were many parts that I was so hyped about! The ending also made sure I wanted to read the next two books because it's a special ending, not a normal one that I can tell! 

I remember that I came down screaming because of the end and told my whole family about what had happened AND that I needed the next book directly, as in right now! Also the second and third book didn't disappoint me at all which is a good thing! Ever since that book my collection of Jessica Sorensen has been growing... 

I already told you guys about the special list you'll read more of it in the book itself, well every beginning of the chapter there's one thing that stands on the list. In the beginning I was confused about what it really was but once I got what it meant, I felt like it was a nice and simple thought to add to this book. So totally a fan of those!

It's actually a series of 7 books, I did made a little mistake in the order because I read all of Callie and Kayden first but then one book already spoils things for the other books in the series. Do I recommend the other books in those series? Absolutely. We get a trilogy about the best friend of Kayden which was really good but very different from this one. Different in a way that Kayden is more "lovable and calm" and Luke is more strong and you'd think he has an ego but that all changes, that makes it really interesting! And as far as I can remember, all the scenes were new and not repetition. 

The last book in this series is about my lovely Seth and about his secrets and problems! I really liked it because it retold you how Seth and Callie have met which was a very nice surprise. It does have many repetitions of scenes which was a little bit a downer for me but I still enjoyed the new parts! 

I do recommend this book to absolutely anybody, don't let the negative comments stop you from reading this book! I really enjoyed it even though many said the sexual tension wasn't bearable in it. This type of genres is really something à la Jessica Sorensen, if you don't like it, I don't really recommend you to read the other books because they handle the same topics. 

If you do want to try out another book about her, even though this one wasn't the bomb, then I recommend the story about Luke or 'Breaking Nova' because it's another series of her. But this is really the first book I'd recommend from her because it's my number 1!

“In the existence of our lives, there is a single coincidence that brings us together and for a moment, our hearts beat as one.” 

Monday, January 4, 2016

The Sky is Everywhere

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson is a book that I had my eyes on quiet a while. My parents eventually bought me the book as a Christmas present. Thanks! I'm really happy that I got it, as well as another book by this author. It's the first one on the list of my January TBR.

Lennie lost her only older sister, Bailey. She's still adjusting to being an only child which isn't as easy as it seems. Sleeping alone in their room, seeing her things, reminding herself to old conversations they had, don't do any good to Lennie's loss. She feels as if she's abandoned by yet another person. 
Together with Bailey's boyfriend, they seek peace and comfort. Toby gives her that calmness, the feeling that she's not alone and for a moment it's all she wants. That until a new boy in town gets on her way and makes her feel a lot more. More than grief, sadness and loneliness. He makes her forget, even for a moment. Although Lennie struggles with that, she can also find peace in moving on. Two boys, 1 future but who'll it be?

I was really excited to read this book and it met so many expectations! I liked Lennie so much, the grief she's feeling while still holding on to every last memory of her sister. Throughout the book we also see these memories and past conversations that Lennie scribbles down on paper she finds on her way to wherever she's going. That's something I loved about this book because we could see the scribbles in the margins and find the story behind it. It really made you feel like you were a part of it, like it was something you needed to complete the puzzle. With every paper and poem there was a description on where it was found and at the end of the book we'll get to see why it's written by it.

I sometimes was really moved with memories she told us but sometimes confused too. Her story suddenly went over to the present and sometimes I didn't see that transition. That's really too bad because that made it harder to read for me. It doesn't mean that I didn't like it because I obviously loved this book, but I do wish sometimes the transitions were clearer.

Bailey's boyfriend, Toby is a whole different kind of feeling. I don't really know if I should hate him or like him but for me it was already clear I didn't want Len to end up with him. Somehow it just didn't fit. He wasn't like her but I did like to see them go from a dark place to a brighter one with the sky around them, together. Their final part together was also very special! Throughout the story Toby reveals a lot of things to Lennie that leave her both shocked and more alone. I was shocked myself, and felt really sorry for Len because in the end if he didn't tell her, she'd never have known. 

As for the new boy in town, God I just loved that one! He has so many similarities with Lennie and he was such a romantic, which could be a little cliche when you know where he has lived. But that aside this character really was the one for me! He didn't drown Len in more 'I'm sorry for your loss' which I think did help her figure things out. I don't want to spoil a lot about him because I think it'd be more pleasant for you guys to discover him all by yourself. 

This book wasn't all focused on the whole love situation. It really did capture the feeling of loss and grief but also the many consequences of it. The not talking anymore and the hiding from everyone you loved. So more the pushing away and trying to give it some space, to accept. I think it really gives you some insight in how it really must feel for that person to lose someone that important. 

The grief and sadness was very often switched with the romance part but also with the family part! The many questions Lennie had according to another family member that has abandoned her, give you a good variety on the whole sadness and loss part which I find really good. Otherwise it would've been a very sad book but that's absolutely not the case! 

At the end I did want more closure because I find it that there wasn't a real finale to the book. And I did wish to know more about some things Len wrote or how everything ended up later on with the characters. But this is very personally, it's known that I really want closure after every story! ;) 

Overall this book was a fantastic and realistic read about a girl finding peace and comfort in all different kind of ways. It captured certain emotions and personally I really longed for the romance that tore away the sadness. Don't think this is an all emo-type of book because it really isn't! It's all about the accepting of the loss and finding new things to be happy about, without having to feel guilty about it. It's okay to accept and find new things that bring you joy, that's what life is all about and Jandy Nelson really showed me this in the story! 

"If anyone asks where we are, just tell them to look up."