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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Boy at the Top of the Mountain

I might not be a great fan of books that are about the wars our world has seen, there's one author who can make me read it anyway. Remember the book The Boy in the Striped Pajamas? Yeah, well there's another book written by this author and it's a little while before and also during the time of the Boy in the Striped Pajamas takes place: The Boy at the Top of the Mountain by John Boyne.

Note: I also wrote a review on the first book I ever read by this author: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. It's also a very high recommendation of mine! If you're interested and curious about what it is and what'll happen in this book, I wrote a review on it HERE!

When both his parents die, Pierrot needs to go live with his aunt Beatrix at the top of a mountain somewhere in Germany. Ready for the new adventure, Pierrot gets invited into a home where everyone seems scared of its owner. Everyone gets all ready and preparing it for when he decides to take a rest at the top of the mountain. Before Pierrot knows it, he gets intertwined in the world of Adolf Hitler, filled with lies, betrayal and danger. Will he ever get out safely?

Honestly, I hate books about war. I don't know why but I'm just not really into reading them but when we talk about books by John Boyne, you just hand me that book right away and I'll finish it in a day or two. I only read one book by him before this one: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. And I remember when I got it in my hands during English class I absolutely dreaded reading it. I didn't want to read about war! But man, does this writer know how to capture you and make you read it anyway. And really? Make you fall in love with the story even though it's about a tough topic. He can capture these kind of things so well that you can't do anything else than go along with it and love reading the book that contains war and hurt.

And yes, I did have the same feeling with The Boy at the Top of the Mountain. Honestly, I was shocked and intrigued as well as so into this one. I couldn't stop reading! Before I get to the plot I really want to get into the characters. Starting with Pierrot, he's only 7 when we first read about him. He lives in Paris, his mom being French and his dad being German. This really was the first thing that really made me curious! I mean, the first world war is over, Germany didn't have many friends really and then there's Pierrot's parents: French and German, in love. Really. I was intrigued and very curious to what would happen next and how people react on it!

But much time for me to learn about how people act and react on this is available here in this book. His dad dies shortly before his mother. At the age of 7, lose both parents? You can imagine this really affects the kid and it did. What was the worst in this situation though was that he had to move to a orphan home because there was just Pierrot and no other family left.

The thing that really got me most was that he wasn't allowed to stay with his best friend Anshel. The mother couldn't provide for two boys, especially because Anshel has more needs (he's deaf). But Pierrot hears there's more to the story of why she doesn't want to keep him and it really breaks his heart more. The part in Paris and in the orphan house we really see how innocent Pierrot is. He's just a child, he doesn't like bullying or people calling his friend a name because he's a Jew. Pierrot is just a boy who wants to live the happily ever after without people getting hurt. 

When he discovers that his aunt will take him, he's excited. I was really keen on the fact that Pierrot goes with whatever is coming on his path from that moment on, something that really shows off in his character. Yet the moment he steps foot in that house, he feels the change. This character goes through such a big transformation, I couldn't believe it! John Boyne makes sure we'll end this book with the biggest contrast of all times. He goes living with a man that has his own believes and lurks him into this world. Result? We won't recognize Pierrot any longer.

Can I just say how much I was as well keen as thrilled on this part? The contrast is so well written and it really shocked me but also lurked me in as well! He's not longer the innocent boy and will get influenced in believing what this man believes. This also means Pierrot will do some things you'd never imagine him doing at all. The fact that the author made time to write a story about people being influenced so much and therefore change so much? Yeah, it's absolutely great because I believe that it went like that to some extent too back then and John Boyne writes this on such an innocent, lurking kind of way it's too good to even describe!

As for the other characters, I rather not get into it too much so you can really see for yourself. Pierrot is obviously the main character in this and I really found him the most important to discuss. However I can say that the other characters will show such a great diversity! You'll have people conspiring, people hating, people loving, whispering and all that. It's great to see that there's such a divided world and not only away from Pierrot but also up at the top of the Mountain! Each and every character will also influence the story at some point. Either with a few smart words or with actions they take. I think that's the thing about the characters, they're all little pieces of the puzzle that fit into the bigger picture and all work together to move the story completely. A big fan of the characters, that's what I call myself!

As for the plot, can I first give a little ramble about what I read? At a certain point Pierrot was at the train station and he bumped into someone, a soldier, who then stood onto his fingers as a punishment. There's a wife with two kids coming saying something like "Oh there you are Ralph" and the little girl asks something rude and is called "Gretel". When Pierrot goes onto the next train there's a boy, teenager really, and his name is Kotler... Does it sound familiar yet?

Hello characters from the Boy in the Striped Pajamas! I can't believe this actually happened while I was reading this. I'm a reader who likes to see characters walk into another character's book and here they were. The younger versions of the characters we all get to meet in another book by John Boyne. I was surprised, intrigued and very keen on this!

Okay back to the review now! What was really interesting in this book was that it was divided in a few parts that each had years on them. What I found so interesting about this really was the fact that you could historically get a picture of what might be happening at that point and really take in into account with what happens at the top of the mountain.

And I say at the top of the mountain because Pierrot, or Pieter as they all call him because Pierrot is too French, will never know anything else that happens outside of the mountain. Of course he descends a few times for school or to see a friend but other than that nothing. The plans that this man conspires he'll never see happen in real life or with his own eyes. He's practically closed off from the world, his world is just that top of the mountain. 

As I already said, the moment he steps foot in that house up there, there's an enormous change. There is no longer anything happy, relaxed or comfortable in the air like there was in Paris. There's danger lurking around and everyone speaking about a man without a name. Warning Pieter not to tell anything about his friend or his past or Paris even or use his real name because that man would not like it. 

Obviously this is already the part where the reader gets overly excited by all the thrill, suspicion and danger that's lurking around. That's what's also well written in this book, it always makes you feel the atmosphere that's hanging there. Whether it's cold or warm, sweet or angry, you're body will feel it and soak it all in.

But the plot isn't only about making you really feel what's going on but it'll also make you think a few times for yourself. This book, it's amazing, has so many twists of the truth and often makes you turn against your own thoughts. One moment you think this but then it seems like it's totally different. 

And that's what our main character is feeling too. This man will twist his words so well that it'll change Pierrot's believes, his thoughts, his life really. He becomes someone we will not recognize any longer and see him grow into something he's not over the years. Which is all because of those divided parts in the book that made this possible so as I said: great asset! 

