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Hello there!
As you already might know this is a blog owned by me, Erica. I’m a 18 year old girl from Belgium who enjoys to read, a lot. This page is therefore more about myself.
As I already said, I live in Belgium. If you don’t know where that is, it’s a little country next to France and it rains there a lot. In Belgium, in a little cozy house I stay with my parents, younger sister and younger brother. But also with my two dogs and three cats, we just adore animals!
In that house, you can find me most of the time in my room with Christmas lights during the whole year. Why? Because I like it, it’s just so cozy when it’s dark outside and then with a blanket, something to drink and a good book. It just makes it perfect! Also if you'd ask me what my first book was which got me totally into reading I'd say the Hush Hush-series by Becca Fitzpatrick. I fell in love with the Fallen Angel: Patch and ever since then I've been a total fan of books with (fallen) Angels. 
What are some other things about me… Maybe why I started this blog. It's pretty simple, I first used Tumblr ( to post my photos and reviews on. It basically was a book blog but the problem with it was that I had a lot more pictures. It just felt like my reviews were 'invisible' even 'drowning' between the pictures. So that why I decided to open up a new blog for all my reviews which is how I ended up here.

What else is there to tell... I don’t know really! But if you have personal questions, don’t hesitate to ask them on my social media (which you can find at the left side of this blog) or just in the comments. I also want to just remind all of you that some reviews CAN contain spoilers so beware!
Enjoy your reads!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Erica :)

    Just posted a long comment about this neat book blog on your instagram/bookstagram. The fact is, that I would love to read it, because it looks so interesting, but I truly can't read it beacuse the font is too small. :(

    Try to compare one of your reviews layout with one of my teen reviewers layout, e.g. Kathrines here:

    Then you can see we use a lot of paragraphs to make the amount of text light, even though we never can write a short review ;) We also use these small lead texts before many paragraphs to get the user curious and get them to hang on an read to the end.

    What you should notice is, that visitor statistics can be misguiding. It's not so much about how many visitors one have on the blog, it's about how long each visitor stay.

    And the fact is that most visitors stay less than 30 seconds. In our statistics I think I recall about 80% stay only less than 30 seconds. So we really need them to read on and to make them stay, getting them curious ;)

    Only saying this to help you, because you look very passionate and I quite like your style and way of writing. But I'm really afraid you loose a lot of readers on the account of the very, very tiny font.

    Check you statistics and see how long people stay at your blog - they have percentages for that.

    I'm really good at Wordpress, not blogger/blogspot, so I don't think I can help much about how to find your stats, but you are really always very welcome to ask anything bloggy.

    All best from Denmark to Belgium, Peter (the editor at Youth Culture Denmark)