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Sunday, February 21, 2016


I know, I know! It's been a very long time since I posted a review but I've been really busy with schoolwork! Above that I haven't had a lot of time to read for myself and books that I pre-ordered are either canceled or delayed. And when I say CANCELED I'm referring to my signed copy of Glass Sword! Yes, I pre-ordered it only to find out a week later that I won't receive the copy. I'm very disappointed. Anyway, I finished Bloodlines by Richelle Mead yesterday so let's get these thoughts into a review!

As an alchemist Sydney doesn't have any time to party or have fun. She has to be serious, discreet and very neat. When she's being send of to California with a Moroi princess to protect, a private high school wasn't anything she had expected. 
Keeping the Moroi safe and sound isn't one of the hardest things to do, it's cleaning the messes and preventing that she's being discovered. Yet Sydney has a lot of people working against her and trying to ruin her life so she can be send to a re-education center, one of her biggest fears. But there's more to this little private school in California than she originally thought...

I got it as a present from my niece and it also was the first vampire book as well as the first book that I read written by Richelle Mead! I didn't really know what to expect from this book as well as the vampire aspect but it's better than I originally thought it would be!

I had so much respect for Sydney because she's the character that gets pushed around a lot in this book. She didn't have a nice childhood or time to play or make friends, so she does have a difficulty with socializing. Later she also participated in helping Rose, which is a character from the Vampire Academies but I haven't read that book yet so I don't know any details on that. It is a little sad that we don't know those details because I think it'd give the reader more information on why other alchemists aren't a fan of Sydney. 

Sydney is being called the "vamp lover" because she helped Rose out but her motives are left unknown. Sad! I did really like this character because she kept going even though people pushed her around so much and told her what to do and what she couldn't do. She also gets blamed a lot while it's the fault of someone else. Sydney also isn't one of the most confident people in the world and that's really being reflected in this book. 

Another character that I really enjoyed was the Moroi Princess, although I had my doubts about her at some points in the book! She's really open and also still young but it's clear that she would never try to upset Sydney on purpose which I was happy about. At least someone had respect for her and all that she did! The princess is also a character that you can really figure out because there are some things that are a little mysterious with her! 

As for a character I absolutely hated, please welcome Keith. What a douche! I hated him then I thought he was just playing it because he started to be nice. But don't mind that because it was all fake! He's such a stupid other alchemist and one that also doesn't trust Sydney and that doesn't help at all. What a lazy guy! I absolutely hated him!

There was this one character that really grew on me though: Adrian. In the beginning I didn't really know what I had to expect from him. He wasn't really nice, he drank a lot, went to parties and seemed only to care about... himself. But there does come a point where all that turns and we see another side of him. 

The plot wasn't one of the most difficult ones to understand! Even though as I said, there are things we don't know about like the whole situation with Rose, it's not that you really NEED it to understand it. Also this book isn't boring, I did think that there didn't happen that much but I liked that it was like a very easy and casual read which I by the way, absolutely enjoyed!

Don't worry though because mystery around Vampires and other thrilling scenes do come in this book but a little later on which I absolutely didn't mind! I also had a lot of moments where I could laugh a lot with what the characters where saying and that was mainly with Adrian and Sydney. Those two collide at sometimes but it doesn't make you feel irritated about one or the other, you just really enjoy it!

Also I did like it a lot that the book was showing how friendship works. How to make new ones but also how they work out and that it's okay to have a row and tell each other exactly what's going on. Bloodlines really reflects that friendship has as well good sides as tougher 

So I was a little scared to read this book because I thought 'Vampires... hmm' but I really enjoyed the book because it didn't focus on it all too hard. The characters were really open and you could really feel with them and understand them. 

This book was a very good and strong opening to this series and I'm really looking forward to the next book in it because it might have been very calm and casual, there are thrilling and mysterious parts and that's what really keeps you reading on and on. I did have a difficult time with getting into the story but I don't mind that after reading more. Don't let Vampire creatures stop you from reading this! 

“The greatest changes in history have come when people were able to shake off what others told them to do.” 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Lately I've been rereading books... it's crazy! I normally don't do such things because I still know the plot by detail so it isn't a lot of fun. Yet I did find myself grabbing back to a book I read years ago, for school. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne, yes I know it's weird because I'm never really that positive about books I read for school. This one was different though and I really enjoyed reading it. Now my brother has to read it and hearing him talk about it just made me read the story again. 