The theme in these book is, as we know, war yet the book will only show you the war inside that house at the top of the mountain. There's nothing else we'll see but everything happening and changing over there which I appreciated as well. 

Other than that I think it's safe to say that brainwashing will be part of the book and somehow I found that extremely amazing to see and to see develop. Especially because it isn't brainwashing while harming the people's bodies, it's only the mind. I think one can really appreciate this brainwashing in the book because it only slowly changes the character's believes and then their personality but also gives a boost to the plot!

This personality change will put the characters in a much bigger game than being horrible to one another or not telling everything. The plot makes a very interesting turn there because people will die all because of lies, betrayal and secret information. I was so keen on the fact to see this sort of action take place, especially because the reaction of all characters will be so diverse. The once innocent boy is no longer! 

To conclude this part I just really like to say that the plot will not be boring, it'll make you guess and change your mind. It'll affect everyone at the mountain a lot and creates so much changes! The plot is filled with lies and betrayal, people harming one another, people being so much different than we thought, conspiracy and weird theories. It has so much in store that it can't be bad!

Lastly, I'd like to shine a little light on that ending of the book. I won't spill too much but really, it was fabulous and so not predictable. If all, John Boyne surprised me the most right there! Really, it's amazing... just go get the book alright! Read it! Devour it! Devote your life to this author... Really. What's so interesting with the ending is that it'll take a perspective and give a light onto the fact that there is no more innocence left with the characters or maybe there is? And also what they'll do after everything that's happened. But that said, your first question while reading this might be: who will be left and in what state will he or she be? I think you should find out and READ that BOOK!  

This book was absolutely stunning and greatly written. I'm normally not the person for war stories but John Boyne always knows how to make you love it anyway. The characters are so well written and diverse. The plot is so strong and full of power, betrayal and lies it makes you rethink everything you already knew. It's also the plot that made the main character change and not be recognizable again. Next to that it gives a nice short version of history build with fiction that ends in the most beautiful way possible after such a time. After The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, there was no other book I thought that could overrun it, but here is John Boyne again and he shows us there is an even better book! I absolutely recommend The Boy at the Top of the Mountain to everyone, even if you're not into war!

“Just don't ever tell yourself that you didn't know.... That would be the worst crime of all.” 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


In tears! I'm in tears. Like every time, one of my most beloved authors likes to make her readers cry. I think I cried a new river in the underworld of Hades and I also think he will not be pleased with that. Please let me die and serve you, as this would be a fitted punishment and would relieve me of my urge to cry and be in pain because of this book! Really, I finished Sentinel by Jennifer L. Armentrout and I can't. This last book really tore me apart but it was... phenomenal. Did we ever expect anything else by her?

Note: this is not a first in a series! Apollyon is the 4th book in a series of 5. If you haven't read any of the books before or are not close enough to Apollyon, I highly recommend not reading on. Many changes and developments on both plot and characters have taken place. Reading further will cause spoilers! If you're interested in one of the book in this series, I do have reviews on all of them:




It's time for war. Alexandria finally knows what to do about Ares and all the Gods await for her to do her duty: become the Godkiller. Take ultimate power. Together with a much higer power than any God, Alexandria trains for the arrival of war because it is coming. Meanwhile Ares is still holding control over everyone that takes one step towards him and he needs to be stopped. Will Alex be ready in time? And most importantly, will she have ultimate power as the Godkiller or will she lose her once again because Fate is asking her to...

As the last book in this series, it's kind of inevitable to see the huge change the characters have made. And what a change it was! Alexandria grew so much during the whole series, from acting before thinking to, now, a very strong female character in the series. During Sentinel, she'll show us once again that she is that strong female as she'll prepare for battle.

I really loved to see her prepare for battle because all sorts of emotions will come during that time. Alex isn't always that fierce, strong, bite-back person she always shows us she is. She has her weaknesses and I feel like Sentinel made it clear that she had them while she needs to face battle. There's been made a very nice balance between the soft side of Alex that's scared and the hard side of Alex, that's ready. I really think readers will appreciate to see this side of her one last time in the last book! 

I think all characters from Aiden to Deacon, Luke and Olivia, have shown how much they have changed. For Aiden that was showing his soft side and open up to a possibility of love, for Deacon it was showing he could be useful too. For Luke and Olivia it was going through a lot of loss but stand stronger in the end. These changes will be brought together in a heartwarming but strong plot and, sadly, end in this series! 

One character I really want to talk about though is our lost son who will return! In Apollyon we haven't seen a lot of Seth and Lucien at all but as this is the last book, it's obvious they'll have to show up at some point. I always have been a fan of Seth... don't shoot me. Mainly because I might have read the sequels first but it wasn't my fault, I didn't get it back then that it was a sequel! However, in Sentinel, I think a lot of the readers against him will find peace. 

Seth is the yin to Alex's yin. They're one and the same but just as Alex, Seth will know such a change and I really loved to see it. He starts to realize things and it will nibble at him as well as the readers. To every hard side is a very soft side and you will be enlightened to know that Seth has one too. This was really an eye-opener in many aspect that I also feel can be linked with our real life out here: everyone is fighting their own battle you know nothing about. (YES, for everyone who likes SKAM, I just did a little reference right there!) and Seth will be huge part of that statement. 

As much as I loved to see this side of him during Sentinel, it is still Seth and readers will be in for a lot of funny comments, funny encounters but also those frustrating ones that make sure we don't forget who the real Seth is! Once again, the author found a really beautiful balance between the sides of a character. 

As for the plot, there is a war brewing and I must say I was happy about that. War is a bad thing, but this book... it just gave so many vibes! The action, thrill, suspicion it's all here once again and of course that's a good thing but there was so much more to it.

Once again the gods will have major influence and as I said in Apollyon, I really loved to see them. This is also their mess since Ares is their brother and I really loved to see what they'd do, react and how they would influence the battle. Just getting a better picture of them in my mind was already something amazing to see as I was really longing to have that in this series. 

But even the gods run out of power some time and everyone is going to turn to another power that's even higher than gods which actually really caused us to get shocked at be surprised which is also a great asset to the book. I guess it's true what they say: desperate times ask for desperate measures and I feel like they became really desperate, they being the gods. However I really loved to see how this all turned out, especially because the end of the story will then make links to the sequel and make you want to get the sequels since this higher power will be important there as well. 

