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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Jesus Christ, I absolutely can't! Everything was going fine and then the writer comes with an ending like this? I just died, only seconds ago I was all good and then I literally died! Jennifer L. Armentrout, why? Even re-reading this book doesn't make the heartache I had last time with this end go away! Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout, stabs your heart until you can't look at the book no longer! And that's in a good way.

NOTE: This is a 3th in a series of 5! If you haven't read the first book or the second, I recommend not reading any further in this review. The review will spoil developments and changes that have happened in the first two books to be able to build and explain further on Opal. If you're interested in the series I do have a review on Obsidian: HERE and on Onyx: HERE! 

After suffering for so long, the wait is over and the lost brother has returned. Yet not everything is solved by this, people who should be gone are returning with threats. Katy and Daemon will have no other choice but work together with the traitor and help him out. Also Dawson is restless and asks them for help which our fellow characters can't ignore. Everyone is holding their breaths because this rescue is going to get them either all out, or all killed. They are still watching...

I actually want to go to the plot so badly... seriously what is going on with Jennifer L. Armentrout? She writes all these things SO damn well that I never can take a break. I need to read on and on until I finished it. And I did and how beautiful it was... 

Daemon and Katy will be tested even more in Opal. Last time around, we saw Katy really on herself doing what she thought was best but mistakes were made. Now, back into action and fully recovered she and Daemon will turn over a new leaf. Yet that new leaf doesn't come with only romance and days off. Everyone is on edge, which also means these two. Daemon as well as Katy will not really have time to take a break and breath as a new threat towards them arrives. People that should've been gone have returned and want them to help out. If not, they'll be handed over to a third party that'd like nothing more than get their hands on these two.

Therefore their new relationship will be set aside every now and then because they have no other choice but get with this person and do what needs to be done. It does strengthen their bond and how they act to one another which is something readers will really be anticipating for! Also their moments of anger and frustration won't be gone at all which gives us again those feels but also a smile onto our faces: nothing much has changed between those two! 

A new character arrived in the previous book: HELLO DAWSON, BROTHER OF DAEMON I LIKE YOU. Yes, I like him! He's been through a lot and has suffered very much. Although I wish I knew what had been going on in every detail there was, Dawson isn't the big mouth like his brother is. This already shows a big contrast! Yet the two have things in common: their love for a human! Also Dawson has lost something when he returned and he's up for getting it back and that drives the characters insane.

Everyone is going to have to check on him, keep an eye on him but Dawson will get more open while the book is evolving. Readers will really appreciate the stark contrast between the two bothers and see how they each react on situations. Often they also react the same when both know how hard it is to lose something they love. It's these moments that really give the reader in-tell on how Dawson acts and how his personality is!

I've been waiting to talk about the plot for a few paragraphs now, waw that was long! What the characters are about to do actually blows my mind. At first, the plot will be holding its breath now Dawson is home. Nobody really knows what's going to happen, are they coming after him? Are they not? Is Arum coming after him? No? Everyone is going to be busy with this and only this but not all danger has been resolved yet.

Characters that shouldn't be here any longer are coming back and that brings bad luck for everyone. Katy and Daemon are being threatened and got no other way than go with it and help out. Dawson does have a benefit with this threat and it is that he'll get a step closer to getting back what he desires so much! I really love how every book has been coming up with the good things that are connected with the bad. It really shows us that to all there is something to appreciate and it's a great mentality the book gives to the reader.

Anyway, it's time for a rescue mission! And holy alien babies, this rescue is the best of the best! Readers don't know what's going to happen, hell the characters don't even know what's going to happen! Are they going to succeed? Are they not? 

The first thing that's important is how they'll get in and out, this without being captured. Also how they'll be able to defend themselves against the things they don't know of is a important aspect before they go in. Nobody knows what's behind all those doors and that's pretty terrifying. That fear is also reflected inside the characters and that causes the reader to really be into it all and biting off the nails! They get in contact with a new character, who was very surprising to my opinion, that's going to help them out and then all that's left is to storm the building...

Again for action, you'll be good in this book. I mean it really won't get any better than a rescuing mission this time around but the buildup towards it, the practice, the uncertainty? It's all that's needed for the readers to be all hence on deck and hope that everything is going to turn out alright.

But the romance part will be alternated with the action, and waw are we in for a swoon-worthy plot! Although the action will be the main thing in all of our heads, Daemon can get really cute and romantic for Katy and it'll blow us away. I'm really happy that the author made time to alternate between suspense and the love-life because it's just phenomenally and swoon-worthy and I just need a Daemon in my life now! 

This book series honestly is only getting better and better! The new threats will get into action, people who should be gone are returning and bringing more danger to our characters. Together with that, we'll discover more people alike and find out new vital elements that we didn't even knew before all this. New questions will arise and there's only one advice: "You really shouldn't trust a soul in this game. Not when everyone has something to gain or to lose." If you want action, thrill then be prepared. If you want a sweet and cute romance? Then you're good in Opal. If you want to be tortured until the end and really feel every feeling racing through you? YOU ARE GOOD WITH THIS BOOK. Holy alien babies, this book scores like every other book in this series. And that ending, I want to give a standing ovation and stab her for doing this to us. Honestly, Jennifer L. Armentrout you got nerve! I absolutely devoured this book like it was one of those cookies Daemon wanted Katy to come and get. Yes. If you enjoyed the first two book in this series, you'll love this one as well!

“If wishes were fishes, we'd all throw nets.” 

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