Bruno and his family have always lived in Berlin. It isn't until a day in 1942 that they have to move out due to his fathers job. Bruno isn't happy about that but doesn't have another choice than to move with his family and keep his mouth shut. When he arrives there, without any friends, he feels lost and irritated in the new house they all soon will be calling 'home'. 
There are no other kids around, or so he thought because when he looks out of his window he sees them. Weird kids in striped pajamas who look filthy. That doesn't stop Bruno from going on an exploration in his new environment, even though he's been told not to. As he's walking by the fence he sees out of his window, he meets a boy that's very different but also very interesting. The two boys soon find themselves meeting each other more and more by the fence. A friendship is created but not without devastating consequences. 

First of all I want to point out that I really fell in love with the cover of this book. My niece has another version but when I compare them, this one is my favorite. The two boys on the cover are also the boys who played the characters Bruno and Shmuel in the film which I'll talk about later in this review. 

First of the characters, I was so interested in both Bruno and Shmuel! Bruno is only 9 but does already question a lot that he sees. After I read the book I also wouldn't say he was one of the easiest kids there are in the world! But that aside I really enjoyed this character because he loved to explore and question everything he doubts. He's also a boy who always tries to be honest and we really see that in the book. But as an explorer kind of kid, he's also very observant which I was keen on most because we also read into his thoughts and he makes some good statements. 

Yet he still is very unaware of what's going on and who the people in the striped pajamas are and I liked that about him because I believe that many kids didn't know what was going on. Also his father doesn't bother to try and explain it to him so Bruno stays with a lot of questions which do create suspicion at a certain point in the story.

As for Shmuel, I felt with him from the beginning! He's not happy and who would be happy? Shmuel really created a lot of emotional feelings in me and really made me feel like I was him. I felt sad, I felt anger because of what he was going through, what other went through. He's more aware of the situation, still in the dark for other parts, but he doesn't explain that to Bruno. I don't really know why he didn't, maybe because he was scared that Bruno wouldn't understand. 

We do see a big contrast with these two characters and I was really happy about that. Both come from another environment and each have their own good things and bad ones. Which also created parts where Shmuel was irritated by Bruno and vise versa because they couldn't understand each others world and feelings. They both grew up differently and the book really reflects that.

Another character that I'd like to discuss is Gretel. She surprised me most in this book! Bruno talks about her before we meet her and tells us she's really irritating and thinks she's the boss and everything. I thought that was normal sister behavior and in the beginning of the book I also don't really know what he's talking about because she really seems friendly. She irritates him but there was a moment in this book, when they just arrived in the new house, that I was really intrigued by her because she seemed so nice. Yet that changes...

After a while I can see what Bruno was talking about and in my opinion, she was also that one character that changed the most. I really liked her so much yet she only disappointed me and made me dislike her so much due to her changes. A little remark I've made in my head while reading, I think it'd be a great book with her as the main character and to see how she reacts on this all. Bruno gives us many hints to how she changes and I think it'd be a whole different type of book if it were written in her perspective. And if it was a book, I'd be really interested in reading it because I feel like she'd handle it a lot more differently.

Some side-characters I'd love to discuss are Maria and Pavel. They're both servants for Bruno's family and each have a different background which will be explained in the book. I just wanted to mention them because I do feel like they contributed to this story. 

They might not be there a lot but when we do read about them, you can see how difficult the situation is for them too. They shouldn't talk about it, especially not to Bruno and then we really see them struggle with their feelings as I think many did during that horrible time. Both characters know so much and feel so much pain and anger but weren't allowed to talk about that out loud without facing consequences. So I think that was a great asset in this story!

As for the plot, I was really surprised. I don't like reading books that are based on war but this book obviously concentrates on World War Two. In the beginning I didn't know if I'd really like this book but I really did like it because it surprised me.

I never thought that a stunning friendship like this would capture so many hard emotions from that time. I've felt so much during this book from sadness to anger and also happiness that both boys find each other. The consequences of this friendship though were absolutely surprising as well as devastating! I had never expected for this to happen after everything I read in this book. It really touched me and I didn't know how to react afterwards for a while. 

I wouldn't say it was very thrilling but this book doesn't leave you untouched! I've never had a part in this book where I thought "God this is boring!". It's a book that reads very easily and isn't hard to understand. It also doesn't really focus on the horrible things that happened because we see this story through the eyes of a very young boy who doesn't know and understand what's going on. And I think that's what, for me, really made this a very good read. It doesn't focus on what happens, it focuses on the ignorance of people and the many questions that weren't answered in that time. 

So I was really happy that my English teacher made us read this book! I also saw the movie during his classes and even though I really loved the book, I kind of liked the movie a little bit more. For me personally it was easier to visualize and even gave me more emotions because I could really witness it in a way. I still recommend the book to everyone but I'd also think many would appreciate the movie! 

"You're my best friend, Shmuel,' he said 'My best friend for life."