It's the last book so what would this book be without a few sacrifices, there were actually a few of these that will leave the readers speechless as it was not something we could possibly have seen coming and of course that's because the gods will influence things. I feel like the gods really became such an important pair of characters in the last two books that it also made sure that the Covenant series was still surprising and also made the books diverse from each other at the same time. Anyway, those sacrifices are a big deal and will make sure a lot of feelings will arise with the readers. Then again, are we surprised that Jennifer L. Armentrout throws a few feelings at our heads? Because I'm not! 

As this all will lead to the big end battle, I must say I was a bit disappointed. I had expected the battle to be a bit harder than it seemed and for it to be a lot more tragic. I'm not saying it was bad because I did enjoy it but I felt like the author made it fairly simple for our characters and I had expected a bit more of those explosives and to see more of them battling! 

However the ending really made up for that as it was a very moving one. I somehow had seen it coming, Apollyon lead us to the conclusion and really took a bit of our surprise away as you might already know what will happen, but that didn't make it less hard. This ending was the hardest that I've ever read before and I was so shocked by some of the characters' reaction, that it really became very emotional and made me tear up. A lot. It's also not your typical happy ending which also made it even more special and unique! Although also here I wish I'd seen more of Marcus, Luke and all other characters and how they reacted because we don't really get to see them anymore afterward or see how they reacted on the outcome of the battle, which was a sad thing because they've been on this ride with us too and we won't get closure on them. 

You guys, this book makes me speechless! And it also made sure I won't be finishing other series for a little while, as it will now be known forever: last books in a series make you cry. This book was full of emotions, that ending was ready to make me die! The characters have known such a huge change during this series and it was a pleasure to see these changes come together in the last book of the Covenant series! One of my most beloved characters also returns and made this book extra strong as he will give us some more funny encounters as well as frustrating ones! Also for action you're good, once again. Although I did expect a little bit of a more explosive battle, I can't be less pleased about the book. It was phenomenal from beginning to end and tore right through my little reader's heart, what an ending... just *standing ovation*

"This is everyone's fight, because it's everyone's future."

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Perfect Valentine's Read: Better Off Friends

Happy Valentine's Day! On a day like this I think it's always a good idea to read a book that's a little bit more on the romantic and cute side. And guess what... I found you the perfect one! It's a book that is on my 3 books of 2017 list, it's a book that's been on my wishlist since 2015 and it's a book that has a lot of mixed feelings but caught me at the right side of my heart: Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg.

Macallan and Levi get best friends by a coincidence and ever since that coincidence they're inseparable. They share jokes, they get together after school almost all the time, they help each other out when needed, they laugh all the time, they're best friends. Yet not everyone seems to understand that, can't a boy and a girl be friends? Macallan and Levi keep being asked if they're together while their relationship is pure platonic. And they're happy that way. Until they realize that they're getting in each other's way: boys won't ask Macallan out and girls decide Levi is nothing when he hangs out too much with Macallan. Both then ask themselves if maybe, just maybe they were supposed to be more than just platonic best friends or if that would endanger their friendship.

This book was a bit of a cliche, but I loved it. I'm the kind of reader who is okay with a cliche from time to time. Especially when the characters are very well written so it isn't only talk about the cliche in the book! 

Macallan was someone I'd look up to. She bites back when she needs to and she will not take any crap. When people are hating on her family, when people are judging people who are sick or have a disability, she goes to those people and she'll tell them exactly what needs to be said. The first time that this happens, in the book, I was truly amazed by it because it's so good that the character does that. It just sets an example for how it should be in the real life: don't take crap from others. 

She might seem like a very tough girl, often cold when she's angry or irritated but to every tough part is a soft spot. Macallan is also very emotional when it comes to her family because she has lost and I really loved to see that side in her as well. Macallan will be tested out by it and also learn how to accept the loss by talking about it with her best friend, Levi. 

Another thing I was keen on in this character was that she was very helpful but also someone who loved distractions. Those distractions start making her cooking and since her best friends' family is so close to hers she invites them for dinner a lot. The mother of Levi now feels like she needs to make special things that score well with Macallan which gives the reader a few funny encounters. 

As for Levi, he moves from California and comes in the hands of the super sweet Macallan. What I noticed about Levi is that he's also very helpful, determined and funny but that he's also trying to find his place in society. He wants to be one of the guys but with Macallan at his side that's very hard. When Levi's being annoying and nagging about it, Macallan will not give a crap and either make him stop or make him laugh. 

I just really enjoyed it that Levi was different from Macallan with the finding a spot in society. This makes it also a more interesting read because he's discovering who he is and what he needs and wants in his life.

Both characters are really interesting and very well written. They hit off immediately and the bond that they have is mesmerizing! Since both of them are funny, sweet and helpful they're just the perfect match for best friends. I was keen on seeing how they would act on the differences and how their friendship would evolve over the years explained in the book.

As for the plot, I first want to point out that the characters will intervene between each chapter. The book talks about their journey through high school, and after the chapter they'll look back at that moment and comment on it. At first I didn't really understood what was happening as I thought it was them texting each other at that period in high school, but when you keep reading, you'll find out it's them rethinking about what happened and tell how they felt about it now. I was really keen on those parts because it added funny moments or made other moments rather deep and special.

As I said before, the book is set during high school. We'll see their friendship from the start to the most crucial point in it and readers can be really happy about that! You won't be just dropped into a friendship like many other books do, you'll see it become and grow and take its highs and lows which is appreciated!

Better Off Friends is also really easy to read and very fluent. You won't be stuck at a page because it's hard to comprehend what just happened. It's really laid back, easygoing and also really funny. The hilarity about it all is that the best friends mostly ramble to each other and the other people around them just sit there and don't know what on earth is happening. You will have a smile on your face when funny encounters as this will happen, and believe me they will happen.

But there's also a more serious tone in the book and those are the highs and lows in their friendship. We've all been there and done that! The book therefore shows a realistic friendship that isn't all good and fantastic but also needs to cover anger, sadness and them hating each other and being in a discussion. This is also a part that's really appreciated by me because it makes things more normal and real life !

And then there's also the part of their friendship that asks if there could be something more. This is something a lot of people could relate to, me included so that's a nice asset to the book! I really found it adorable how they acted and how they felt toward each other without telling the other one about it. This will also cover feels all over the place and high frustrations for the reader who wants it or doesn't want things to happen!

There are two themes I'd like to focus my attention on in this review. First of all, the biggest cliche of all, a boy and a girl can't be best friends. The book will really get into it! They'll get comments as "how's your boyfriend, Levi, doing?" "Weren't you together with Macallan?" but it will also show the side effects of it: Levi hangs too much with Macallan instead of his dates, and Macallan can't find a boyfriend because Levi's always there. Which will also be a thing that causes highs and lows, feels from angry to happy with the two main characters!

Another theme that I found is rather interesting to see with the character was finding your place in society. This was mostly played out for the main character Levi. He moved from California and the first friend he makes is a girl. The guys don't want him around, they joke about him and his best friend being a girl. All Levi really wants is to be 'one of the guys' because he thinks that's important. During the read however, he will be asked this question a lot: Is it what I need? And so he'll find out how he feels about this situation and find a proper response on it.

One thing that kind of bothered me though was their age. The book starts at the age of 11 and end with them being in their junior year. I don't have any clues to how that system works because in Belgium it's not called like that but they do mention the age of 16. What bothered me about the age was that they felt so mature for those ages. I don't really feel like that's realistic, or at least not where I live. They were more mature than I was at the age of 11, I still played with Barbie! So it might be me, but that slightly bothered me. Of course the age isn't mentioned often, they mostly say in what grade they are (which is different from how it works or is named here, so I didn't understand and didn't know what age it was so it couldn't bother me too much!)

And lastly, I'm very aware of the fact that there will be people who will say one thing about it: "This is a cliche and I hate cliches!" and I totally get that and accept that. However if you're looking for a funny book with yes, a cliche but still a very cute friendship that might turn into more: then this is your read. All I can say is that I found it very hilarious, moving and fun to read. Especially on a day like this where cliches are TOTALLY okay!

To conclude this review and this very romantic day I want to say that this book was actually better than I had first anticipated! There are very mixed feelings about this book and I am very aware of the fact that some readers will find this a big cliche. However, I did not mind this because it was so funny and easy going that it was very enjoyable to read about cliche. Also the characters' bond was very special to see and also shines light onto the biggest cliche in real life: boys and girls being best friends! Next to that the characters, Levi and Macallan, will review each chapter and tell how they feel about it now, looking back at it, which I think was a nice addition and a great asset to the book. The going back and forth, being blind, being angry and yet still needing each other was very well written in this book and I just really enjoyed it!If you don't mind cliches, like hilarious, smooth and easygoing reads then this is your perfect Valentine's Read!

"Are they more than friends or are they better off without making it even more complicated?"

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Finally it is time to start with the last but one in a series. I've been putting the remaining two books off, I really don't want this series to end but my readers heart has told me it is time. Time to move further into the series and close it. This book though, was the best one yet! Apollyon by Jennifer L. Armentrout it's my favorite in the whole series.

Note: this is not a first in a series! Apollyon is the 4th book in a series of 5. If you haven't read any of the books before or are not close enough to Apollyon, I highly recommend not reading on. Many changes and developments on both plot and characters have taken place. Reading further will cause spoilers! If you're interested in one of the book in this series, I do have reviews on all of them:



Alexandria's one fear was to lose herself. Now she is awakened, she feels herself slip away. The gods are out on vengeance and they're starting with earth. The whole planet is being wiped with one catastrophe after the other to find Seth and his master, Lucien. And they are trying to reach Alex. Nobody is ready to let Alex slip away and become the source of Seth's rage onto the gods, and nobody is ready for Lucien taking the ultimate power. 9 of Deity island standing, they'll go to great lengths to save the ones they love and confront fate. Yet not all gods seem to be on the same side when it comes to power and they want Alex to stand by them...

Wawie. This book was phenomenal. It was the best in the whole series. I can't believe it. 

First of all can we just talk about Alexandria? I mean Deity left us hanging at the end we didn't know what she would turn into, how she's be and all that but wow did Apollyon surprise me! I don't want to spoil a lot but I was just awed! This character has grown so much in comparison with the books before this. And she'll continue to grow and face her fears which only makes me admire Alex even more.

In Apollyon she'll really struggle with her fears and her duty which I think was a perfect combination for this character. Her fear of losing herself in something that's bigger than her and her duty to change this thing that's bigger than her will really make her more mature. She'll be so much different from the Alex we first got to know, she'll still be fierce and strong but I feel like she'll think more before she acts. She knows what's at stake and it was really great to see her think about what she has to do and how her emotions will react on this.

Alexandria knows a great development in every point and I was really happy to see this! I'm really looking forward to what she'll bring us in Sentinel. Readers will really be surprised by the change she's gone through and it'll only continue that way if you ask me! 

As for the other characters... I am moved! The group we'll be focusing on are the 9 that have left Deity Island before one of the gods went totally crazy on it. I was actually really keen on this being such a small group, the story really focuses on these 9 and that made the bonding between them really visible. Them not letting go on Alex, them not letting go on humanity, them working together and protecting one another. Readers will really feel these emotions of them, this bond and this friendship that's really tight and beautiful to witness. 

What made this friendship even more beautiful was that people who didn't really like each other before or have been acting really distant to one another, will now find a way to make it better. This is something bigger than all of them, but it's something where they're together in it and that also means talking to the ones you don't have a close bond with. It will really clear a few thing towards characters we didn't know that well such as Alex's Uncle, who by the way became one of my favorite characters! 

Now the plot, what I noticed with all previous books is that I always had a little hard time of getting into the first few pages. With Apollyon it was different, I clung at it's word from page one. The thrill that Deity left, the what is going on with Alex, will become so clear at the beginning of the book and when you realize it... you can't do anything else but be shocked, surprised and really into it. Especially when she starts naming a certain someone with hers. Let's say I wasn't too happy about her sudden change of heart and I guess that's what made it so glorious. 

The fact that she acted so much more different than what we are used of her. That shock was also present with all other characters and really showed once again, to the reader, how important this all is. How important she is and how much it broke all of them to see her like this.

And this really brings me to one of the things I hadn't expected to happen but certain characters will return and when you know who I'm talking about, you might start crying because you're this happy. This book is so full of surprises on both plot and characters I'm just speechless! The people who will return mean so much to both characters and readers and it makes us feel like the end of the series, and the problem, is nearing. 

Now further on into the plot are of course Seth and Lucien who are trying to take power. This will actually bring a whole conspiracy into the light. Every reader that reads who has sided with these two is going to go out of its mind because this... waw it's big. It's HUGE! The author really aimed for the waw-effect and did she succeed! This brings so many questions to both characters and the readers because who is actually controlling who here? Soon it will be clear to everyone that someone else is influencing everyone in this dangerous game and it won't be Seth or Lucien... it's going to be a big and high power. Mystery arises, questions arise, thrill, suspense, action, this book has it all once again!