Thursday, February 11, 2016


It's that time of the year again where you need to read a book for school. I still don't like it when I need to do that, unless I can choose which book I want to read! Unfortunately, we need to pick books from a list. This time I chose the book 1984 by George Orwell. Last year, my Dutch teacher already talked about it and I was really interested but it's only until now that I gave it a try.

In 1984, the world is divided in three parts that are always in war with each other and will never stop fighting against each other. In one of those three parts lives Winston, he's being ruled by one group and above them stands Big Brother. Big Brother is watching you
People don't have any privacy and everybody needs to think only good things. In fact, it'd even be better if nobody thought at all. In this world you're being watched, and spied on by your own children. Big Brother is watching you in your own house. There's no escaping to him and his accomplices. And if you do think and it's bad or can be dangerous for the hierarchy... you'll be taken away. Gone forever. You're sick. They'll take you in your sleep, grab you from your family if you have any left. You'll be stabbed, slapped, hurt, broken. There'll be nothing left of you because they'll keep torturing you until you're no longer sick and worship Big Brother. And you can only hope that they don't make you go to room 101... What's in room 101? You already know what's behind that door, Winston.

And again, I don't really know how to feel about this book. I've really got mixed emotions about this dystopian book but I did like it slightly better than Life of Pi! Though I do have some remarks I want to point out after reading this book.

First of all, I was confused a lot. Eventually we get a lot of information about this new world, but it's more towards the end and at times I really missed having information. It just made it a little bit less pleasant to read because I was so lost with the words in this book.

Also, there are parts that happen all of a sudden. The main character was hating another character and BAM two pages later, without talking to that other person, he's okay with that other character. I kind of missed the story around this because he hated that character so much, what changed his opinion? And other things happen but then don't happen at the same time? I can't really give an example because then I'd spoil and I don't want that but this book just confused me at times...

I did like the story though, sometimes it was a little bit dreadful and boring but later it got better because of the dialogue. I really want dialogue in books, I need dialogue to make it interesting and in some parts I really missed that in this book but that made me eager to read on and find dialogue!

I really loved the main character Winston though! In the beginning I was a little bit like 'meh' but he did grow on me and I really thought the same as him. So that was really nice because at most times with books I need to read for school, I can't connect with the character. This time I really could.

He's really doubting with how this world works. This makes him question things a lot while he shouldn't be questioning at all. He's bringing himself in danger. I was really keen on that because he wanted to see change and was really seeking it. So he got deeper into the whole hierarchy and I got to understand the story better. 

Another character that comes around is Julia. I didn't like her, I did like that she was in the story because she really contributed to it and really made it a great book. It was just her personality, she was so unstable in my point of view. At a time she acts all nice and then she just can't be bothered. She hated the people that rule over her yet at other times she just doesn't care. And I really thought that was sad because I think her madness could have given more to this story.

The plot was like I already said sometimes a bit boring and confusing, nevertheless I did enjoy reading the book. Although it did take me a while to get into it! A very good aspect about the book was that you were like Winston. It felt like you were being spied on too because you had your own thoughts about this world. You get betrayed, you get thrilled and get scared and get your own suspicions when certain things enroll. I really liked it that the book made you feel so many things that the people in the book felt because they're constantly watched. 

So I did have mixed feelings about this book but I didn't regret reading it! I could connect with the characters and really felt like I lived in the book. It's a pity that I was confused sometimes and had some boring parts that I had to crawl through but I do think it's a good dystopian book that I had to read for school. I would only recommend it to people who like dystopian though because it's not a nice world and people who don't like to read dystopian might get easily bored out because of this book!

"War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength."

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Return

Awaiting a very exciting release, I thought it was time to review the first book in the Titan-Series. Many may know the main male character from the Covenant Series! Yes, our Seth is getting his own story, how excited I am! The Return by Jennifer L. Armentrout, surprised me in many ways I thought it wouldn't.

It's been a year since Seth made a deal with all Gods, getting on his knees and pledging his life to them. Now he's theirs, he gets all sorts of assignments but most are violent and bloody. Apollo now has something else in mind for him. This assignment will be more difficult for Seth because he has to keep his hands to himself. That's kind of difficult for a guy that doesn't understand the word 'restraint'. 

Josie on the other hand doesn't know what's going on. Her mother is sick and she's doing everything to understand how it all works. Hoping to help others and help them understand. That is until her world get's overthrown by the ancient myth. Starting with meeting the golden-eye, mysterious Seth she thinks is kind of attractive. 

Together they get dumped into a story of danger, discovery and even forgiveness and redemption. For Seth this journey will be challenging, for Josie this journey will be discovering. But it might be the unlikely attraction simmering between her and secret-keeping Seth that may prove to be the most dangerous thing of all. 