But Apollyon also makes time for some of our beloved OTP's and I really was keen on this part because for once a half-blood and a pure-blood, together, won't matter. People won't look twice because the earth is being wiped away by the gods to find Lucian and Seth and to destroy them. It's time for our little reader hearts to swoon and fall so much deeper in love. I bet we all know who I'm talking about and be ready because you. will. swoon. I'm really happy that the author made time between all the chaos for some of our favorite characters to be together. The thing that made this so good wasn't only because it alternated well with all that's going on outside, but also because these characters will both go to great lengths to protect one another and mistakes on both behalves will be made when it comes to that. This causes a lot of emotions and seriousness neither characters nor readers would've expected. It was an adorable seeing these two grow more mature and more fond of each other while facing danger. 

Speaking of danger, the gods are getting a bit crazy out there. The biggest asset, to me personally, were the gods. I feel like we haven't seen them a lot or haven't seen much about their personalities when they did appear before. Apollyon is going really deep into it because they're going to take sides. Pro Alex or pro Seth. It's really going to become an even more dangerous game and when it's all revealed and known who sided with who, you're going to feel betrayed! This is a fantastic element in the story because nobody had seen this coming. It's going to be such a plot twist and then everything will get into motion, it's starting... 

To tip it off, the book will really focus on the duty Alex will have to do in the next book, Sentinel and it makes her really change even more. When she finds out what she needs to do, she's going to struggle especially because loss is just around the corner and she can't deal anymore. The plot will also really focus on this and I did really enjoy that as well because it prepares us for the biggest end battle ever and I feel like it's going to be epic!

Lastly, I want to point out that there's a very nice harmony between characters and readers. Both of us won't really know what's going on and nobody will knows the answer until we go and discover it together with the characters. There is nobody who's going to walk in and say this or that, everyone is isolated just as the reader is. I really felt like this was a great asset because you go through the story with them and find out what is going on at the same moment as them. 

This story came as such a surprise because I really had never expected things to go like this. I am so happy that I finally continued with the story! 

So what can I say... this book was more than I had anticipated for! In the past I have noticed that I had a hard time getting into the first few pages of every book in this series, however Apollyon was different! I had no hard time getting the feel in the story. I was all hung up onto its words from page one. The characters will once again, astonish you with how they'll get through what's going down. Every character will also know a slight change, if not a big one. I really loved to see how the author made the characters develop in their mentality by all that's happened and is still happening! And of course, the plot is filled with all that is action, thrill, suspense and mystery. Once again, readers will be hit with the feeling of curiosity to find out more about all that is going down on earth. The thing I enjoyed most in this book was the fact that we saw more of Aiden and Alexandria as well as know more about the gods and their function in everything. A really wonderful book in this series, I'm already looking forward to reading Sentinel!

“Daggers. Never leave home without them.”

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Geography of You and Me

A book that's been on my list ever since 2015 was The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith. It's a book that was recommended by a friend when I got into reading again. It was also the time where I didn't care about being spoiled and so I already knew the main things that would happen, nevertheless was this a very amazing read.

Owen and Lucy have never met, even though they live in the same building. Tonight it all changes as the two of them meet while being stuck in an elevator. It hits both of them that they're good together and laugh as the best when they're together. But time to discover if they'd work as something more is not something they get. Lucy moves to Europe, while Owen and his dad try to figure out what they'll do next and travel further through America. Both think about the other all the time, but will they ever meet each other again?

I loved the characters, that said I'm jumping right in! Lucy was someone entirely different than I first thought. The first things we get about her is that her parents are constantly away, she goes to a school only for girls, wears uniforms and she has a good life. In the beginning many might think she's a spoiled kid. Yet things will change and your opinion on her will become a very different one once you know more about her.

I could really relate to her because she loved things that I love too and she can get into it in a way I really understand it. At the start I also wasn't sure she was the most confident girl. Her parents are constantly away, she's home alone and she feels a bit lonely. But the more you read into the story the more you realize that Lucy's actually a lot stronger and optimistic than you would first see.

As for Owen, he was the opposite of Lucy in the beginning. I thought he was one of those nerdy guys that wasn't a fan of the popular girls and lived in his own shadows, was rather lonely. But also this characters opens up a lot more during the book. Owen isn't like this, and we see this when he retells certain aspects of the past, he was actually a really social boy but when his mother died he didn't know where to put himself. Especially because his dad then moved them up to New York and he just didn't like the big city.

Readers that aren't into big cities and love to explore will certainly be able to relate to this character. Not only did he see the best in the little things, he's also a very strong person who holds himself up for his father and helps out in times when there's no money, or when his dad is just too torn up to do anything. Owen was an amazing character!

What I realized with both this characters really is that the book tries to keep them closed for the readers for a little while. At first you'd think "this is the character" but really, they're so much more different from our first opinion. I absolutely was a fan of this because it yet again shows us not to judge a book by its cover. Seeing them grow and seeing them become the persons they really are, at their best, was amazing to experience. Especially when it took you some time before you discovered them.

As for the plot, it's something I haven't really seen before. I'm sure there are more books alike but I haven't read anything like it then. The characters both meet when all power in New York is down, they're stuck in an elevator. Now my heart really melted at this, I mean it does sound very unlikely to happen, but also really made the romanticist in me want this really badly. 

Above that they never met, and now here they are stuck in an elevator! It doesn't take very long for them to bond on a little discussion they have and by laughing a lot together. Yet when they're saved out of the elevator a bit later, the night doesn't end for them. Both Owen and Lucy feel there's a certain pull with them and they decide to hang out for the rest of the night. This includes being on the roof of their building and talking about sending postcards that has ridiculous sentences on them like "Wish you were here". This book did make the postcard thing seem a very funny thing that exists and I was really keen on it. Especially because it'll be of great importance for the rest of the book.

Yet the plot takes an unexpected turn just a few moments after they met because both will be moving out of the apartment. Can you imagine? You just met someone and now he or she moves?! Well, Jennifer E. Smith makes sure you experience this! And boy, can I say I absolutely loved this. 

The book then evolves to two plot lines that change independently from each other. We see Lucy finally getting a better relationship with her parents. Which really struck me as odd, I mean in the beginning of the book we see Lucy live alone and she tells us about her parents always being away. Seeing them bond in different cities in Europe was as amazing as it was odd. Odd in a way that we see the side of the parents too. Did they mean to leave her on her own? Or did they leave her out of love for her? It's all discovered in the book and I was rather satisfied with getting a few answers myself.

As for Owen, he sticks around in America but also sees many other cities there. His dad doesn't have a job ever since he lost his wife and both still suffer because of this. That said, they're on the move until they find the place that'll become their new home. This was also something I loved to see because you see them growing from sad to really trying to find a new start and get the best of themselves back. 

Both characters really go their own way and of course they still get in touch with each other, which brings the old fashioned things back: writing postcards. It's amazing to read  that the thing they really hated (and which was part of their first conversation) turns into their way of communicating. I swear to god, it has something cute as well as 'just typical them' to it and it was amazing to read about it and experience it the way the characters experience it. 

That said we see both characters evolve and grow separately and that made the book so much better really. It wasn't all about the love between them, the pull toward each other. It was about them being their true selves and figure out if they need each other, miss each other and still feel that magic pull towards each other while living their lives not knowing where the other one really was at that moment.

What I loved most about this book, next to the fact that the plot really focuses on the characters being separated and figuring out themselves, was that certain passages were really philosophic slash poetic. Let me give you a passage to make you see what I mean: (SPOILER ALERT, don't read the passage if you don't want to know yet!)

"If you were to draw a map of the two of them, of where they started out and where they would both end up, the lines would be shooting away from each other like magnets spun around on their poles. And it occurred to Owen that there was something deeply flawed about this, that there should be circles or angles or turns, anything that might make it possible for the two lines to meet again. Instead, they were both headed in the exact opposite directions. The map was as good as a door swinging shut. And the geography of the thing—the geography of them—was completely and hopelessly wrong."
— The Geography of you and me (Jennifer E. Smith)
Can I just say that this is just absolutely great? This book has more passages like this where it's really deep and filled with feelings. Although the characters aren't constantly busy with the other, the author (who wrote this book in omniscient narrator) made sure that sometimes we'd go back to the possibility of them being "a thing" by just writing a passage about them being apart, about them living a total other life and getting new things to deal with. I really lived for these passages.
As I just said they live apart and live a total other life with getting new things to deal with. This also underscores the fact that they're away from each other. Although they still think about each other and write occasionally, they're still somewhere else. They're dealing with their parents, lost of a parent, love, sadness and moving. This really shows the reader it isn't all about them loving each other, it's about living and maybe, just maybe, finding their way back to each other and see if there's more. 
Although I'm not a fan of omniscient narrator, I did love it in this book. Especially because it caused the book to have a few deep, poetic and beautiful passages. It also made sure that wherever they were, we'd always know what they thought and how they felt and what they're thinking of exactly and that was kinda great to experience.
This said, I think I can conclude that this book was amazing. It isn't all about loving, it's about the characters being apart and trying to figure out their lives and maybe, just maybe, find their way back to each other. The characters also grew and evolved while the story was evolving and this caused us to think twice about who they really were and not stick with the first judgment we gave. The plot shows us different sides of the world and them living life at the fullest. The Geography of You and Me is a book I recommend to people who aren't a big fan of romantic books, it might be romantic in some way but it's also entirely different since they're separated at the fair beginning of their journey together. It's a book filled with what it is to live, to find someone and maybe find them again and gives us beautiful deep thoughts.
"Maybe it was possible that you could take someone out of their life and drop them in the middle of another place entirely and they could seem like someone completely different."

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Wrap Up

I feel like I always do book hauls and To Be Read posts but never really wrap up the month. That said I thought it'd be a great idea to feature a wrap up of this month! January has been the first month of the year which also means that the Goodreads Book Challenge has been set in motion! In 2017 I'd like to read...

45 books! I know for myself that's not really ambitious, I'll get to that as each year. I usually set the bar low so I don't feel like I won't make it but during the year I do make the number bigger! My first year I did this challenge, also the year I became a bookjunky, I managed to read 69 of my goal of 40. In 2016 I managed to read 60 out of the 50 I wanted to read. 

Also now the new year has been set in, I think it's a good time to explain why I post my review so late in comparison with when I finish the book! My aim on my blog is to post very frequently. In the beginning of my blog I couldn't post frequently and consistent because I read but also had tons of work for school. Near September 2016, so almost a year of my blog, I finally got the routine in it and was able to build up to my aim.

When I finish a book, I write a review immediately and then I plan it in. At this moment I still have 18 posts that are planned. Each time I write a review I plan it after the last book I've planned. I'm already in May with the posts ready and set so when I'm done reading it's planned further in May. That's why my reviews are at times a few months away from when I actually read the book. I do one review a week so it's frequently, always on Wednesday at 12h00. In the future I might begin with two reviews a week but for now this system works and it makes sure I chase the goal of frequently posting a review on my blog. I just thought it might be a good thing to explain in 2017 because some reviews are still months away and I read the book now, I want you guys to know there's a whole system and reason behind it!

That said, January is also the month that I have exams. I'm in my first year of college and that means exams in the first month of the new year. I was really curious to how many books I was going to read this month and can I just say I was pretty surprised with the outcome? 

     Children of Eden

My first book I read this month was one to get me out of my reading slump! Yes, I was in a reading slump and that for over 2 weeks! I got into it during the break in December and got out eventually in the new year. Hallelujah! The book that helped me to overcome my slump was Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa and Laura L. Sullivan. This is what the book is about:

The world is dead. Humankind has destroyed it, even after all the warnings by Aaron Al-Baz. Luckily for the remaining population, Aaron also made a world after: Eden. A world where people are divided by circles and the elite is in the center of it all. A world where second children are not allowed. Rowan is one of those second children and has been hiding inside for 16 years. Sick of her captivity she decides that she should be allowed to going out. Desperately leaving her house, she also leaves with consequences for those actions. And finding a friend leads to a great tragedy with loss and new threats...

I don't know how to feel about the book. I didn't like it, I did like it, but then didn't again. I'm having a very mixed feeling about it because I couldn't connect with the character and I am left with so many unresolved questions and I can't deal with that. 

Of course there are good things too, the subject is amazing and it shines a light on how humankind treats nature or how it damaged it and what they have to do now. It's also a dystopian about lying to and being lied to, not finding trustworthy people. I'm all for that! There's also action and one amazing scene that I adore, but it wasn't enough to make me have a good feeling about the book.