I'd like to point out that I read this book before I read the Covenant series. And to be really fair, that wasn't an all too good idea... I didn't know this was a sequel to the Covenant Series so I had in the beginning of the book a lot of confusion. As much confusion as Josie had because it was all new for her too. But it also gave me another point of view of Seth and I never understood why everyone hated him. So, a little piece of advice? Read the Covenant Series first!

Speaking of hating Seth, this book never made me hate him. I only thought he was impossible at times and yeah, he got under my skin and irritated me. Yet we get to see another side of Seth too, one that we didn't got to see in the Covenant series and I really enjoyed that.

It's also a time jump after the Covenant disaster which made sure we could see how Seth is coping with everything that has happened the past year. I thought that was really refreshing because he's so different than in the other series. 

In The Return, Seth has a difficult time. He's not his arrogant self, sure he makes comments but there's more to it than he's showing. The whole story really focuses on that, his feelings. I was very keen on being in his head because who wouldn't be? It's Seth we're talking about. The guy with the too beautiful eyes! Being in his head in this story is absolutely great because you discover so much about him that you didn't know or things you never understood about him. It may even change your opinion of him after reading the Covenant Series. 

But this story is also a multiple POV-story! Hear me scream?! I'm such a sucker for multiple POV stories, I don't know what it is. I just like being in both main characters head because I think it gives more to the story than when you just have one perspective. 

The other POV was Josie. Josie feels like a dork magnet. She isn't all too confident about herself, physically but also mentally. Her mother is diagnosed with a disease and she's really suffering under it. Josie wants to understand her mother and how her brain functions that's why she's studying psychology. Her mother has relapses and you can really see how hard that is for Josie. I loved to see how she reacted and how she felt. And I also thought her reactions were really realistic which made things even more intriguing to me. 

As the synopsis says, she gets thrown into a whole new world based on ancient myths. I was really curious to how she was going to deal with it. She didn't have the most easiest childhood and I wondered if that would give her a wider perspective on this all or the contrary. But because of her insecurities and her difficult childhood, we also see her struggling in her journey. We see another side of her, the one that wants to achieve and that was really nice to see. 

Seth and Josie aren't that different from each other which was even better for me! I've had so many pleasant parts in this book where I could laugh and others where I could feel with both characters. Since they aren't that different from each other and show a lot of similarities there's a lot of understanding coming from both of them. And because of that you can see a bond growing, even though both don't want to give into it. Which leads to even more pleasant parts! 

I like reading about ancient myths and those really contributed to the plot. As usual Jennifer L. Armentrout gave you a story that never gets boring and is really varied. To be honest, I didn't want to put this book down. Also at the beginning of every chapter there's this design at the top of the page, and I was kind of enchanted by that! 

I was very happy in seeing both main characters develop together with the plot. They kind of made it happen and made the plot change. There are so many unpredictable moments which really made it an even better read. There's just something about these two characters that made this book very good! I even think this was better than the Covenant series but that's personal preference. Seth reminds me a lot of Daemon from the Lux series and Josie reminds me a lot of Katie. 

Though the end battle was the best I've read in this entire book! Not that I didn't enjoy the rest of the book, the end battle was just... SPECTACULAR. I never expected it to go down this way. It was thrilling as well as scary and it really made my active. That's really weird though, I was so hyper because of the ending, I kept turning those pages. I felt everything Seth felt, as well as what Josie was feeling. 

I. Love. Seth. There! I said it! I'm really happy that I read this book and that we could crawl into his head because it's absolutely worth it. We get to know so much about him and see so many other sides to him that I really enjoyed this book. But I do have a remark! 

As I said, I was very keen on the multiple POV part but it was so confusing at times! The author doesn't announce when we get into the head of Seth or of Josie. So you start reading and may think it's Seth while later on it gets clear that it's actually Josie. I think that was kind of sad because it confused me and made it difficult. Especially if only a few pages later it turns out, you're reading it with the wrong voice in your head. So that was a little disappointing but I still enjoyed reading it. God, it was so good! 

So, if you're looking for a fierce read with our bad boy Seth and his new task Josie? Read it! It might really give you another perspective towards Seth. It's also a different from the Covenant Series and in my point of view, more thrilling and rough. I really could connect with Josie the most and was really happy to get to know the real Seth. Just please, read the Covenant Series first because I think that might give you an even better feeling towards this book because you understand everything immediately. I had to search a little in the dark like Josie. But that was nice too! I was as blind as Josie was in this new world of Gods and Apollyons. This story will not left you untouched. 

That said, I can't wait for the second book in this series: The Power! I'm so curious to what's going to happen now and what this all means. The end really makes you want more! 

"The Fates are cackling their bony asses off... because history has once again been flipped to repeat."

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sweet Evil

I think it is about time that I review one of my favorite Angel-alike stories! Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins. Last September we even got all three books of this trilogy in the perspective of the main male character, I couldn't have been happier!

Sweet Anna Whitt always has been special. She senses the emotions of others, sees their colors. Yet she doesn't see it as something special, more as something that makes her crazy. She also can't deny the pull she feels towards danger, but tries to avoid it at all costs. That is until she meets Kaiden Rowe and is pulled  in a whole new world. Secrets are revealed and Anna starts to question who she really is. Together with bad boy Kaiden she tries to find out. Forced to face her destiny, will Anna choose her halo or her horns?

First of all, I was enchanted by the cover. I just loved the colors and the dress, the darker and more mysterious background. I was pulled toward this book, as Anna is being pulled to danger. 

In the beginning of the story I was really curious to where this might lead. The first impression I got from Anna was that she's a really smart and nice girl. She doesn't like lying, she doesn't like to be a bad person and feels guilty. I liked that part about her, many stories concentrate on a good girl but in Anna I really saw a very good girl. Anna's character is quiet and reserved, but very loyal and protective. Though many times in the book other characters tell her she has a naive side. She's quiet the innocent girl! I was very curious to how she'd respond to danger she might get faced with or if she'd get onto the wrong path. But mainly how this would all influence her feelings and behavior. 

Also her special gift intrigued me immediately. I love stories with characters that can sense the emotions of others by their color. It just makes it so much more fun to read because the people can try and show you that they're upset while that character with the gift then can see that that person is only pretending and is actually feeling differently. These gifts will bring some difficulties with them in the story and I was very keen on it. 

As for Kaiden Rowe, he got me immediately. I fell in love with this character from the first moment Anna sees him. He just seems so interesting yet impossible! He's pretending to be so tough but I felt like there was more to this character than only just that. 

Though I didn't really know what I had to expect of his intentions. I was constantly doubting if he was a good guy or a bad one. He's a boy your daddy warns you about, I wished I was warned! This guy plays with the reader's heart, a lot. But I was a great fan of this character too because he had various sides that we can explore in the book! 

Another character that I thought was great was Anna's adoption mother, Patti. She was just such a lovely character! The whole adoption aspect will be explained briefly in the book but that's not really what captured me with Patti. She just represented such a lovely, soft and caring person. She really sees the best in everyone and wants to give everyone a chance, she feels guilty very easily. And Patti wants the best for Anna too, which sometimes gives you doubts if she feels okay herself. She just puts everyone first and then herself, I really respected her for that! 

The story itself never was boring. Of course there's quiet some mystery around everything, it all gets explained really well and you won't be left with questions toward aspects. For me, this book kept surprising me with juicy as well as funny moments in the book. 

It does concentrate a lot on Anna and Kaiden which also made it quiet interesting to where this might lead. Anna is the innocent one but Kaiden, he's different. This leads to colliding characters, impossible moments but also very protective and caring ones. Wendy Higgins really gives you a varied book that doesn't has repetitions, it's never boring. She kept me entertained! 

And it has a lot of feels. This is why it kept my attention too, I just felt so much during this book and enjoyed reading every word in it. The end does make you crave for the second book! I couldn't wait to read more about Anna and to see how she would further develop in her journey to the truth as well as righteousness! But I also was very interested in how the other character would develop, like Kaiden. That guy I swear, he gets under your skin and really grows on you! So you are warned. 

This whole book gets under your skin and grows on you. If you're looking for a funny yet some mysterious read then I highly recommend the Sweet Evil-trilogy by Wendy Higgins! It keeps your attention because it gives you a lot of variation but also because of the feels and characters. You really can connect with the main characters and eventually they'll be in your head constantly. You just want to know more, which keeps you reading on. And I can already tell you that the second and third book are spectacular! So go buy the book, you won't regret it if you're into Angel-Demon-alike books!

"Embrace the forbidden" 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Did I mention I love you?

For Christ's Sake, I need metal care! This book just blew my mind. I'm feeling... I don't even know how I'm feeling. The ending wasn't supposed to be like that! I thought everything was fine and then BAM... I've got so many feels about this book but I LOVED it! I'm talking about Did I Mention That I Love You by Estelle Maskame. It's the first in a series and can I please get the second one... like now?! 

Eden goes all the way from Portland to Santa Monica to spend the summer with her father. The man who left her and her mother three years ago and never let anything hear of him. Then all of a sudden, he called her and gave her the opportunity to spend the summer with him and his new family. Eden accepted to offer, but not for her dad. She thought it could give her a way more awesome summer there than in stupid, boring Portland. 
But as she arrives there and meets with one of the three stepbrothers, she isn't as convinced this is going to be as awesome as she thought. Taylor is short tempered, has an ego to big for his head and drives her completely insane! Yet she can't deny that she doesn't find him interesting. Soon Eden gets caught up in a lot of drama and the masks eventually fall, revealing all sorts of secrets but also creates a whole lot of new lies and secrets... It might not be an awesome summer, it is at least an interesting one. 