It's also so fast paced, you can't think or feel because the next event is already there. New information they find out isn't always used and is left unresolved. It might just be me but I'm really left undecided about this book! That doesn't mean I don't recommend it, I bet a lot of people loved and will love the book, I'm just not sure I did. I mean... the cover is beautiful! But the story... as I said: undecided! 


     Better Off Friends

A book I will not talk too much about is Better Off Friends by Elizabeht Eulberg. Why? Because it's for my Perfect Valentine's Read! I did already read it in January so the post would be up on the 14th of February, so stay tuned because what I can already say is that I really loved this read!

Macallan and Levi get best friends by a coincidence and ever since that coincidence, they're inseparable. They share jokes, they get together after school almost all the time, they help each other out when needed, they laugh all the time, they're just best friends. Yet not everyone seems to understand that, can't a boy and a girl be friends?
Macallan and Levi keep being asked if they're together while their relationship is pure platonic. And they're happy that way. That is until they realize that they're getting in each other's wat: boys won't ask Macallan out because of Leavi and Girls decide Levi is nothing when he hangs out with Macallan all the time. Both then ask themselves if maybe, just maybe they were supposed to be more than just platonic best friends or if that would endanger their friendship.

This book was really adorable, and yes a cliche but I'm okay with that from time to time! Also the fact that they're best friends and maybe might or might not become something more was really cute to see because of their relationship. This friendship will be facing a lot of ups and downs which was very appreciated by me because it shows how realistic this is and makes it also very relatable. Just the whole girl and guy are best friends is very relatable to many of us out there that suffer from comments like 'aren't you guys a couple?'. But more about this book later this month! 

Also can I just point out that I just read 1 of the 2 books I wanted to read in the new year? Check out my blog post about 3 books I want to read in 2017 to find out what the other two books are!


     The LUX-series

Hello, New Year Book Resolutions. I'm not a big fan on re-reading books, mainly because I keep finding new books I want to read. Yet before 2017 started I was really thinking and watching my bookshelves in the process: why didn't I re-read books? And that's when I decided that books should get a re-reading. I'm holding on to my resolution because in the month of January, I have re-read the entire Lux-series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. From Obsidian to Opposition!

I even read the 0.5 book, Shadows, it's a prequel novella. I have the Special Collector's Books because when I first found the series, they only sold the collector's books. In Opposition, the bonus for the readers was the prequel novella. I never read it, probably because I was too torn up on the ending on the series. Yet this time around I did read it, along with the rest of the series. Since this is a series, I'll give the synopsis of the first book: Obsidian.

Katy moves with her mother to a small town after what happened to her dad. Desperate to make her mother happy she goes next door to make contact with the neighbors. What she didn't expect was a boy, half-naked, and immediately hating her without knowing who the hell she was. His sister is at least very nice to her but that doesn't stop the guy to get under her skin and make comments. Yet the more Katy spends time with Dee and Daemon, the more weird things she starts to notice. What on earth is going on? Who are they, really?

And since this is a series, I also won't go into detail about everything too much so I don't spoil anything. But this series guys, it's mind blowing! If you have read Jennifer L. Armentrout's books before, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, I really recommend you do.

The whole Lux-series is very thrilling and very suspenseful and the first book in this series is also very mysterious. There'll be feels being spread all over the place such as shock, surprise, love, hatred, annoyance,... this entire book series is going to make you feel all emotions that possibly exist and that's amazing. Next to action, betrayal, lies and trust issues there's also space for romance but also loss and sadness. Really, there's nothing this series won't give you and I'm absolutely thrilled to have re-read this series and to feel every vibe of it again. This is one of those series I recommend to everyone! 

As for the prequel novella, Shadows. As told above I read it for the first time and I did really enjoy it. It was very fast paced but I was really happy to connect with the characters that'll have influences on the entire book series. It also shows a huge contrast with the Lux-series in content, in feels and in how the characters act but I still really enjoyed the book. This is a prequel, however I'm happy that I read it after the whole series because otherwise it'd tell us things that in the first book would be something the reader had yet to reveal. I rather live in suspense in the first book, Obsidian, than already know what's going on. But if you rather read it first, that's also an option!

More on each and every book in this series is in the month of April. The reviews have already been written and I didn't really know that I'd use the whole month of April for this series but be prepared! April is Luxen month on my blog, every review in that month is about this book series.


     The Distance from Me to You
A book that's been on my TBR pile for a little while now was The Distance from Me to You by Marina Gessner. To be really honest, I never expected this book to be this good. It made me want to go hike and be one with nature, go on an adventure and walk 2000 miles. This book will inspire a lot of people I believe!

McKenna is sick of following the rules, after high school she's determined to do what her father has done when he was this young: do a hike. And not just any hike but a 2000 miles hikes from Maine to Georgia, together with her friend Courtney. Yet when Courtney cancels on the plans, McKenna is determined to go through with the plan and hike all miles and get that certificate at the end of it. With a friend or alone, she'll make it. Lying to her parents, McKenna leaves her town. Starting the trail she's surprised with who she finds walking alongside her...

These characters were also mind blowing and so well written! This book has a very strong female in the leading role that's full of determination and ready to show everyone who doubted her that she could and will walk from Maine to Georgia! McKenna is such an inspiration for all of us out there that want to do something but feel like they can't because people tell you you can't. Although she lied, McKenna is going for her goal and will walk those miles, together or by herself. The amount of strength she shows is something to really admire.

As for Sam, the other character in this book, he has had such a hard life that he'll also be an inspiration for people like him. He sets himself free and goes walking towards his new and better life. Although I really rooted for Sam, I often wondered why he became all hot and cold. I wish we got an answer on that because sometimes his mood switches so much without any indication.

As for the plot, waw. Just waw! The simplicity of walking and living through this adventure is just amazing. I'm amazed! So many might think there can't be anything great in this book because it's just walking. But the author takes so much time to make the surroundings and the noises visible for the reader that it really takes them onto this journey with the characters. Just amazingly written! And for the plot, not everything goes smooth... this is not your normal YA contemporary, there's so much more to this and I hope you want to discover it. It's a big recommendation!