Can I just go and cry in a corner? Someone bring me a box of Kleenex! This ending was so NOT what I had expected to happen after lingering on every word in this book! I just need the second book like right now... Who agrees?! And then another thing, please look. at. that. COVER! How can you not fall in love with it?

Actually it's because of that cover that I found this book. I was looking around on Goodreads, as usual and then I saw in 'recommended to you by Goodreads' this pretty cover. I was already sold! When I read what this book was about, I needed it pronto! 

Eden Munro was such a great character! From the beginning you get to know that she is a little more scared of life and its surprises but is insecure as well. From the moment she sets foot in LA I was connected with her, this all due to the fact that she was listening music. She. Liked. Music. Now, I know that isn't that special, a lot of books handle the fact of teens listening to music. Yet this was something different from me, it's how it was written. 

Other things we get to know about Eden is that she's really angry with her dad. Her parents are divorced and her dad just walked out on her without seeking contact for 3 years. And then all of a sudden he comes with this? Spending the summer with him and his new family? Eden doesn't really know what to think about it but chooses to go only to maybe find a more fantastic summer. I couldn't agree more with her! 

I hated her dad the moment we got to see him in the book. I didn't see it coming that he'd be like this. In the beginning he's trying but I didn't feel like he wanted it. I didn't understand what his intentions were and if they were all so meaningful as he tried to make you think they were. I just didn't like his character and it only became worse during the development of the story. I felt anger toward him and was so disappointed in this character but I think that really were the intentions of the author, so she did a great job on that! 

But with her father comes a whole new family. Consisting of a wife and her three sons. The wife, Ella was even trying harder than her father did! I didn't really knew what to think of her in the beginning but she did grew on me. That is because we get to see so many various sides to this character. I really enjoyed to discover this character and really get to know her! 

As for Eden's 3 stepbrothers, I have on all another remark! Let's start with the youngest Chase, I wished we saw more of him! I'm just going to say it like I think. We just don't see that much of him and I thought that was pretty sad because he looked like such a great character to discover! The first time Eden meets him, he seems really shy and insecure and we see that characteristic coming back a few pages later in Chase. But after that we don't really get to see so much of him. Sad! 

It's basically the same for Jamie. Though we see him more than we see Chase, I just missed him too... He's the total opposite of both his brothers. He's only 14 but he's pretty mature and really tries to make this as less awkward as he can for as well him as Eden. I think, just like Chase, he'd be a very interesting character to discover. Especially to find out how his bond with Eden would be coming around. So I'm a little disappointed to not see those two characters that much. 

As for the third stepbrother... he was just impossible! The first time the reader gets to see him, he's just the most arrogant bastard I've ever read about! It's like a mix of Kai, Daemon and Travis but all in one. I didn't really know how I felt about him in the beginning, Taylor seemed to have some SERIOUS issues. 

And then he started irritating Eden and then I felt even less about him. But it is very clear that he's hiding stuff, secrets. And our Eden starts to notice too, especially when we see with what he's all involved. I can already tell it isn't that good! And Eden tries to help him, even though he's being the most impossible person on the whole earth. He bites and snaps at everything she's saying. Even when one of his guy friends takes a step toward her and tries to get to know Eden. Which made me suspicious... did he want them to back of because he was jealous or to be irritating Eden? Because then I still didn't know how to feel about him but I did feel it for another character... 

Eden's character and Taylor's character keep colliding together but you get the suspicion that there might be more to these two than just stepsiblings! In fact to many characters there is more than they try to lead on. There are secrets I didn't even thought were possible and we also get to see many sides to some characters that made me feel disappointed in them. I was so hooked about that character and then it just does something like that! So the author really plays with your emotions toward all the characters. You either hate them in the beginning and love them afterwards or hate them even more. 

I just loved each and every character in this book. There's just so much around them that makes them really realistic and also makes sure you can connect with them. What I find the best about them is that they had sides and secrets they didn't show to others. It's either for their private life only or if they get caught that they show that side of them. I was really intrigued about it because I feel like that's also in real life. People have so many sides and secrets! The author really surprised me with her many characters in this book. 

Now, the plot I'll be crying over until I get the second book. It's a book filled with drama, a lot of laughable parts, romance and secrets. You can expect so much about this book and it still might turn around differently than you thought. I never thought Taylor would be impossible! I thought he'd be hard to get maybe or someone you needed to avoid but he was just the toughest, most irritating guy ever. That was a surprise, and the plot is filled with these sort of surprises. 

These surprises of course lead to drama but it also leads to the author dropping major bombs on me! I could go from laughing out loud to a part I could start crying because I so not expected THAT! It really gives you all sorts of feels, even the frustrating ones but it was such a good book! So good, I lingered to every word in this book.

Because I was so into the book, I really could get 'irritated' at my environment because they disturbed me. It was only 5 pages until the end, please just let me read. It really grabbed my attention from the beginning to the ending and I never thought I'd like it as much as I did. I'm usually the kind of reader that either thinks the drama is overrated and dreadful or is really hooked on it, and this book was the latter sort of drama. 

I still can't believe how this story turned out! Especially the relationship between Eden and Taylor. If he wasn't being impossible and finally turned around, then it was Eden who was the impossible one. But I did look forward to the scenes between those two, those were the most funny! 

But the plot isn't only drama and funny, it's also about secrets. Eden raised suspicion in me too, there was just something that she was hiding and you also get to know it on an unexpected moment. Although not only her secrets are revealed also those of Taylor and many other secrets. Even her dad has a secret and when that one is revealed, it just drops a bomb of anger in yourself. This story makes sure that masks fall and secrets are revealed and that's a factor that really contributed to my feelings toward this book! 

Yet the biggest surprise to me was the secret that was created during the development of the story. I didn't expect it was going to be a secret. Hell I didn't even think it was going to turn out like this! I still can't believe it, especially after the end! This book was just full of surprises and I'm just so happy about it! 

As a first read written by Estelle Maskame, I'm left speechless. It blew my mind as hard as it dropped a bomb at the end. I felt so connected with each and every one of this characters, I felt so many thing during this read and I lingered on every word there was to read in this book. You won't be left untouched with this read. It breaks your heart one moment, heals it the other by a laughable part... Only to tear it apart and stab it a hundred times until you bleed to dead later on. And rewind that process! It was so realistic to me and I can't wait for the second book that looks just as promising as this one. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to good dose of all the aspects above! 

"Who the hell is this jackass?"

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


A few days ago, I said that there's a new angel series I was beginning. It's also the first book I was going to read in the month February, which means I'm being on track with my TBR-list! I'm really excited about this first in a series: Shadows by Paula Weston

Gaby's life has changed because of her twin brother. She's entangled with grief and nightmares about Jude dying, about demons and angels fighting and an unknown good looking guy helping her. She tries to run from it all, but always gets stranded at the beach being reminded of her brother. A year later, she's still living there and the nightmares keep hunting her. 
It isn't until the unknown mysterious guy appearing in a bar, that her nightmares stop. But so does her reality... Together with this guy comes a whole new world, and whole new truths. Everything she believed might have been a lie. Gaby is confused in what and who she has to believe but there isn't much time to negotiate with herself because the hunting season has been opened. Everyone is hunting one person down, who was supposed to be dead and her name is: Gaby

This book wasn't as good as other angel series I've read, I have to be honest about it. But it still left such a great impression on me! For me the Sweet Evil and Hush Hush series will always be the best but I did enjoy this one a lot too! 

Let's just start with our main character Gaby. Gaby is feeling lost without her twin brother, Jude, who died in the accident. Every night she wakes up because she relived it through a nightmare but it isn't all she dreams. She sees demons, a mysterious guy and herself fighting. She just feels like it's the grief that's doing this to her. She's seeking for closure but doesn't find any and that makes her character a little irritated as well as sad. I was keen on seeing that in her, the realistic aspects of grief. 

But it seems like all is a lie when the good looking guy of her nightmares comes to see her. He tells her she's not who she thinks she is is, he tells her she's from a whole other world and Gaby declares him insane. What I loved most about this part was that both characters were irritated by each other. We had already established the fact that Gaby has a temper but this other character isn't the tame one himself. This causes an irritated but funny (at times) dialogue. Soon there's danger roaming around and Gaby doesn't have a choice but try and trust this mysterious guy...

Speaking of this mysterious guy, the first time I met him in this book I was also convinced he was a stupid bastard. He just says something that irritated me and made me think of Daemon from the Lux-series, as well as Kai from the Sweet Evil-series. I was irritated by Rafa, he had an ego and what he said wasn't something I was fond of! But those were only the feels speaking so no harm done! 

Rafa is one of Jude's friends, or so he says. There's still a big mystery around this character and even at the end of the book I was still feeling unsatisfied about it. We don't get to know that much about Rafa but I hope that the many questions I have about him will be answered in the following book! As I said, he wasn't really kind in the beginning. He has an ego and a temper, I felt like he was a lot like Gaby. But I do see the biggest development in his character, there comes a moment where we see glimpses of his other side! And man, was I happy about that... 

The only remark I have according to the characters is that I wished there was more about Jude. Of course there are memories being told and things being said about him but I still feel like he's one big question mark. I hope the other books will take care of that part though! 