     The Covenant series: Apollyon and Sentinel
Yes, the Lux-series wasn't the only book series I have read by one of my most loved authors! It's been a while since I read Deity in the Covenant series and for Christmas, I got the last part in the series! I have been putting reading the last two books off for a bit because well... they're the last two books in this series and I don't want it to really end? This month though I decided it was time to continue so I read Apollyon and Sentinel by Jennifer L. Armentrout... I ADORED IT! Although I'm only going to talk about Apollyon here, the review on Sentinel is on its way!

Alexandria's one fear was to lose herself. Now she is awakened, she feels herself slip away. The gods are out on vengeance and they're starting with earth. The whole planet is being wiped with one catastrophe after the other to find Seth and his master, Lucien. And they are trying to reach Alex. Nobody is ready to let Alex slip away and become the source of Seth's rage onto the gods, and nobody is ready for Lucien taking the ultimate power. Nine of Deity island standing, they'll go to great lengths to save the ones they love and confront fate. Yet not all gods seem to be on the same side when it comes to power and they want Alex to stand by them...

This book, honestly it was amazing. I have to say every book in this Covenant series gave me a hard time getting into the first few pages but Apollyon didn't. This book is the best book yet in this series, I devoured it from page one as it came with such huge surprises! 

I'm really happy to tell that the romance part we've been seeing on and off over the few books will get a bigger spotlight onto them. I really loved to see how everyone was going with Alex being awakened and how they would really deal with it.

However the biggest surprise yet was Alex and her awakening! Not only did I expect something totally different, this character makes a very big change and becomes so mature! We know Alex as one of those act before you think characters but I was so shocked to see how much more different she acted to this drama as it all hit her. 

Also the plot, as always, was just filled with action and finding out certain things but I was most pleased with the fact that we got to see more of the gods. During the previous books we haven't really seen many gods or not for a long time, this book is a lot more about them! Now they know that a new power will strike them they're a little bit uneasy and start taking decisions. At first you'd think all gods want the same but the further you read the more you understand that something is luring with the gods and it's not good. Readers will be really pulled into this story and will be eager to find out what is going on and what needs to be done to stop this all. I can already tell it's the most shocking and revealing book in the whole series, I was amazed by it, I adored it and I absolutely can't wait to read Sentinel

Little update, I just finished Sentinel (we're two days later after I wrote what I wrote right above this paragraph!) and I was in tears because really... why? *standing ovation while crying* I'm ready to go die and work for Hades or something because this book is on the verge of me crying a new river in this world. I really loved it so much but I'm going to have a heartbreak for a week. Also, as this was the last book in the series I'm going to post the reviews on both Apollyon and Sentinel earlier than I normally plan. Instead of May, I'll post the reviews in February! Yey! I just thought it was a good thing to do, especially because it's been one year since I read Deity and I don't think I should wait another few months to share my crying-emotions with you guys about these books!


     The Yesterdays of Tomorrow
A while back I had received a first in a duology to read for review. I really loved the story and the author had given me the second book in the duology to also read for review. In comparison to the first book I did have a hard time getting into the book and it's been laying around unfinished since November. This month I really wanted to give it another try and around page 80, I really got into the story and good thing because the rest of The Yesterdays of Tomorrow by Jessica Hernandez was actually fantastic!

A year later and the curse is still roaming over the lands. Kaia and the rest are doing everything they can to restore the lands and lift the curse. However, not all darkness has been gone and many secret plans are still around. It's getting harder and harder to know who to trust and who is lying to who. When the curse will be lifted, if it ever will be lifted, would everything be back to normal? Or is there new darkness coming their way? War is coming... Kaia and her friends will be going through tough times and desperate times ask for desperate measures.

This book really showed a very strong main character that really grew a lot since the first book. She's ready to fend for herself and save everyone, including her loved ones, from the curse. All characters have this amazing bond that really amazed me from beginning to end, especially because they're so loyal to each other.

Loyalty will be a main thing in this book as is lies, betrayal and trust issues. Compared to the first book in the series, I was really surprised with how this plot was turning out as I never had expected these words to be linked with it! The author also made space for a bit of romance that was subtle and very tender and I was really keen to see that as well. This book contained a lot of surprising aspects in different situations and I was really pleased to continue with the book.

The only remark I had was regarding the recapitulation of the first book in the second one. The author didn't make a lot of space to retell what was happening and I felt myself struggling with getting into the story since I didn't knew all details anymore. However, the rest of the book was absolutely surprising and fantastic! 


Lastly, I finished a book that I think is very underrated! I bought the book on a Book Fair, last summer, and haven't gotten around to reading this one until yesterday! I picked up Bound by Sarah Bryant and was actually really shocked that I didn't start reading this one first. Goodreads also showed me how underrated this book is as it only has 69 ratings. 

Sophie has been seeing strange things since she was a little kid. And those things have been scaring her and haunting her forever. Determined to never see the creatures again, she runs to the ends of the world. Or literally the pub "End of the World" where she starts working. Soon she finds out that coming here was a mistake as more creatures are haunting her and new creatures find their way to her. Above that, two strange boys she feels oddly connected to start acting extremely weird. There is more to the ends of the world than she had first thought...

This book was a mystery. A total mystery! Our main character Sophie doesn't know what's happening and she also doesn't know what she's seeing. Together with the reader we'll be on our way to find out what it is. I had an extremely good time with finding possibilities to the creatures she sees and ruling some out every step in this book. 

And then there were the two guys she felt oddly connected with that add more mystery and thrill to this book and make you very suspicious to what they exactly know and how they're involved. All of that will be fueled by the dreams Sophie starts having about a girl that only talks in cryptic messages. 

I think it's very easy to see that this book is a world of mystery and when the truth comes out I was actually very surprised to what a diverse world the author has created next to what these people/creatures actually are. The author really kept us thinking and thinking while the answer was actually really forthcoming if you had understood the clues from the beginning. A really good book! I devoured it so much because it really has that mystery that grabs at you. I really hope that this book becomes more popular because it really is a great story! 

One thing that I didn't think was well communicated on Goodreads by the author was that this book has a sequel, or well second in a series, Riven. The book did tell us at the ending that there is a next part in this but I wouldn't have known that as I never turn the page after the last one! But just know there is a second book in this series and believe me, you'll want to know that after that ending... ! 


I'm really surprised to how many books I have read in this month but also really pleased! It really means I'm out of my reading slump and that's a good thing because I love books and couldn't believe it took me until the beginning of January to get back into it. This also made sure that I have read 13 books and therefore am already at 29% of my reading challenge and 10 books ahead of schedule! What have you guys read this month and what are you planning on reading in February?