The plot started out a little slow to my taste but after that, it goes some quicker. The last 200 pages were the best ones to me because they had the most action and there we get to know this so called 'other world' even better. It has a lot of action that is for sure, but there's also a lot of suspicion... 

This because many come for Gaby and want to take her. We don't know who they are, they barely introduce themselves but it does awakes the reader's senses. What if one of them was the one who messed with Gaby's memories? Because that's the greatest question of it all. Gaby doesn't remember anything, she thinks she lives another life but it's all built on lies. 

Throughout the story there comes more mystery to one character in particular and I was such a great fan of him in the beginning! Yet he disappointed me towards the ending. But I do ship him with another character and I just hope he gives a turn to his character! 

Another aspect I really liked in this book was that in this new world, the world was also very divided. And because of that there were so many sides to this story. Some believed this part while others believes in a whole other truth. It was like also the reader was supposed to take a side. I was fond of that! 

The plot wasn't only thrilling or a mystery with many questions, it was also very funny. Many characteristics collide with one an other and that gave me a total amused smile. I even laughed out loud! So it isn't all seriousness in this book. But the biggest surprise is yet to come at the ending! 

This book was as good as I had expected it. I enjoyed it really a lot! This was also the first book I've read by this author and it left a great impression on me. If you're looking for a good bit of mystery with colliding characters, this is a fantastic read to begin with! Also this cover from the pictures is way more beautiful than the one Goodreads suggested to my opinion. I can't wait for the second part in this series! I've already read a preview that you get with the first book and it looks smoking good! Oh and if it wasn't all that clear yet, I recommend this book to everyone who likes books based on angels and demons!

“Love. Nightmares. Angels. War.” 

Monday, February 1, 2016

TBR of February

January has been a very productive month! I've read some more than in other months and that's a good thing! Sadly, I didn't read one of my TBR books I wanted to read in January: Bloodlines. So that book also comes in my TBR of the month! Also there's another Book Challenge which you can find: here 

Shadows by Paula Weston
The first book I want to talk about is Shadows by Paula Weston. I've had my eyes on this book for a while because I hope it's about angels. I think we've established it by now: I'm an Angel VS. Demon girl, I can't live without my flying creatures... 

Yet I feel like I already have read most of the good series about Angels and Demons! So I didn't want to start this series until I finished the series by Susan EE (Penryn and the end of days series). One angel-alike series at a time, Erica... 
So Yes, I can finally start this book and I hope it'll be as good as I have imagined and heard of. It has really good scores on Goodreads: a 4 out of 5 stars! 

It's about a girl who has lost her twin brother and tries to get closure but then... there comes a boy she's been dreaming of since that one tragic day, and he doesn't leave her life untouched. For a matter of fact, he turns her whole world, build on what was for her the truth, upside down. He ruins all for her by telling things about her brother and about herself. She doesn't know what to believe while she get's thrown in a whole new world. 

Doesn't that sound exciting? I'm also very curious to the author's writing style because I've never read any book by her. I did hear great things about her so yeah, I can't wait to dive in! 

Also if anybody has series about Angels, please, please leave it in the comments or contact me. I'm in need of more series about flying people that look beautifully unreal! 


“Most stories are based on something real.” 

Did I Mention I Love You? by Estelle Maskame

Another new author for me is Estelle Maskame. I came across this books while I was, as usual, checking out some books that I maybe wanted to read. And then I saw this, look. at. that. cover! Just look at it! It looks beautiful and so promising! But the plot does look good too...

The main female character goes spend the summer with her father and new family. Which means getting to know her 3 new step-brothers! And that doesn't really goes as planned. One of them has the biggest ego she's ever seen and speaking of an irritated mood... His friends show our female character around while he only tries to avoid her. What's his problem? And how does our female character feel about it? 

These questions hopefully will be answered in this book! I can't wait really, it seems such a feels-book and this cover. God, I just can't wait! I just... NEED! It's also a trilogy so I'm expecting a lot of feels and maybe even an open end. I'm really curious to where this book might lead. 

"Who the hell is this jackass?"

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins 
A while ago I read the first book in this trilogy, for the first time. So It's really time for me to read the second book in this series! I'm always curious to what similarities I'm going to find but also which differences in comparison with the film!

There isn't really much more to tell about this book because I'm pretty sure, we all know what this is about!  


“I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now and live in it forever.” 

And that ladies and gentleman, is my TBR-list for February! But I'm not so sure if I'll be able to follow this one because there are exciting releases coming this month! Such as THE POWER by Jennifer L. Armentrout and GLASS SWORD by Victoria Aveyard. Those are two books, I'm personally even more excited about because the first ones in these series were both SO, SO good! Are there any releases you guys are excited for?